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Colors of Deceit by Valerie Goree

An antique jewelry box! What a wonderful gift. However, if Maricella had known what the box contained, she might have allowed the thief to steal it. But she thwarts his attempt, and the box is damaged as he flees.

When Maricella has the box repaired, she has no idea that this action will threaten her family, or that her investigation into the original owner of the box will bring her face to face with a suspected murderer.

As the danger escalates, will her newfound faith be strong enough to sustain her while she endeavors to keep her infant grandson safe?

Book excerpt

The front door stood ajar. Not a good sign.
I eased it open. “Teresa, it’s Maricella. I’ve brought a baby gift from my neighbors. Are you all right?” My daughter-in-law wasn’t expecting a visit from me. Why would she leave the door open?
Crossing the living room in quick steps, I peered down the long, narrow hall. Teresa, eight months pregnant, lay with her back to me looking like a mound of rumpled clothes.
“Teresa!” I dropped my purse and the gift bag as I hurried to her and knelt.
A groan escaped from under the veil of black hair that had fallen over her face. She clutched her belly.
I pushed the hair aside and touched her cheek. “Are you in labor? Is the baby on his way?”
Her eyelids fluttered. She pointed to the master bedroom at the end of the hall. “Maricella, there’s a man . . .”
Floorboards squeaked. Light flickered in the bedroom doorway at the same time Teresa’s words registered. There was someone in the house. Creepy-crawly fingers of fear tickled my scalp.
On my feet again, I hesitated. Should I stay with Teresa or call for help?
A figure emerged from the bedroom, filling the hall with menace. He carried something tucked under one arm.
“What are you doing?” Anger edged Teresa’s words as she raised her head. “No, don’t take that.”
In the gloom I couldn’t tell what he held.
With the grace of an athlete, he bounded over Teresa, but she grabbed his boot. Dropping the object, he rammed into the hall table and hopped twice to regain his balance. Momentum already established, he careened into me, sending me staggering backward until I collided with the wall and slithered to the floor.
In the distance I heard the kitchen door bang shut and footsteps clip across the back porch.
Crawling to Teresa, I asked, “Are you hurt?”
“He hit me.” She rubbed her jaw. “The baby. I fell and––”
“You need professional help.” I scrambled up, located the phone in the kitchen and dialed 9-1-1. Once I knew the ambulance and law enforcement officers were on their way, I returned to Teresa.
“I . . . I want to get up but my back hurts, and I’m having contractions. I think they’re Braxton Hicks again, but––”
“Let’s not take any chances. I know it’s uncomfortable on the floor, but you better stay there until the paramedics check you out. I don’t want to deliver my grandson here in the middle of the hall.”
A brief grin momentarily brightened her drawn face.
I slipped into the bedroom and yanked a pillow off the bed. After placing it under Teresa’s head, I sat next to her. “There, that should help a little.”
Gracias, Chella. Why––”

The front door opened. Ambulance already? We’d heard no sirens.

About Valerie:

American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Award winner Valerie Massey Goree resides with her husband in the Texas Hill Country northwest of San Antonio.

After serving as missionaries in Zimbabwe and raising two children, Glenn and Valerie returned to Texas. She worked in the public school system for many years, focusing on students with special needs. Now retired, Valerie spends her time writing and spoiling her grandchildren.

To purchase Valerie's book:

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Off to read another great book!
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Wow! What a start! I definitely want to read this book.

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This books sounds amazing! Please enter me and thank you for this chance

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You got me from the cover of the book and the short summary.
Now I want to finish reading it so hope I win, if not, I will be buying this book.
Janet E.

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Sounds good. Count me in, please.

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Oh! This sounds like a page turner, and not to be started late at night!

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