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The Devil and Pastor Gus

Back Cover Blurb:
Fifty. Half a century old. Closer to the grave than cradle. And what does Pastor Gus Gospello have to show for his fifty years on earth? Not much. Shepherd of a small church. Married without kids. Faithful keeper of God's commands. Well, most of them, anyway. Gus longs to make a difference for God to have an eternal legacy. Now, as he comes to grips with his mid-life crisis, Gus acknowledges he'll never be another John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, or Billy Graham.

But can he become the next C.S. Lewis?

His wife thinks so. Fueled with the unbridled hope of a naïve novelist, Gus sets out to craft a novel so rich in spiritual symbolism and truth that even the Devil takes notice.

And that's never a good sign.

The last time the Devil and Gus met, Gospello's pen hovered over the signature line of a dangerous contract his soul in exchange for a child. But when Gus turned his back on the Great Deceiver, the news spread like Hellfire. Ever since, Satan's been obsessed with personally delivering Gus to Hell.

With his eye on Gus's new novel, the Devil tempts Gus with a peek into the spiritual realm of good and evil for a truthful account of his rise, fall, and enduring success. The Devil will feed Gus information few mortals are privileged to know. In return Gus will craft what's sure to become a best seller. Of course, Gus has no intention of making the Accuser look as winsome as promised. Instead, Gus plans to write a scathing satire, exposing the Devil's excessive arrogance.

But when the prologue to Gus's novel inexplicably appears in a popular Christian magazine and the Devil is shown to be a pride-filled fool, he seeks to destroy Gus and everything the pastor holds dear, including his precious wife.

Gus, willing to lay himself on the line to turn his little flock back to God, makes one last deal and signs the dotted line. Satan finally has claim on Gus's soul, and with it, vindication.

But Gus has a few tricks of his own. Win or lose, Pastor Gus is about to discover that striking a deal with Satan, even in jest, can have eternal consequences.

Read an Excerpt:

“Good day, my man.” The stranger might have been addressing the doorman at the finest of five-star hotels back on earth and not Heaven’s renowned gatekeeper, who leaned closer to the bars of Heaven’s outer gate to get a better look. “I have an appointment with God.”

Simon Peter grabbed the golden clipboard from a nearby stool and glanced over the names on the top sheet. Then he flipped to the second sheet. And the third.

Just as I thought. No new arrivals expected for another eight earth minutes. Nobody shows up here before his appointed time. Ever.

The stranger swaggered to a prominent spot several feet from the outer gate. Peter narrowed his eyes in shock. New arrivals didn’t do that. They stood back a respectful distance, bowed their heads as if they were already in God’s presence, and waited for Peter to call their names.

What was with this guy?

After giving him a discreet once-over, Peter mentally clicked through each of the pictures he’d viewed moments earlier—the next several groups of arrivals. He shook his head. None of them resembled the stranger.

He rubbed his chin and looked at the man. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who—”

“Call me B. L. ZeBubb,” the stranger said before spelling his surname—twice. “The accent is on the L. Bee-EL-zuh-buhb. Sometimes people misspell it as B-e-e-l-z-e-b-u-b.” He crossed his arms and looked into Peter’s face. “And as I just told you, I have an appointment with God.”

“Bee-EL-zuh-buhb,” Peter said to himself as he wandered over to the computer at the check-in station and typed the name into The Lamb’s Book of Life search field. He double-checked his spelling before clicking Go. If the correct spelling didn’t work, he would try the misspelling.

A blood-red “No matches found. Be on the alert!” exploded across the screen. Peter narrowed his eyes. He’d never seen anything like that.

A message from God popped up on the screen before Peter could finish wondering what to do. “Not a problem, my child. Here’s how I want you to handle this…”

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About Roger:
Roger Bruner worked as a teacher, job counselor, and programmer analyst before retiring to pursue his dream of writing Christian fiction full-time. Roger enjoys reading, playing his guitar, web design, mission trips, photography, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Kathleen. Roger’s new novel, The Devil and Pastor Gus, has just released. Two Young Adult novels, Found in Translation and Lost in Dreams, came out in 2011. He’s also self-published a small book of his shorter, earlier writings, Yesterday’s Blossoms.

Connect with Roger here:

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Robin Bunting said...

boy, does this sound like a really good book. would love a copy.

Deanna Stevens said...

Gus has a few tricks of his own & I'd love to find out what they are.. Great story line.. my kind of story :)
dkstevensne AT outlook (Dot) COM

Patricia Bradley said...

I really like the way this book starts off and would love to read it.!

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