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A Warm Welcome to Elizabeth MaddreyAn

Welcome, Elizabeth! I love your topic for the book, but then I'm a big fan of today's world topics. Is there a story behind your book Hope Deferred?
Infertility isn’t a hugely popular topic for books—or conversation. But it’s something that affects so many men and women today. And I’m not convinced that the church realizes how much of a spiritual impact it has one people. Though the struggles June and July go through in the book aren’t exactly the same, they are in many ways reminiscent of my own struggle with infertility. And even though these are books I never planned to write, I’m grateful to see God using the story to touch the hearts of readers who, like me, thought they were alone.

Amen! What distracts you from writing the easiest?
I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but lately it’s been Candy Crush. I might need an intervention. There’s something so soothing about matching up the candies and watching them fall though. The good thing is, you only get five lives, so it can only suck away so much of your time at once.

Lol. What kind of books do you enjoy reading? (Book recommendations very welcome!)
I’m a seriously eclectic reader. I love everything from a good police procedural (Lis Wiehl’s books are great for this) to thrillers (do I even need to mention Steven James and Ted Dekker?) to speculative and sci-fi and, of course, my primary genre, contemporary romance. Really, there’s very little I won’t read, though historical isn’t my favorite.

What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud?
I love a good pun. Or a bad one. My dad and I used to pass the time with puns when we were waiting someplace, and it’s something I still enjoy (and am trying instill in my kids. No matter how much we make my husband groan.) My favorite jokes are the ones that are long stories that end with a pun on a cliché or phrase (e.g. better late than never gets punned into better Nate than lever.)

What do you like most about the area where you grew up?
I grew up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and have such fond memories of it. I loved the lack of humidity in the air (particularly when I compare it to the suburbs of Washington D.C. where I live now) and the aspen trees in the fall. We had canyons behind our house and my sister and I spent hours in those canyons playing with friends. It was a dream for kids – such scope for the imagination.

I love NM, although I've only visited there several times. Makes me nostalgic to read your comment. :) Are there things you put off doing because you dread them? 
There are tons…most of the time they involve cleaning something. I really do not love cleaning (I love the result, just not the process. I do love vacuuming though, that’s the notable exception.) I think the biggest one is probably dusting. I really dislike dusting. What’s great, though, is that my husband is bothered by dust, so I can usually put it off long enough that he’ll do it. Now if only that tactic worked for scrubbing the shower…

Where do you escape for some quiet time to reflect, pray, read, etc?
Right now, with two small boys at home, I’m learning to find quiet in the midst of chaos. I’ll often just plop down at the kitchen table, in the middle of their swarming. But I’m finding that God meets me there, just as much as He does when I do find a quiet place to myself for a moment (and as most moms out there know, if I do find that, I’m probably in the bathroom!)

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
The final book in this series, Love Defined, will be out in December of this year. We’ll see June and July finishing their journey with infertility and finding ways to be content with what God has for them in the family department. (I’m being vague intentionally—I haven’t finalized the blurb yet, and I don’t want to give too much away!)

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About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Maddrey began writing stories as soon as she could form the letters properly and has never looked back. Though her practical nature and love of math and organization steered her into computer science for college and graduate school, she has always had one or more stories in progress to occupy her free time.

When she isn’t writing, Elizabeth is a voracious consumer of books and has mastered the art of reading while undertaking just about any other activity. She loves to write about Christians who struggle through their lives, dealing with sin and receiving God’s grace.

Elizabeth lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with her husband and their two incredibly active little boys.

Connect with her here:

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Happy Reading!
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Patricia Bradley said...

So glad to learn more about Elizabeth. While I didn't have canyons to play in, I did have ditches and woods behind the house. Once after a huge rain, one of the ditches filled enough that we built a raft and tried to float in it before it went down.

Linda Kish said...

I would love to read this book.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

sm said...

Infertility is a pertinent topic at our home, and I'd love to read your book on it. The infertility testing is probably the worst part of the whole thing! sharon wileygreen1ATyahooDOTcom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stepping up and out with the topic of Infertility. Close family have struggled with this, ourselves as well inbetween pregnancy's in fact.... I tell you the truth...after 5 children & then 2 miscarriages & praying to be blessed with further does affect your whole! Thankfully for us, we were blessed with another 3 children, but I know it is not the case with many...and it tugs at my heart! Children are blessings!

Anonymous said...

Infertility has only been a problem to a few on my husbands side of the family. They suffered in ways unknown to us. This sounds like a good and a pertinent story for our times. Joyce Guard, Carney, MI

Anonymous said...

What an interesting topic. So pertinent to today's families.
Joyce Guard

Anonymous said...

Agood topic in this day of infertility.
Joyce Guard

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