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D.M. Webb's 30 Days: A Devotional Memoir

Back Cover Blurb:

Do you desire to no longer be alone?
Do you yearn for understanding and hope?
Do you wish for a closer walk with Jesus?

When a relationship ends, whether through divorce or death, it leaves us with heartache and sadness. Fear of loneliness overwhelms our soul. Anger at God consumes us. We are suddenly thrust into unknown territory, lost and bewildered.

Psalm 147:3 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

30 Days: A Devotional Memoir brings you deeply moving stories to strengthen your walk and bring you closer to Christ. Author D.M. Webb shares her three year spiritual journey with a collection of thirty devotions designed to reach out and uplift those who have endured the turbulent emotions that come with divorce, widowhood, and single parenting.

Reach out, place your hand in His, and begin your journey today.

Book Excerpt:

The compilation of this book was not an easy thing for me. More or less three years in the making, through personal journals and a personal blog, each story revealed a little more about myself than I really wanted known.

I never wanted to talk about my late husband, my father, the trials I endured or the thoughts of hopelessness, loneliness, failure, and doubt. Truly, I only wanted to show the happy, sparkly times in my life.

As with all good intentions, it only matters when it is God’s intention being done. I sat for so many weeks, staring at my words in my latest novel, wondering why I couldn’t write, why the words wouldn’t come. I knew that I wanted to say, knew what I wanted to create, but nothing happened.

Instead, my journal and blog posts kept distracting me. Books were distracting me. Finally, I sat down and printed out those blogs. I fiddled with a few of them, and then set it aside.

I tried to ignore it. Days passed and still those pages called. More days passed.

I eventually gave up the fight. Once I sat down, I edited, rearranged, and added to the stories until my eyes blurred, and yet I still pushed forward. It had to be done. I felt it in my soul.
Self-doubt and fear of utter failure would beat at me, and still I kept writing and typing. Three days later I beheld my product: three years of a spiritual journey condensed into thirty days—thirty days of stories that bared my heart and soul, my shortcomings and dreams.

It isn’t that I wanted to reveal myself to others; but if what I spoke about could help others deal with similar issues, then I had to tell my stories. I hope it will encourage others. I hope it will help others. Most of all, I hope it brings glory to God’s name.

Author Bio:  

D.M. Webb (Daphne Self) resides in Hawkeye and Indians territory a.k.a. Marion, Iowa. A transplant from Mississippi who fell in love with the husker state, she spends her days writing, biking, antiquing, and planning adventures with her husband and sons. Having always dreamed of being a writer she pursues this dream with only one goal in mind: To Glorify His Name.  D.M. not only writes, but she's an avid reader who devours books in many genres. Catch some of her latest reviews at or read her "once in a blue moon" blog posts at Beyond her writing and reading, she also volunteers as a judge for the Genesis Contest and Carols Awards through AmericanChristian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

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Jackie McNutt said...

Sharon, Thank you for featuring D M Webb and her 30 Days A Devotional Memoir.
I want to thank her for sharing her heart about her pain and loss.
I share her pain in the loss of a husband as I lost mine 2 years ago after 46 years together. I also lost my dad 3 years ago.
I would love to read her devotional and I pray God's blessings for her on her journey.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I too know how it is to lose a husband. You never stop missing. So many things make you think of them. I have lost my parents and 5 of my siblings out of 8. I can't imagine going through this with out being able to know GOD's amazing love. Would love to win your book. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

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