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Susannah's Hope by Katt Anderson

Susannah Cole had been taught prejudice since she was born. But when she is almost drowned with her father, she is taken to a Melungeon home to heal and recuperate.  A mixed race doctor, Dr. Val Minor, encourages her to accept the Melungeons and other races.

Susannah and her mother decide to make the store her grandfather established a success and to consider all people equal, as God intended. It’s a struggle, but with the help of Rachel Gibson, a Melungeon, and Lincoln Amis, a suitor, they all work hard together.

A smallpox epidemic strikes the small mountain community of Maple Hill, Tennessee. Val doesn’t have time to treat all the people. He asks Susannah and others to help him. He finds Susannah has changed and is a caring person. She enjoys helping those in need, not like her father had taught her.

Through the course of the epidemic, Val finds he has fallen in love with Susannah. Marriage is out of the question for a mixed race man and a white woman. Is their love stronger than the law of the land?

The only place for them is in the North, but would they still be accepted in the South?


Chapter 1
Maple Ridge, Tennessee
March 1802

Susannah Cole walked with her friends to the front door of Cole’s General Store. They met each day to discuss the events of the settlement and to repeat gossip. A dark cloud glided across the sun. Susannah looked up, anticipating a storm. A low rumble of thunder sounded in the mountains.

“Susie,” her father called. “Close the shutters on the front of the store. A storm’s headed our way. The creek’s starting to rise. There could be a flood. Get busy, girl, there’s no time to waste.”

Finally her father had asked for her help. She’d tried to learn something about the store for four years. He’d always been too busy to teach her. She fumbled with the shutters, closing and latching them. A streak of lightening zigzagged across the sky and thunder shook the store building. A tree fell close to the fort. The limb that fell steamed from the lightning strike.

Papa ran out the door to the porch and gathered the lose merchandise that was flying around. Susannah picked up a broom and a mop scattered across the floor.

“We need to get the things out of the shed out back. Your grandfather built it too close to the creek. I’m afraid the creek will overflow and wash the shed away.” He bolted the front door behind them. “Get a cape and put on some old boots. We need to hurry.”

 “I’m coming, Papa.” She grabbed an old cape and yanked on her boots and ran to the storage room at the back of the store.

“Hurry! We’ll lose everything if the water washes the shed away.”

Another jagged bolt of lightning and a loud clap of thunder followed. Susannah ran the thirty feet to the shed. The usual sweet aroma of wet ground now had a dreadful scent of death and decay. The stream splashed over the rocks almost up to the door of the shed. Tree trunks filled the muddy water, making the small creek a whirling river. Water seeped over the banks. The roar of it drowned out the thunder.

“Hurry, Susannah!” Papa shoved a large bundle of harnesses into her hand. “This will all have to be moved. Hurry!”

 She pulled the bundle of harnesses in the direction of the store, but the rain beat so hard against her face she barely distinguished the building’s outline. A scream escaped her lips when another clap of thunder split the air and her face hit the ground. Mud and rocks filled her mouth. She spit it out and glanced back. The water churned around the shed.

“Get out Papa! The shed’s tilting.”

With a thunderous howl, the shed ripped from its sills.

“Papa!” Susannah ran toward the outbuilding as it tumbled into the rushing water. Her father tried to jump out but lost his footing. The storm’s surge tore the building away from the shore. It splintered 

About The Author

Katt Anderson lives in Kentucky with her husband of fifty years. They have two grown children and four grandchildren. When not writing, you’ll find Katt people-watching, reading, enjoying her flower garden or helping other authors with their manuscripts. Visit her online at

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Amy C said...

This is the first time I have heard of this book. It really sounds good.
campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Sharon A Lavy said...

I read Katt Anderson's first book Callie's Mountain. Now I am eager to read this one.

Patty said...

What an interesting and difficult topic to tackle! I would love to read this book...


Anonymous said...

This looks really good! Thanks for all your hard work so peeps like me can relax once in a while!


Diana Flowers said...
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Diana Flowers said...

This book sounds so different and intriguing. I LOVE the cover! Please enter me and thanks for the opportunity to win it!


Susan Johnson said...

Thank you for introducing me to an author I did not know. This sounds like a great book.
susanmsj at msn dot com

Jackie McNutt said...

Thank you loved the excerpt .
I am not familiar with Katt's books but this looks great and a different type of story line.
Thank You

Cindi A said...

I'm interested in how the author writes about this sensitive subject. Please enter my name in the drawing to win a copy.

Linda Marie Finn said...

Oh I am excited, this cover just took me in and the story line well its sounding fabulous and I can't wait to read this, excerpt is such a good tease...
Linda Finn
Faithful Acres Books

sm said...

I like this book about conquering social norms! Don't let others force you how to live your life.
sharon, CA wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Patsy said...

Would love to read this book and see what changes Susannah goes through.

Katt Anderson said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate them. Growing up in the hill of Tennessee, we were familiar with the different races. In fact, I'm part Melungeon. Their story has intrigued me for years. I hope you enjoy it.

Deirdre said...

I greatly enjoyed reading this blog post and look forward to more of Kat's books.

Deirdre said...

Looking forward to reading your book, Kat! :)

Linda Marie Finn said...

Wow 35 min labor, I coulc have gone for that. I love you book and look forward to reading it someday soon.
Linda Finn

Katt Anderson said...

Thanks for all the comments. I've enjoyed being on this blog. Thanks to the blog owners for letting me be a part of everyone's day.

Sharon A Lavy said...

Thank you for joining us, Katt.

PriviesAndPrims said...

Count me in. I want to win!


Anonymous said...

Katt is a new author to me and I would love to read this book
marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

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