Monday, December 8, 2014

I Was There When The Giant Fell by Adam Nitz

Disrespected. Rejected. Alone.  Join Benaiah as he struggles to prove his worth and make a name for himself until truth surprises him in one of the most famous battles in human history.

During the turbulent and tragic reign of Israel’s first king, Benaiah, an outcast from the village of Pirathon, turns his back on his troubled past and the love of his life and seeks fame and acceptance in the king’s army.  There he faces fears and foes that loom larger than life and experiences one of the most famous battles recorded in Scripture.  

When the dust settles will he have the respect he craves and the woman he loves or will he lose all he holds dear?


The heat wraps around me as I bend over the fire. The pot sizzles. I breathe in deeply. Earthy fragrances—onions, carrots, lentils, fresh herbs fill me with pleasing warmth.  I stir the mixture, blowing at the rising steam. It’s almost ready. It’s almost time. My palms grow sweaty. That familiar tightness seizes me inside my throat. That familiar panic rises like the chaos of the seas inside my heart. Tonight I eat alone with Piram, my husband. Breath escapes from my lips in a soft, trembling sigh. I finish stirring the stew, tap the wooden mixing rod against the side of the pot, and set it aside. I rub my hands together, warm skin twisting against warm skin—a physical symbol of the twisting nervousness and panic rubbing together in my mind.

This is how it always feels when I know that we will be alone together.

About The Author

Adam Nitz is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI and a former pastor. He regularly contributes to the website He has always had a love and passion for writing, filling up notebooks with stories and poetry. He lives with his wife, Cara, and four children in North St. Paul, MN.  You can learn more about him and his writing and follow his blog at  

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Caryl Kane said...

Thank you for this wonderful excerpt. I LOVE Biblical fiction. :)

Deanna Stevens said...

Great book review, I do enjoy Biblical Fiction,,
dkstevensne AT outlook dotCom

Nadine Keels said...

I'm absolutely intrigued--would love to read this book! nadine(dot)keels(at)gmail(dot)com

Carolyn H. said...

This book sounds so good! Perfect to read over winter break. :) Would love to be entered.

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