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A Warm Welcome to Anna M. Aquino

You've had an interesting life. We're excited to read more about you and your writing journey. Tell us . . .

Is there a story behind your book Confessions of a Ninja Mom: A 40 day Training Manual for Empowering Mothers
The story behind this devotional is actually a tale that spans over 13 years.  God had called me to ministry and to write young. I should have died in a car accident when I was 2.5, in my mind I had a world to conquer.  However I found myself newly married, had an unexpected to us (God knew) pregnancy, we lived across the country from our families, and had very little money.  The early stages of this devo was written for 30 days and when my oldest daughter was newly born.  It was written out of a desire to declare God was faithful despite the challenges I was going through in my own life. It was very hard for me to get victory in where God had me in that season of my life.  I found it was something that many mom’s struggled with these same feelings but didn’t really talk about them.  In exposing my feelings I was hoping it would inspire others.

However this devo sat on the back shelf for about 11 years. I found myself working for a company from home.  The president of this company turned ‘Super Shady’.  When I found myself having to be the one to tell him I could no longer be a part of the project, he tried to insult me telling me “That I was just a housewife.” And the insinuation was it was all I was going to ever be in life.  While I was taken aback by the attempted insult it made me realize how far I had come from those early days.

A good friend of mine who was also involved with this same project started calling me a “Ninja Mom” as a joke.  I remembered this devotional I had written that was collecting dust on my computer desktop.  I took it off the shelf and made it for a “Ninja Mom” theme and added an extra 10 days.  The Ninja theme is woven throughout.  For example, “Some fights take more than one ninja to win,” or “Ninja’s understand that training time is never wasted time.”

I hope it starts a movement.  That mothers embrace themselves, and realize they are building up a legacy. The Ninja Mom movement is about mothers accepting themselves and being okay where God has them in life.  The Ninja Mom movement is about empowering mothers to be their best selves.

What started you on your writing journey? 
I believe it was a divine thing that God laid on my heart.  However what pushed me in that direction was my father.  He was a grunt soldier in Vietnam.  I started writing simply because I wanted to tell my dad’s story.

Then I kept writing book after book.  While the fullness of my dad’s story has not been published yet, his journey is what started my own. It’s been a journey.  I still have a lot of books waiting for the right publishing opportunity, but God is so faithful.  This was my destiny, and I’m excited for fulfilling my purpose and inspiring others to do the same.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading? 
While I am more known for nonfiction books, I write and read more fiction.  I just haven’t broken through that area professionally yet.  I AM A HISTORY DORK!  It’s self-proclaimed so it’s okay I’m cool with myself. When I am working on a project I will read just about everything I can on that historical time period.
What are my fave books. . . hmmm. . .The Bible, I love Joyce Meyer, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Book Thief, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (always makes me cry), I love The Left Behind Series, Calico Captive and The Hatchet (Yes I know their Juvenile book but I love books).  My mother gave me such a love of books.  I’m one of those people that go into the library and come out with a dozen books.

What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud?
Most people who hear me preach know that I can be pretty funny.  I have performed stand-up comedy a couple of times.  I once preached at a conference where the lady said, “She’s a preacher, comedian, and ministry oriented, all wrapped into one.”  Sometimes I’m not as sure it comes through my writing as much as I want it to. I find just everyday things hilarious. It’s amazing how funny life can be just in general. Kids are comedic gold.  One just can’t make up some of the things they do. I think God has a great sense of humor. Too many times we’re all just too caught up in our own worlds to realize it!  Oh and I love Tim Hawkins. Grin.

What is your favorite season of the year?
Anything but winter.  Really the snow and winter should end January 1st.  LOL!  My husband and I lived in FL for 13.5 years and moved back to Ohio due to the Lord’s leading last year.  It’s been an adjustment.  My youngest daughter recently asked me if snow was from the devil.  LOL!

What's your favorite meal with family and friends?
My inlaws immigrated from Italy in the 50’s to Canada.  Favorite meal would be anything my mother-in-law makes.  She’s amazing!  She’s a Rembrandt to the culinary world.  I finally have the secret to the sauce but I can’t share it.  (Grin)

Are there spiritual themes you like to write about?  
Whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction I like to write about people who are real and flawed and have supernatural encounters with God.  I believe people need to see that God is good, faithful, and relevant to people where they are. I also believe that people are hungry for supernatural God encounters.  They need to see that God is real and working in people’s lives today.

Share a verse or Scripture passage with us that is special to you. (and why it's special)   
I love Isaiah 30:21, and stand on it often. “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”

I am from a small town, and when God lay on my heart to write and preach, I honestly didn’t think it was possible.  In my younger years I wasn’t a bold individual and wasn’t a writer.  But I know that God is able to direct me in life.  It’s amazing what God can accomplish when one just simply continues to see God’s direction.  I’m an encourager by nature and I always desire that people see my story and they realize that God can accomplish great things through them as well.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
I have written over 21 books with #22 and #23 roaming in my head.  Since many of those are sitting by the literary highway holding a cardboard sign with the words written in purple crayon reading ‘We need a home!’ I am in the process of securing publishing for several of the others. It’s an ongoing process. I have a fiction trilogy that is leading that pack looking for a publishing home about a time traveling pastor.  It’s kind of homage of Back to the Future meets Quantum Leap of Biblical proportions. I also have several nonfiction ones I’m working to bring to market.

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About Anna:
Born in a family where telling tales of war and adventure were common, Anna M. Aquino was taught the art of spinning tales and telling yarns young. Though she never realized it at the time, sitting on her father's knee and listening to his adventures was preparing her for destiny.

Anna M. Aquino was born and raised in the heart of Ohio. She received a B.A. from The Ohio State University. Her husband and two children lived in Central Florida for over 13 years. Recently they have returned to Central Ohio and are excited to be in the North once again.

She is the author of many works including twenty-one books, five screenplays, two children's book series, and a woman's devotional, among other short stories and poems.

Anna has been quoted in Christian Women Today, Everyone Has a Story, abcnews.go.comaarp.orgcnbc.comaoljobs.com, and parentingpink.com.  

Anna is the co-founder of Doveagle Ministries. and has been on the Gospel Channel and TBN. Her books Cursing the Church or Helping it? and Confessions of a Ninja Mom are available wherever books are sold.

Connect with Anna here:
Twitter: annamaquino
Instagram: annamaquino33

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Happy Reading!
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Anonymous said...

I loved your interview. I could have died twice in car accident. I hit a tree and have an ankle fused together. My daughter and I in 2003 had car lose control when tie-rod broke and we ended up upsids down. Only walked away because God wrapped us in his angel wings. Would love to get to know your work. jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Patricia Bradley said...

Loved your interview! Looking forward to reading Confessions of a Ninja Mom.

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