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A Warm Welcome to Cheri Swalwell

Is there a story behind Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith?
Yes, God loves me so much He didn’t want me living my life in perpetual fear.  He allowed our family to travel a journey starting in June 2013 to a place of peace and trusting fully in Him, not our circumstances.  In November 2013, God impressed upon my heart He wanted me to use that experience to help encourage others who may be going through similar trials in their own life - to have hope they don’t have to walk alone either.  He was faithful to His promises with His children in the Bible and He continues to be faithful with His children today.

What distracts you from writing the easiest?
I thoroughly love writing and am happiest when I can fit it into my schedule.  However, I love my family more and get crabby when I have to work when I should be spending time with them.  When I first began the journey officially 2 ½ years ago, I was working two part-time jobs, had a 2-year-old, 8-year-old, and 11-year-old and was juggling many different hats.  I love to see how far God has brought me.  I have gained and lost other employment opportunities, our children are becoming a little more self sufficient and next year all three will be in school full time, and my writing time might open up a little more (or get crowded out with more kids’ activities, I’m not sure yet).  Either way, God has definitely taken these last 2 ½ years and helped me tweak my schedule and keep my priorities in the correct balance.  When I actively make that choice to keep my priorities where they need to be (God first, then my husband, then children, then job and other activities), I find that God blesses my time and I get far more done than I think I ever could.

What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud?  
My children.  I absolutely love being a wife and mother and thoroughly enjoy all of their differences.  My husband is my best friend and we just finished celebrating 15 years together.  I can’t wait to share 50 more years with him.  He is an amazing father and the best husband I could ever ask for.  When I begin to officially write fiction, he will be the model for all my heroes.  He’s the real deal and I’m blessed to call him my husband.  We have so many inside family jokes - it would take me hours to explain them all.

What is your favorite season of the year?  
I have to say I love Spring and Fall.  I love the cool crispness of fall after the heat of the summer and all the wonderful fall activities but I love Spring and the smell of birth and the anticipation of planting a garden (although I can do without all the mud).  We have so many great memories that we celebrate each year as a family with both seasons - I can’t pick between the two.

Where is your favorite place to travel/vacation in? 
Traverse City, Michigan.  We head up there every year.  It’s become a family tradition and our kids look forward to it as much as we do.  It’s a time to just relax, regroup, and spend uninterrupted time together to reconnect.  It’s so beautiful up there and I love being so close to nature and feeling closer to God.

Where do you escape for some quiet time to reflect, pray, read, etc?
With three very active kids in our home and multiple jobs working from home, there isn’t much time (or many places) to escape to myself.  However, when I’m really stressed out and need time to refocus on God and the important things in life, our family will pile in the car and go for a long hike.  We have a few favorite places close to where we live and after a couple of hours of communing with nature, communicating with my family, and having a running dialogue with my Heavenly Father about the beauty that He gives through nature, I come home much more relaxed and ready to tackle whatever needs to be accomplished.  I’m happiest in the fresh air surrounded by God’s beauty and my family.

Share a verse or Scripture passage with us that is special to you. (and why it's special)   
At the beginning of the journey written about in Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith, God gave me the verse Exodus 14:13-14 to claim as a promise for myself.  The following is the paraphrase as I would personalize it for myself, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm, and I will see the deliverance the Lord will bring me today.  The Egyptians I see today I will never see again (and I would name off the “trials/problems” I was upset about).  You, Lord, will fight for me.  I only need to be still.”  I would repeat that verse to myself multiple times a day and cling to the promise that God WILL deliver me and my family…and He has and continues to more than six months later.  And, I have faith He will continue to deliver us as we continue to hold fast to Him.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
When God impressed upon my heart to write, Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith, in reality, He had been preparing me for the past year to release seven books in this series by December 2014:  The ones that are out and soon to be out include:
Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith December 2013
Spoken from the Heart: Taking it to the Next Level February 2014
Spoken from the Heart: Digging Deeper April 2014
Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101  end of April 2014
Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101 Vol. 2 end of May 2014

Here is the back cover blurb from Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101:
When you envisioned being a parent, did it involve juggling a career, household duties, and extracurricular activities? Or, did you image being a stay-at-home parent who excels at growing a garden and keeping the budget balanced?

Regardless of what type of parent you dreamed of being, I think we can all agree that when done right, parenthood is one of the most challenging, but rewarding jobs we’ll ever undertake. It takes skills to balance our time and finances alongside the needs of multiple children and household responsibilities. Our mission is to raise children who are self sufficient and productive members of society – while at the same time making sure the most important goal is modeled daily - a personal relationship with God.

While some of your desires and passions may vary from mine, if you’re reading this book, we share the common thread of parenthood. With God’s wisdom and our choice to keep Him first in our lives, it will not only be successful but we will rekindle the joy we felt when our child was first placed in our arms. Please walk with me as I offer encouragement in what is hands down one of the biggest blessings in your life. I pray you’ll be challenged and inspired to continue to make a difference in the lives of those God lovingly entrusted to you.

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Author Bio 
Cheri Swalwell is a Christ follower who thoroughly enjoys her calling to be a wife, mother, and writer, in that order. She has the privilege to write regularly for Book Fun Magazine and LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Cheri is also a contributing author for the book, 31 Devotions for Writers.

Her book series, Spoken from the Heart, is available through Amazon and Deeper Shopping in eBook and paperback form.  To read one of her many articles on life from a Christian perspective, visit her blog at: She loves to interact with her readers, so send her an email at You can “like” her on Facebook below:

Connect with Cheri here:
Twitter:  Cheri Swalwell

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