Friday, June 12, 2015

Texas Author Anita Higman

Welcome to the Book Loft, Anita! Is there a story behind your novel, Summer’s List?

My mother read me fairytales when I was a kid, and I believe it had a profound effect on me. I have been told my stories read like modern-day fairytales, and I am hoping that Summer’s List will have that same fun feel to it.

Tell us some interesting things about you. What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud?

People doing things completely out of character

What is your favorite season of the year? 

Autumn—it’s romantic, reflective, and peaceful

What is a favorite memory from your childhood?

Sitting on Grandma’s glider on a Sunday evening, watching the fireflies and eating her famous cherry cobbler.

Cherry cobbler sounds wonderful. Are there things you put off doing because you dread them?

Going to the doctor

Has some place you have traveled inspired something in your writing?

Melbourne, Australia. I used that city in my novel, Winter in Full Bloom.

Melbourne is a favorite spot of mine. What are you working on now?
My daughter and I just finished writing a young adult novel together. It was terrific fun. Looking forward to doing it again soon!

Thanks for sharing with us today!

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Linda Kish said...

It was nice getting to know Anita a bit. I'd love to read her book. It sounds wonderful.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Boos Mum said...

I have read Winter in Full Bloom, looking forward to this story. Thanks for the giveaway.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

cjajsmommy said...

Thank you for letting us get to know Anita a bit better. But I must say, she doesn't look old enough to have a daughter to co-write a book with. Deb R.
cjajsmommy (at) gmail (dot) com

Pam K. said...

This looks like a book I'd really enjoy. Thanks for telling us about it.


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