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Welcome Iowa Author D.M. Webb

Welcome to the Barn Door Book Loft, Daphne. Can you tell us a bit about your family, and what it is like where you live?

D.M. Webb: I remarried in November 2012 to a family friend. It was a romance like no other, especially when it became apparent how we really felt about each other. Nathan became the father of my two sons, Caleb and Blake. Caleb has since moved out on his own and blazing his own path in life (although I can’t seem to make him go home some nights! LOL) and Blake is my little man who makes life interesting. We have since moved from Mississippi to Iowa. What’s it like here in Iowa? Beautiful! And not sweltering! We are still exploring our new home, but we thank the Lord each day that He brought us here.
Question: Is there a story behind 30 Days: A Devotional Memoir?

D.M. Webb: Twenty-eight of the stories are mine. The last two are my mother’s, dedicated to my aunt. I was a widow and raising two boys on my own. Through those years, I experienced hunger, desolation and despair, hope and love. It was path that had more uphill battles than I care to count. It was laid on my heart to tell my story. I hated that I had to because I’m such a private person. But when you have no help and you struggled every day, there had to be someone out there who has it ever worse. At times my faith was smaller than a mustard seed, but God pulled me through it all. And I had to share in hope to help others. I didn’t have the money or resources to help others, so the least I could do was inspire through my writing.  
Awesome story, Thank you for sharing. I think is important that we not waste our sorrows, but use them to grow and to help others.
Question: What’s the first thing you ever wrote that you still have?

D.M. Webb: I wrote a poem when I was six titled “Cats”. In a memory book my mother made as a graduation gift, she taped that poem to a page.

How sweet that she kept it!
Question: Does music help you write?

D.M. Webb: I find that music does help me write, but it’s an eclectic taste: classical to techno, country to gospel, rock to opera. My iPod holds an interesting mix.

Question: Do you type or write by hand? Computer? Typewriter? Legal pad? Any special reason for choosing to write this way?

D.M. Webb: I have this really complex system of writing. I use the computer since I can type as fast as I think. Then I print out a hardcopy of the chapter(s) I just wrote to copy into a notebook. By this method I am able to spot typos or if a sentence/paragraph needs strengthening. Then back to the computer to edit, and then back to typing to repeat the process.

Question: Do you archive everything you write?

D.M. Webb: Oh, yeah. I save it on the computer, on a flashdrive, as a hardcopy, and in a notebook. If a fire ever happens, and I pray that it never will, the first thing to grab is the flashdrive. It holds all my ideas, stories and samples.

Good for you!
Question: Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it?

D.M. Webb: I still have an uncompleted story. It’s not time for the book yet, but yeah, I’ll go back when the timing is right.

Question: How many writing projects are you working on right now?

D.M. Webb: Oi! I’m working on three, all novels. I might push one aside to concentrate on the other two.

Question: What are your five favorite words?

D.M. Webb:

Question: What character that you’ve created most resembles you?

D.M. Webb: I’m still writing the novel, but the character is Marie Turner. Hopefully her story will be finished by next year.

Question: Do you ever write based on your dreams?

D.M. Webb: Yes! That’s from where some best works come. I have a journal where I list the ideas and most are dreams with a very strong faith element.

Question: What or who is the biggest influence on your writing?

D.M. Webb: My eleventh grade English teach, John Kilpatrick, inspired me. Then the books written my Louis L’Amour, Daphne du Maurier, Georgette Heyer, and Lillian Jackson Braun, each of these introduced a variety of stories that inspired me in some way, but the best of them all: Henry van Dyke.

Thank you so much, Daphen. Just one more …
Question: When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?

D.M. Webb: My next book will hopefully hit the market by the end of the year. It’s an e-book that is a follow-up to my novel Mississippi Nights. It doesn’t have a title yet, only because I can’t decide on one. Many readers wanted to read more about Poppy, so here’s the blurb I worked out on it: There’s a reason why some flowers grow strong and wild. Three years after her adoption, fifteen year old Poppy has questions. Number one question: does life really have a purpose? A new tragedy, an old addiction, and a fledging promise bring Poppy to the edge of a bitter storm. Her family is unraveling and faith is falling away. Her only hope in surviving is trusting in a love, following a bold promise, and finding a lost faith. Somewhere along the way she will have to find the strength in order to save all she loves.

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