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WAIT for ME by Jo Huddleston


Can Julie, an only child raised with privilege and groomed for high society, and Robby, a coal miner’s son, escape the binds of their socioeconomic backgrounds? Set in a coal mining community in West Virginia in the 1950s, can their love survive their cultural boundaries?

This is a tragically beautiful love story of a simple yet deep love between two soul mates, Robby and Julie. The American South’s rigid caste system and her mother demand that Julie choose to marry an ambitious young man from a prominent and suitable family. Julie counters her mother’s stringent social rules with deception and secrets in order to keep Robby in her life. Can the couple break the shackles of polite society and spend their lives together? Will Julie’s mother ever accept Robby?


Winter, 1955

When Julie left her driveway, she hurried her steps. As the dirt road dipped, she peered into the night to find Robby. She so hoped he waited for her. Clouds flirted with the moon, offering Julie enough light to search for him at the edge of the road.

She reached the place where he always waited but didn’t find him. She called to him, “Robby, where are you?”

Robby stepped out from the shadows farther down the road and walked with a slight swagger back toward her. “I didn’t want to leave before I saw you but I was about to go.”

“Sorry.” She kissed his cheek. “Daddy questioned me as I was about to leave the house.”

Robby took her hands then bent to place his forehead against Julie’s. “So, are you supposed to be at Betty Jean’s tonight?”

Julie started to answer Robby but he muffled her words when he kissed her mouth. A tingle traveled over her insides with his every kiss.

“Let’s get off the side of the road before your daddy follows you. Let’s go behind the company store.”

She wrapped her long coat tighter around her and hand-in-hand they moved to the back of the store where the lamppost out front cast a shadow over them. After more kisses and hugs, Julie and Robby stood with their backs against the building.

“Julie, are you still leaving tomorrow for that dance thing in Savannah?”

“Yes, I have to go.”

“But it’s nearly Christmas. I wanted us to spend time together during the holidays.”

She brushed his dark hair from his eyes. “I’ll be back soon. We’ll only be gone about a week.”

“Don’t start liking that guy who’s your date down there.” Robby scuffed the ground with his shoe. “Does he have a lot of money?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I haven’t met him and will spend time with him only because my mother arranged it all. That’s what mothers do to set up their daughters for this big Christmas party.”

“Julie.” Robby took her face in his hands. “Don’t forget me while you’re gone.”

“Robby, I’ll never forget you. I’ll think about you all the time I’m in Savannah.” She slipped her hands inside his jacket and hugged him around the waist. Robby was the best thing that had ever happened to her. How could she forget him? She couldn’t live without him. Regardless of her mother’s plans, they would spend their lives together. Somehow, they would make it work.

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Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author of books, articles, and short stories. Her debut novels in the Caney Creek Series and her latest book, Wait for Me are sweet Southern romances. She is a member of ACFW, the Literary Hall of Fame at Lincoln Memorial University (TN), and holds a M.Ed. degree from Mississippi State University. Jo lives in the U.S. Southeast with her husband, near their two grown children and four grandchildren. 

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karenk said...

thanks for the opportunity to read this novel.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Library Lady said...

I would buy this book based on the cover alone.
Jo Huddleston is a fantastic author.
Janet E.

Jo Huddleston said...

karenk, you're welcome. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

Janet, so glad you like the cover! Thanks for you kind words and for leaving your comment.

cjajsmommy said...

My in-law's story was WV coal miner's daughter falls in love with dashing WWII soldier in Baltimore. Now that I think about it, I imagine his Italian parents weren't so happy that he didn't marry a nice Italian girl, but I know they loved and accepted her. I'm hoping to win a copy of your book. cjajsmommy (at) gmail (dot) com

Jo Huddleston said...

cjajsmommy, your in-law's story is interesting. Thanks for leaving your comment.

sm said...

Sounds like a great story of class clash and romance. sm wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jo Huddleston said...

sm, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

Anonymous said...

I love historical fiction and I hope to have a chance to read this. Thank you.
Deanne Patterson

Jo Huddleston said...

Deanne, thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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