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Interview with California Author Sarah Sundin

Thank you so much for joining us today Sarah! What prompted you to write the novel In Perfect Time?

In Perfect Time is the third book in the Wings of the Nightingale series, although it stands alone. This novel was inspired by a real-life adventure experienced by flight nurses in World War II, showing what brave, compassionate, and resourceful young ladies they were. Mostly I wanted to tell the story of Lt. Kay Jobson, a confident, flirtatious, take-no-nonsense nurse whose bold fa├žade masks deep hurts—and to show her finding healing for those hurts.

Question: Do you believe in writer’s block? If so how often do you get it? How do you fix it?

I don’t get writer’s block. I get “procrastination.” This rarely happens to me because I outline thoroughly in advance, so when I sit down to write, the story flows. When I don’t know how to start, I review my notes, review earlier chapters, and dive in, knowing I can fix it later if it turns out bad. When procrastination does set in, it’s usually because something in the plot doesn’t feel right and needs a fresh angle. I spend a day or two on other projects, let the problem stew, then brainstorm new ideas.

Question: How many writing projects are you working on right now?

I’m doing publicity for In Perfect Time and preparing to do publicity for Where Treetops Glisten (a WWII Christmas novella collection coming September 16 from WaterBrook). I just turned in Through Waters Deep, the first book in the Waves of Freedom series, and now I’m starting to outline the second book in the series.

Question: Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?

Always. This is a strength of mine, so it doesn’t slow me down.

Question: Where do you most like to write?

Wherever I can. I do have a big lovely desk in a home office, which is where I do the majority of my work nowadays, but I can work anywhere. When I started writing, my children were little, so I wrote at the ballet studio, the soccer field, the doctor’s office, etc. Now I use those time snippets primarily for research and editing, but I wrote several chapters of Through Waters Deep at the karate studio—I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop!

Question: How do people react when they find out you write?

That varies. Most are very interested and have lots of questions—especially if they’ve always wanted to write a book too. Some are polite and change the subject—either they aren’t interested or think I’m weird. And a small majority do act like they think I’m weird.

Question: When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
I have a Christmas novella, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, in a collection called Where Treetops Glisten, with Tricia Goyer and Cara Putman (WaterBrook, September 16, 2014). Fighter pilot Lt. Pete Turner is running on empty, but coming home for Christmas doesn’t fill his tank. When he encounters a precocious little girl in need of his friendship, can he convince her widowed mother that he’s no longer the bully she once knew? And will Pete’s Christmas gift fill the empty places in their hearts?
My next full-length novel, Through Waters Deep (Revell, summer 2015) kicks off the Waves of Freedom series, which follows three American naval officers based in Boston during WWII. In 1941, as America teeters on the brink of World War II, Mary Stirling works at the Boston Navy Yard and renews an old friendship with naval officer Ens. Jim Avery. Jim’s destroyer escorts British convoys across the North Atlantic, but problems on his ship point to a saboteur at the shipyard. As Mary works to find the culprit and Jim battles U-boats, their friendship promises to blossom into something more. But could a deeper friendship rip them apart?

Thank you so much for joining us today Sarah!

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This book sounds like a great read, please enter me in the contest. Thank you for this chance

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Thanks for the chance to win what I'm sure will be a great book!
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I'm so glad we have a lot more to look forward to in the future! Sarah Sundin's a fantastic author. Thanks for the giveaway!


Amy Putney said...

I can't wait to read this book! Sarah's books are some of the best WWII fiction I've ever read! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for having Susan here. The interview was really interesting. She has some great books. I would so love to win this to go with some I already have. Please put my name in the drawing. Thanks!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for having Susan here. The interview was really interesting. She has some great books. I would so love to win this to go with some I already have. Please put my name in the drawing. Thanks!
Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

Newsgirl said...

So very excited to read this book! As an aspiring author myself, reading her interview encourages me!


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Thanks for the interview ladies! I look forward to reading this series...


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I loved this book, and I can't wait to read the next series. Can they come out sooner???? (o:

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I have really enjoyed this series and I am very excited to read In Perfect Time. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!

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I have read a few of Sarah's books and loved them. I would share this one with my 81 year old aunt.

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I absolutely love that Sarah doesn't get writer's block. It takes skill in organization to know your story that well. I'm inspired!


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I really enjoy reading Sarah's books and am looking forward to In Perfect Time to finish this series. The new series sounds great as well. Thanks for the chance to win her book and for the interview with her.


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Sarah is new to me. Would love to win!


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I understand the procrastination where writing is concerned, lol! ;) Great interview! Thanks so much for the chance to win. =)


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Thank you for all your hard work as you bring these stories to us. Blessings.

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I love history, especially WW2. I am looking forward to reading this book.
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Am 51% through IN PERFECT TIME and am enjoying the book immensely, as usual. Catherine Veronica

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Sounds like great reads. Thank you for entering me in the book giveaway.
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Sounds good. You look like you are having fun in your picture. Thanks for the giveaway.

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