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Texas Author Caryl McAdoo

Welcome to the Barn Door Book Loft, Caryl! Is there a story behind Sins of the Mothers?

     Only in that I realized as an adult that I had to deal with the ‘sins’ of my mother and think to a certain extent, we all do. Please don’t get me wrong. Mama was a saint of God and a powerful intercessor. I can’ even imagine the hours she spent on her knees on my behalf. For eight years, I was her only child…and her life; I don’t ever remember us not being best friends.
     But, we all for short in His eyes. Mama taught me to fear by being afraid. But a Christian doesn’t ever have to fear anything. I’ve blogged about fear and what a joy it is to be free from it…I don’t think Mama ever was, at least not to the extent I enjoy.
     Children look to their parents and mimic them. I’ve seen it in my own family: my grandmother and her sister, Mama and her twin sister, all my cousins in my generation and even to my children and theirs.
     Jesus said to know the Truth and it (He) will set you free. He IS the truth: ‘I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.’ So if we take him at this Word, then we should seek Truth—even when it is ugly.
     This is not like the sins of the parent being visited to the fourth generation because that is only for those who don’t know God. That curse doesn’t apply to Christians. But as adults, we do find ourselves doing what our parents did—the good and the bad—even those things we detested as children.
     I wrote this story hoping to show how we can overcome those things unacceptable to God that we grew up seeing in our parents. As women, if we can know ahead of time to acknowledge those things in our mothers contrary to the Word, then we can better know how to respond to please God when we are faced with similar situations and avoid Satan’s trap.    

What is unique about this installment of your Texas Romance series?
     Well, my historical Texas Romances have been all been set in Texas, but in this story, most is in California during the gold rush days. What an exciting time and place in history! It made for an excellent and very different backdrop for this story.
     Also, this story begins the tales of the next generation in this saga. Book one, VOW UNBROKEN is the love story of Henry and Sue (mid-thirties and late twenties age wise), Mary Rachel is their first daughter, and her story starts when she’s still seventeen. I hope to draw the Young Adult readers with her as my heroine.

You mentioned saga, how many books are you planning in your historical Texas Romance series?

     I have nine in mind right now, but whenever I ‘plan’ anything, I try to make it a point to include: Lord willing. So if He wills it. Maybe more though as I have several others started that would be companion books—set in the same time period, and with some of the characters who have become friends making appearances, but as secondary characters to that story. It’s my goal to release a new one every four months.

What is the last thing you wrote?

     Chapter twenty-one of Daughters of the Heart, book five of the series scheduled to debut in September, 2014. Mary Rachel has three younger sisters, Gwendolyn Belle, Cecelia Carol, and Bonnie Claire. Want to know how I kept the girls straight—who was oldest and names?
     I have four grandsons that O’Pa and I have reared going on thirteen years now, since the baby came home from the hospital after being born. Matthew Ross, Gregory Brahm, Christian Cain, and Benjamen Cash. They have the same initials as the girlie girls. J

What’s your favorite genre of writing?

     This is a hard question for me. When I read it, ‘historical Christian romance came first to my mind, But I love writing contemporary for different reasons. Then when I started the Biblical fiction, I loved being in the Word so much for research, and it’s so much fun bringing those age old Bible story heroes to life. But I could just as quickly say I LOVE writing for mid-grade! Do I have to have a favorite? I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question.

Who is the most fun character you ever created?

     This totally changes almost every novel. But from one book to the next, it’s almost always a child. I suppose having fifteen grandsugars myself, I love making the story characters like my real sweethearts. In Sins of the Mothers, I fell in love with my precocious little Francy. Her real name is Francine, and she’s a hoot—as was Bart in Hope Reborn, Charlie in Hearts Stolen, and Rebecca in Vow Unbroken. Children are so bold and consumed with the world around them , and they don’t much care what people think of them.
How do you find the time to write?

     With a twelve and fourteen year old at age sixty-five, it seems like it’d be difficult, but they’re at school all day and I’m home all day. You could say I’m retired, but you’d have a difficult task convincing me of that. I say ‘I work at home’ which is certainly true. To write a GOOD book, you have to put time into it, and you make time for what you love.

What’s one genre you have never written, and probably never will?

I will never write a horror novel. I don’t care for suspense that keeps me sweating and on the edge of my seat clenching my jaws until they’re sore. I prefer sitting back into the chair all comfy like and laughing and smiling.

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

Three: writing Daughters of the Heart and Token of the Covenant (which may become Replenish the Earth), editing One and Done, a contemporary Christian romance, book three of the Red River Romance series and July’s release.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?

     Uh oh, I answered this question in my last answer! One and Done is the story of a weather girl who’s called to an assignment that takes her to Mexico to interview a pitcher on the Rojos ball team there. Word on the street is that the Texas Rangers are interested in the fellow who becomes the oldest Rookie in the history of the game.

     Thank you so much for inviting me to the Barn Door Book Loft today! I certainly have enjoyed myself.

Thanks for sharing, Caryl!

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Caryl Kane said...

Hey Caryl, Congrats on the release of SINS OF THE MOTHERS. I enjoy reading books set in our great state of TEXAS.


Patty said...

I just finished Vow Unbroken and would love to read about Sue & Henry's kids!


Boos Mum said...

Wow 9 in the saga. I like that you are a hybrid author, I think that offers us readers more. Please enter me.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love how this author connects with readers through song and her books. She always passes alomg the beautiful faithful message through her books.

Deanne Patterson

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