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Welcome Back, Missouri Author Ada Brownell

It’s good to have you back on the Barn Door Book Loft, Ada.
Question: Can you tell us a bit about your family, and what it is like where you live?

My husband, Les, and I have five wonderful children, one of them in heaven.

·       Gary made his appearance in 1955. At about 12 he figured out how to wire his train transformer to his transistor radio instead of using batteries. He and his friends formed a Christian rock band and when one of them came over, when our lights dimmed we knew they wired something. A high school friend’s dad offered Gary a job on weekends playing in a night club. He refused. After working in the sound lab at Evangel University during college, he became a professional sound engineer/designer who uses his ministry in churches. He married a beautiful Christian gal he met at Evangel.

·       Carolyn Esther arrived in 1959 when we lived in Thompson, Utah, population 100.  Carolyn had perfect pitch. She could tell what note a person hit on the piano or sang, the note the vaccuum hummed, and she filled bottles with varying amounts of water to play tunes for the younger children. She had a great sense of humor, many friends, was a great musician and accompanied my singing group on the piano. As with four of our children, she attended Evangel and also Bethany Bible College and married a youth minister. At age 30 Burkitt’s lymphoma was diagnosed and she was gone in two months.

·       Gwendolyn Belle was born in 1965 with an amazing head of dark hair. She was so adorable people stopped me on the street to remark about it. Endowed with talent beyond most, Gwen didn’t pursue music although she could play and sing. She was fascinated with health and became a registered nurse. After working nearly 20 years in almost every area of the hospital, she now teaches at Mercy School of Nursing and is near completion of her doctorate in nursing. She married a nurse.

·       Jaron Craig was born in 1968. He won a full academic scholarship to Oral Roberts University and majored in music and marketing. He knew so much about computers (he read the big stack of computer books my husband bought with our computer), so his work study was the computer lab. He was offered a computer teaching job at ORU when he graduated, but he wasn’t interested in teaching. He’s a talented musician, a song writer, and a computer software designer who has won awards for his innovative designs. He serves on the worship team at his church in Florida. He married a beautiful talented Christian gal who works with a large home school group.

·       Jeanette Lynn, born in 1971, is a gift of God to us. Because Jaron had severe allergies and was hospitalized often or ill at night , plus I needed surgery shortly after Jeanette was born, I wondered if I could adequately care for another baby. Jeanette was an adorable easy to please child. Although she had asthma later, she didn’t do a lot of crying, loved Carolyn’s mothering when I had surgery. Also talented musically, she’s a tremendous soprano with great pitch. She’s a pastor’s wife. She majored in mass communications, but works in human resources at a steel mill. She created a great color book for kids about how steel is made.

Thank you so much for sharing your family with us. You were a real cutie. Still are.

Question: Is there a story behind Facts, Faith and Propaganda?

I used more detail in describing my family because it has a great deal to do with the book. I shared with my children as they were growing up what I learned and experienced about God and faith, as the Lord commands.

“Things we have heard and known we will not hide from our the next generation will know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn will tell their children. Then they will put their trust in God” (From Psalm 78).

I taught my children most of the things in this book and we are blessed our children serve the Lord.

On the other hand, any parent who takes their children to church certainly can’t take all the credit for who they are. Pastors, youth pastors, Sunday school teachers, Christian friends, musicians, and others influence. Most important, the children decide to accept Jesus as Savior and obey God’s Word and no parent can force it.

I learned much of what I know from being a Bible student from my early teens. From teaching a course on the Bible and Science at age 25. Teaching Josh McDowell’s Evidence that Demands A Verdict several times. As a newspaper reporter by interviewing atheists, agnostics, scientists, pastors, educators. From taking a college course on propaganda. From doing CDC statistics as a reporter and interviewing health workers at all levels for the seven years I was on the medical beat. Covering politicians, prison wardens, youth and others. From extensive research over a lifetime of study on faith, truth, and propaganda.

Ada, like you, I wrote out some lessons for my children and we would go over them together. That was before the days of the computer and they are long gone. What a pity.

Question: When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?

I have 26,000 words written on the sequel to my historical romance, The Lady Fugitive. The book, now temporarily titled The Peach Blossom Rancher, stars John Lincoln Parks, Jenny’s brother. He’s trying to rebuild the peach and horse ranch almost ruined by his uncle, the wicked judge from the previous book.

A desperate girl about to give birth hides out in John’s barn. The baby is wanted by the father’s wealthy mother, and she and her son threaten everyone in John’s house. John is hoping to marry a beautiful widow lady he met at Jenny’s wedding, but she’s in Boston. The baby’s mother and Edwina Jorgenson, who runs a nearby horse ranch for her disabled father, keep John’s emotions spinning while the inheritance left by his mother dwindles and continuous problems surface on the ranch.
Will John find the woman of his dreams? Will he be able to rebuild the ranch and survive financially? Will he be too busy to rekindle his faith in God?

I just downloaded Facts, Faith and Propaganda. I am eager to read it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ada, for the chance to win your book. It sounds interesting. Sounds like you hit a home run with your children, except for losing your daughter. I am so sorry for that. All musically inclined too. My daddy talk us children how to read the notes and follow them, an no he wasn't a teacher. We had a youth play night at our church on Friday nights during WW ll. in Houston. We moved to Houston from a very small town so daddy could work in the shipyard during the war. Everyone was needed for something. During the three years we were there I gave my heart to GOD. It is a blessed thing to be born into a Christian home. I was very blessed. Thanks Sharon for having Ada here to visit.
Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

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