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Featuring Susan Correll Foy's Novel FINDING FATHER

Back Cover Blurb:

Kendra, a young single mother, finds herself abandoned by everyone in her life. After her father's death, her mother remarries and moves far away, her boyfriend jilts her, and finally her roommate evicts her. Her prayers for help appear to be answered when she finds a new home and a circle of new Christian friends. But her new life leads her directly into the path of the one person she has despised and feared since their first encounter years ago. Although she wants to run, her new faith teaches her to forgive. Can she make peace with the past without risk to herself or her daughter?

          Kendra waited by Allison’s side, listening with half her attention to the story of someone’s new baby. The church members milled around the large open room, chatting in small clusters. Kendra glanced around for someone else she knew.
            And then she saw him. Steve Dixon.
            He was standing not ten feet away from her in the lobby. For a moment she felt as if her mind must be playing tricks on her, that the person must be someone who looked like Steve Dixon, just as sometimes in the bank she might notice a man who resembled him. But there was no mistake. Steve was looking directly at Kendra with recognition in his face, wearing an uncertain expression, as if he were trying to decide whether or not to speak to her.
Quickly she looked away.
            She felt her heart begin to race and the blood drain from her face, and for a moment feared that she would get sick or faint right in the church. Oh, if only Allison would hurry, so they could leave this horrible place. Of all the places she had feared meeting Steve, she had never once thought of a church!
            She glanced back at him. Now he was speaking to an older man in a gray suit, who might have been one of the ushers. Steve himself was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. He looked perfectly at home, as if he attended this church every week. He looked exactly as she remembered him from the party five years before, just slightly older. The man in the gray suit appeared to be relating an anecdote, and Steve nodded and smiled as he listened.
            He glanced back at Kendra, and she looked away.

            Thank heaven, Allison was finished talking and they could leave! But Allison glanced around the lobby and must have caught Steve’s eye, for she gestured to him. To Kendra’s horror, he actually approached.

Author Bio: 

Susan Foy grew up in Bear, Delaware, the middle of five children and one of a set of identical twins. She started writing stories at the age of nine, and always enjoyed using her imagination to create new characters and situations.  She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in English literature.

Susan started writing novels in her mid-thirties at the encouragement of her twin sister, who said, "Write something for me, and I'll read it." Her books, both historical and contemporary, center on women's relationships and always contain a romance at some point in the story, although the stories are not all about romance. She hopes her readers will find her stories entertaining and uplifting.

Susan and her husband Jim have raised four children and still live in Bear. They are active in their local church and enjoy vacations and holidays with Susan's large extended family.
You can find her on the web:, 
Susan Foy Books (facebook),

Susan Foy@SusanFoy3 (twitter)

You may purchase Finding Father at:

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Susan Correll Foy is giving away a copy of Finding Father. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses.

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cjajsmommy said...

I enjoyed both parts of this interview and would love to win this book. cjajsmommy (at) gmail (dot com
Deb R.

Anonymous said...

Would love to check out those beaches! What memories!

would love a chance to win this book

Anonymous said...

Yaa! A new author! Hope I win.
Elizabeth Nead

Amy Moseley said...

I am looking forward to reading Finding Father and would love to win a copy!

Amy Moseley said...

I am looking forward to reading Finding Father and would love to win a copy!
moseley42404 at g mail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies. Good interview. Thanks for this give-away. Sounds like a good book. I would love a chance to win it. > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this book, so that I may help others in their time of need. Joyce Guard

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