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Entrusted by Julie Arduini

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Jenna Anderson, sassy city-girl, plows--literally--into Adirondack village, Speculator Falls with a busted GPS. She gets a warning from the sheriff but has ideas for the senior center to prove she belongs in town as their director. Town councilman Ben Regan is as broken as the flower box Jenna demolished. He’s grieving and wants to shut down the center before there’s too much change and heartbreak. They work on community projects and build a slow relationship, but the council needs to vote on the senior center’s future. Can Jenna show Ben both her and the center are worth trusting?

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Chapter One

Less than five minutes inside Speculator Falls village limits and the whirl of police lights invade my rearview mirror. Great. Just how I wanted to start my new life—with law enforcement tapping on my driver window. I push the button and form a strategy as the glass partition disappears.

“Officer, it’s not my fault.” My stubby index finger points to the GPS on the dashboard. “The GPS made me do it.”

The woman with sunglasses and a ponytail eyes the interior of my Chevy Cobalt and then rests her stare on me. “I’m not an officer. I’m the sheriff. Did that flower box do something to make you crash into it and split it into pieces?”

I attempt to hand my license and registration to the good sheriff.

She blocks my hand and shakes her head before pushing the documents back my way. “Oh, I know who you are.”

Is that a smirk?

“So, Ohio. GPS devices don’t work well in the Adirondacks. It’s too rural to pick up a signal. Even so, your attention needs to be on the road. You just reached Speculator Falls and I’m already on the scene for property damage.”

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to hide a grin.

We both turn our gazes to the flower box ruins on Route 8. Purple and yellow pansy remnants scatter past the debris. I’m thankful that’s all I hit.

Glancing over to the shiny badge that reads C. Rowling, her attempts to be tough appear as successful as my goal to arrive looking like I belong. Instead the sheriff gets a messy glimpse of the truth—I’m a city girl without a clue how to navigate the mountains.

“I’m sorry, I feel awful about this. My name is--”

She surrenders to a full smile, takes the sunglasses off, and faces me. “Jenna Anderson from Youngstown, Ohio. Sara Bivins told me you were moving here today.”

My shoulders relax, I’m pretty sure this woman in a bland uniform isn’t going to haul me off to jail over the cracked flower box. “That’s me, new girl ready to put roots down in Speculator Falls—.”

A black four-by four-truck squeals into place next to the squad car. A door slams and within seconds a well-built man who looks about thirty jogs from his truck to us. Half a minute later my car has the whiff of woodsy cologne that follows him.

“Carla, Howard Wheaton told me someone plowed through my grandfather’s handiwork. I presume this is your perpetrator?” He commandeers our conversation, his face is so red it resembles my Ohio State sweatshirt.

The sheriff pivots to the angry but tantalizing smelling man. “Hello, Ben. The situation is under control.”

He almost loses his fading New York Giants baseball cap before he finally stands still. He has enough beard stubble to cover a chin dimple, but not enough to hide a bobbing Adam’s apple. “Really? Because this mess of flowers says otherwise.”

She hesitates. “Ben, this is Jenna Anderson, the new senior center director. She lost control while she tried to figure out what was going on with her GPS. I looked at the box, and I think it’s repairable. You love doing that sort of thing, so how about you fix it?” Thank you, Sheriff Carla Rowling.

I can’t help it, but I smile. I think this woman might be my first new friend.

Ben whips off the hat and twists it until his knuckles bulge. “I’m sorry, destroying property is funny to you?”

I want to say something brilliant. More than eight hours on the road leaves me a little lost, GPS ineffectiveness aside. “At least I hit his box. Not him.”

His Adam’s apple movement seems to escalate. “My grandpa is dead.” He points the hat at me to emphasize each word. “You better hope this box isn’t.” He turns back to the sheriff. “Carla, I’ll repair it.” Then, directs his milk chocolate colored eyes toward me. “You, city girl, watch where you’re going. The people who belong here don’t need a GPS.” He pivots in his tattered sneakers and heads to the injured flower box. As fast as he comes on the scene, he leaves.

Carla offers her hand. “Welcome to Speculator Falls.”

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About Julie:
Julie Arduini is an author with a passion to encourage readers to find freedom through surrender. Her first Adirondack contemporary romance, Entrusted, gives readers hope to surrender fear. A Walk Through the Valley will soon be available as an infertility devotional with 5 other authors. She blogs every other Wednesday at Christians Read and is a frequent contributor to Jasmine’s Place. To learn more about her writing and love of chocolate, visit She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.

Connect with her here:
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cjajsmommy said...

This is our small town! When we moved here in 1989, people already knew that dh was a bi-vo preacher not currently preaching, his brother was lawyer, and we were given one piece of advice -- never say anything negative about anyone because you mostly likely were talking to that person's cousin. Some people walked right into our house to welcome us -- very disconcerting to go down your basement and find the man up the street checking out your plumbing! While others were quick to push the "your not native, you'll never be a part of this community until your children are buried in our cemetery" line. I want to read your book so I can see how you play out the small-town story line. Please enter my name in your giveaway. cjajsmommy (at) gmail (dot) com

Deb R.

Unknown said...

Well, I'm already hooked! A new-to-me author with a great looking book! Thank you for the chance to win!
Kelly Y
kelly *at* dkcountryarts *dot* com

Carol Q. said...

I have enjoyed it so far. please enter me for this new author for me book. thank you

sm said...

Trusting others when one is discouraged is pretty difficult. should be a great book!sm wileygreen1(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Linda Kish said...

What a pretty cover. I'd like to live in a town like that.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Julie Arduini said...

Thank you, Barn Door Book Loft, for having me.Thank you, readers, for the kind comments.

So far the reviews reflect my prayer, that readers would find Entrusted an Adirondack romance where they'd want to visit/live in the village and be friends with the characters.

The cover is authentic Adirondack, I'm so excited about that.

I hope if you need a Christmas gift for the romance reader in your life, you consider Entrusted!

Best wishes to everyone hoping to win a copy!

Jackie McNutt said...

This book looks terrific! would love to read it.
Thank you !

Deanna Stevens said...

As broken as the flower box... interesting story line.

jude urbanski said...

Julie, your book sounds like it would be enjoyable to read. Jenna and Ben sound like characters I'd like. The best!

Patricia Bradley said...

I love the excerpt! And so recognize the small town I live in. :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved the short read...and to know the great author. Hope to see you soon........

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this giveaway chance! Merry Christmas!

Gail Griner Golden at Gail-Friends said...

This sounds like my kind of read. Please enter me. gail(dot)

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