Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Blizzard Full Of Book Winners

Once again, we offer you a warm welcome to the Bookshelf of the Barn Door Book Loft.

And before we announce these eight winners we’d like to offer a special thanks to:

Raelee May Carpenter who offered her Young Adult book: The Lincoln High Project.
Misty M. Beller who offered her Historical Romance The Lady and the Mountain Man.
Virginia Tenery who offered her Inspirational Romance And Then There Were None.
Lillian Duncun who offered her Mystery/Suspense Redemption
Patricia Bradley who offered her Romantic Suspense A Promise to Protect.
Kimberly Rose Johnson who offered her Romance A Holiday Proposal.
Jodie Bailey who offered her Romance Quilted by Christmas.
Sherry Kyle who offered her Historical Romance Watercolor Dreams.
And Bill Garrison who offered his Time Travel Mystery The Day She Died. 

And now: We're pleased to announce this week’s winners:
Patricia Bradley has won Raelee May Carpenter’s Young Adult: The Lincoln High Project.
Danie Walther has won Misty M. Beller’s Historical Romance: The Lady and the Mountain Man.
Deanna Stevens has won Virginia Tenery’s Inspirational Romance: And Then There Were None.
Kelly Y has won Lillian Duncun’s Mystery/Suspense: Redemption
Diana Flowers has won Patricia Bradley’s Romantic Suspense: A Promise to Protect.
Angela Holland has won Kimberly Rose Johnson’s: A Holiday Proposal.
Ann Payne has won Jodie Bailey’s: Quilted by Christmas.
Mary Zander has won Sherry Kyle’s Historical Romance: Watercolor Dreams.
And b100 has won Bill Garrison’s Time Travel Mystery: The Day She Died. 
Congratulations Winners! Remember, it's your responsibility to contact me  sharonalavy {at} gmail {dot} com) with your address so the author can send you a book. 

Be sure to check past winners posts. Subscribing by email will ensure you don't miss seeing the winners list.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Barn Door Book Loft and Lillian Duncan! I'm excited to receive and read!! (email sent!) Congratulations to all of the winners!
Kelly Y

cjajsmommy said...

Not a winner again. :( However, I feel compelled to give you a tongue lashing for that naughty B word in the title of this post. ;)

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