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Ryan's Father by June Foster

Back Cover Blurb:
Ryan Reid is a first-grade teacher and a Christian with a heart for neglected kids, but a chance encounter during an earthquake with Sandy Arrington, a beautiful young nurse, rocks Ryan’s carefully guarded world and unearths the secret he has held deep in his heart. Though Sandy falls in love with him, Ryan’s forbidden affections lie elsewhere, and he must depend on the Lord to see him through a battle he always hoped he’d never have to face.

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Chapter One - first half of scene 1

The walls at Starbucks groaned and crunched. The cardboard cup of steaming coffee flew from Ryan’s hand and spilled onto the tile. His body swayed as his foot slid out from under him on the undulating floor. He caught himself against a chair.

“What’s happening?” A scream behind him split the air. “Help me.” 

He spun toward the woman’s cries.

She tottered in the center of the room, eyes round and mouth wide. Her hands gripped her pale face. 

Sympathy sifted through his own fear.

“Take cover, everybody,” the barista yelled from the coffee bar.

The strong smell of espresso filled the room.

“Quick. Under here.” Ryan grabbed the panicked young woman’s arm and pulled her beneath a wobbling table. “Hold on to one of the legs.”

“Please don’t let me die.” The slender, dark-haired woman’s face contorted as she sobbed beside him on the floor.

Ryan’s normal sense of calm fled, and fear gripped him. He sucked in a breath. Would they survive or be crushed by the walls caving in upon them? The shaking earth seemed relentless.

A bag of coffee toppled from the counter and split, spraying brown beans across the quaking floor.

“God, please help me.” Terror shrilled her piteous wails. She grabbed him, holding on tight.

“It’s okay. It’ll be over in a minute.”

Ryan closed his eyes. Almost as an instinct the prayer sprung out of his spirit. “Lord, we need Your protection. Please calm us and keep us safe.” The words to God appeased his own fright, but more than that, he hoped they would quiet the woman’s anxiety.

The incessant rolling refused to let up. A display case toppled to the floor with a crash, and coffeemakers, mugs, and tins of tea flew in all directions.

As the aroma of flowers wafted over him, the woman tightened her clutch around his shoulders. The room shook, and so did his thoughts. Most people would’ve chosen to hold on to a table leg, but she continued to cling to him. She sucked in air and exhaled in jagged spurts, no attempts at deep breathing. Terror obviously possessed her.

How should he attempt to comfort her? His hand hovered over her shoulder then gave it a pat or two. “Don’t worry, ma’am, God is in control. Try to breathe.” Thank goodness, his voice didn’t sound as shaky as his stomach felt.

Bottles of coffee flavors flew from a shelf behind the bar and landed with a thud.

Shattering glass startled him. The syrupy aroma of vanilla and hazelnut blended with the dust in the air. 

Warm breath fell on his neck. “How…how…much longer?” She tucked her face against his chest. Hot tears soaked into his shirt. Rising panic threatened to unravel his last fragment of control. Was it the quake or her death grip?

“Dear God, see us through this.” He’d walked into Starbucks like any other day. Then the onslaught of the quake. Now an eternity elapsed since it began. Lord, protect Uncle Frank and each of my students.

The woman gripped him harder. Was she going to pass out? He forced a pat to her shoulder again. “Shh.” What else could he say to reassure her? Cracking and creaking and a crash sliced into his composure. His emotions were at the breaking point, and he wanted to yell, but he had to keep his sanity—for the sake of the frightened person under the table with him. What if this was the day the Lord called him home? Death didn’t frighten him, but the process did.

A piece of drywall fell to the floor, exposing the building’s frame. His ears rang from the woman’s shriek. He hadn’t planned to grasp her shoulder when he jolted, yet the gesture brought a shred of comfort. 

Almost as quickly as it started, the rocking and pitching ebbed and a semblance of normalcy returned to his world. Was it over? He remained under the table, forcing his heart to slow as his tablemate still clung to him. He couldn’t have endured the tremors much longer.

“Oh, thank God, it’s stopped.” A man’s loud voice reverberated off the walls.

“We’re okay.” Ryan pried at her arms, trying to disentangle himself.

Tousled dark hair hung in her eyes. She pushed the strands from her face and attempted a weak smile. Good. Maybe she’d get a hold on her emotions now.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded. “I…guess so.” “Come on. Let’s get out from under here.”

Ryan grasped her arm as they inched out. Starbucks looked like a war zone—tables on edge, chairs broken, the front window shattered. Water poured into the room through a broken pipe somewhere. Shattered dishes and pastries cluttered the floor. The odor of rotten eggs filled his nostrils—a gas leak.

He pulled the woman with him toward the door. “We need to go.” He kept his voice quiet, hiding the undeniable fear inside of him. She was hysterical enough already.

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About June:
June Foster is a retired teacher with a BA in Education and a MA in counseling.

June has written four novels for Desert Breeze Publishing. The Bellewood Series:

Give Us This Day – February 1, 2012,
As We Forgive – September 1, 2012,
Deliver Us – April 1, 2013, and
Hometown Fourth of July – July 1, 2012.

June's book, Ryan's Father, will be available from WhiteFire Publishing January 2014. For All Eternity, Red and the Wolf, and Misty Hollow, God willing, will be published in the near future. June loves to write stories about characters who overcome the issues in their lives by the power of God and His Word. June uses her training in counseling and her Christian beliefs in creating characters who find freedom to live godly lives.

Connect with June here:

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Giggle. The winner is not picked for almost two weeks so ... But there is also a rumor that you should post on both the interview and the book spotlight post to get double points.

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This sounds like a great book. I would love to read it.
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Please enter me. This sounds like a book that would be a blessing. I review books and then pass them on where God leads.
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Jackie McNutt said...

Thanks for post about Ryan's Father. This looks like an interesting read.
looking forward to reading it

June Foster said...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my new book today, Sharon. I pray the winner of the book will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The message is meant to bring hope and healing to others. June

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Sounds like a good story. Thanks for sharing it with us! lattebooks at hotmail dot com

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I am a nurse and enjoy books about them. Love to win and read this book from a new author to me. sharon wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

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Trouble at Starbucks and a secret? Sounds like a good one!

Doreen Brannan
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Sharon, not sure just what you mean about the interview and spotlight. Thinking maybe you are talking both times for the book. Not sure! I have won several times in the first comment spot. Hope to win this book. And see how he overcomes this problem. Maxie

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I would love to read this book.

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This author is new to me. thank you for "introducing" me to her.

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Oh boy, I commented on the wrong book . Was reading lots of emails after work and obviously got the wrong one. So sorry. Still love to win this book on Christians and dealing with homosexuality. sharon, wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

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The Exalted Brethren sounds like an interesting read. Let us know when it is released.

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That excerpt is great. This sounds like a great book to read. Thanks for the giveaway.

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