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Interview with Christian Author Ada Brownell

Welcome back to the Barn Door Book Loft, Ada. It's always nice to visit with you. 
Did you have a specific theme in mind as you wrote the Bible Study book Swallowed By Life? Did a theme pop out as you finished the book? Did the theme change?

After our daughter died I went through the New Testament and underlined every scripture that has to do with death and resurrection and it’s full of them. It is exciting stuff! Although many of them are powerful, I was fascinated by the term “swallowed by life,” so I began asking news sources questions and taking what I knew from science and scripture and began writing.

Question: What’s your favorite genre of writing?

My head thinks in non-fiction, but my heart is addicted to fiction. Although it was work, I really had fun creating my two novels, The Lady Fugitive and Joe the Dreamer. After my husband read Joe, I asked him what he thought of it.

“It’s not what I think of the book,” he said. “It’s what I think of my wife for thinking up all this stuff.”

That sounds like my husband would say. He is my biggest supporter and I expect your husband is your biggest supporter as well.

Question: How much research do you have to do for the genre in which you write?

It depends on the subject. Almost all writing takes research. I enjoy some research, but digging and not finding what I need is tedious labor, but I still love interviewing people.

Question: Do you have a writing system? What works best for you?

As with most writers, I’m squeezed for time, but my days in the newsroom taught me if I can get a lead started before I’m interrupted, the rest of the story will flow when I come back. Sometimes I have two or three leads for things I plan to do waiting for me among my documents.

Question: How do you find the time to write?

I’m blessed because my husband (retired) likes to sleep in. The early morning is made for devotions and writing. But I need more than that. So I hurry and shower, fix breakfast, rush through some housework and hope I can get back to my computer. Since I’m retired, too, I rest about one hour after lunch, then head back to the office to write. We walk at least three times a week and meet people for lunch, so it’s tight to fit in writing and marketing, but I usually write several hours a day.

Question: What’s your favorite thing that you’ve written? What are you most proud of?

Swallowed by Life is among my favorites, but I feel the Lord is in all my books, even fiction, because I try to write with stick-to-your-soul encouragement. I’ve sold more than 300 articles to Christian publications and still write op-ed pieces for newspapers and I’m glad I wrote those as well.

That is wonderful, Ada.
Question: How many writing projects are you working on right now?

I’ve started three books that I intend to finish, but I imagine the sequel to The Lady Fugitive will be the first I complete. I wrote almost all the first draft of that book in five weeks. Maybe I can do it again.

Question: When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?

The sequel to The Lady Fugitive has no due date. It will be the story of John Parks, Jenny’s brother who inherits the family horse and peach ranch after their uncle is murdered. Three women are going to be available for a relationship: A young woman raped by her employer’s son has a baby in John’s barn and she is seeking refuge. The young beautiful widow that gave Jenny her homestead and moved to Boston, met John at Jenny’s wedding, and months later they began corresponding. Then there is the young woman who runs a nearby horse ranch for her disabled father and she’s a little spitfire who is always giving John trouble. Can you guess who I think will be his bride?

I like the way you ask that queastion. As a seat of the pants writer myself I never know the ending for sure. Thank you so much for visiting with us today, Ada Brownell. I hope you will come back when your next book is published.

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Anne Payne said...

I would very much like to read this book. My oldest daughter passed away two and a half years ago. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.


Deanna Stevens said...

I think that title is so appropriate..
Would like to read it :)
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