Monday, November 30, 2015

Liza's Avenger by Erin Burnett

Hikari once lived an idyllic life in the far-reaches of the Maysea Continent, but when her sister Liza is killed by the mysterious Kellua race everything changes. She is plunged into a perilous journey filled with epic battles, life or death situations and new friends that share her determination to stop the Kelluas. However, will destroying her enemies really bring her peace?

Hikari must decide what is best: revenge or reconciliation.

A Christian novel for children and younger teenagers.



“Do you understand what is expected of you?”
Five individuals were sat around a table, their attention turned to the youngest member as they awaited his answer. The room was dim and elongated shadows obscured their faces.
“You are certain we need a human child to complete the experiment?” he answered, unsure.
“Yes,” replied their leader. “Is that a problem?”
“Surely children are innocent…”
“There is no such thing as an innocent human. Would you prefer to continue to live under their oppression as we have done for decades, too afraid to show your face for fear of being slaughtered merely because of your identity?”
“No, sir,” he replied meekly. “I will do what you ask of me.”
“Where will we get it from?” somebody else asked.
“Not a city. There will be too many people. They could overpower us in our current condition. Target a village,” the leader replied.
The youngest member arose from his seat to carry out his task. He felt deeply uneasy, but when he thought of the alternatives he felt he had no choice.

He would kidnap a child.

About The Author

Having enjoyed writing from a young age Erin Burnett felt compelled to write for Christ, and wrote the first semi-readable draft of Liza’s Avenger on a school computer when she was thirteen. Since then she has joined Belfast Writers’ Group and strives to improve her writing. She firmly believes that with God, nothing is impossible.

In addition to writing Erin enjoys cycling and travelling. Of the 58 countries she has visited, her favorite is Japan. She is currently a sixth form student and lives with her wonderfully supportive family in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She aspires to study theology at university level. 

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Kim Amundsen said...

Now that looks like a good read. kamundsen44ATyahooDOTcom. North Platte Nebraska.

Connie said...

Thanks for introducing me to Liza's Avenger
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