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A Warm Welcome to Anne Baxter Campbell

Is there a story behind The Roman’s Quest?
Funny you should ask. A long time ago (thirty plus years), my daughter Renae was about thirteen going on twenty and boy-crazy. I wished she would choose healthier ways to approach “romance.” I began writing out a book longhand, and she typed it. I only wrote about five chapters and quit. As I remember, we were about to move to a different town. About three years ago I pulled the manuscript out of the drawer and began putting it into the computer. This book is the result, and she’s finally getting to read the whole thing.

What started you on your writing journey?
I think it was my fourth grade teacher who asked for a story from the class. It was supposed to be a true story. I wrote one about my brother and me finding a hawk’s nest on a hill near our home and doing battle with the parent birds. I’m so sorry, Mrs. Pierson, but…it wasn’t true. Then as now, I prefer fiction.

What distracts you from writing the easiest?
This is my true confession (not fiction this time). I’m a computer game junkie. When I’m at an impass, I play solitaire, hearts, or free cell.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
I want most to read a book that will help me grow as a person and to draw closer to my Lord. My heart goes out in gratitude to Kathi Macias, who wrote Red Ink; Ginny Yttrup, who wrote Invisible; and perhaps one who, long before I was a true Christian, wrote The Robe, Lloyd C. Douglas, a book (and movie) that knocked at the door of my heart.

What is your strangest habit?
Wiggling my toes when otherwise I appear to be sitting still and composed and dignified. There. You know my secret.

What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud?
My own typos or malapropos. For instance, the other day on facebook I was typing away and told someone I was sending her lots of bugs. Um, that should have been “hugs.” And some time back, I told a friend I was not fat, I was just short for my height.

What is your favorite season of the year? 
My favorite season used to be summer, back in the olden days when I was a kid in Idaho. I dreaded winter, heavy coats, and boots. Also cold feet. Now that I live in very warm country (north central California) my favorite season is fall. Or maybe spring. Summer has too many bugs.

What do you like most about the area where you live and/or grew up?
I grew up in Challis, Idaho, and my class had only 33 (I think) when we graduated. We were a close-knit class, and our reunions are joyous occasions. It never fails that, if someone is in need, the whole town pitches in to help. One of my cousins and her family lost everything in a fire. People donated clothes, blankets, appliances, and whatever they could spare in cash to help them out. That was typical.

What is a favorite memory from your childhood?
We used to have town dances, and the whole town would come out, from babies to great-grandparents. My dad taught me how to dance by letting me stand on his feet.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
The second in The Truth Trilogy will be out in 2014, but I don’t know when yet. It’s called Marcus, Centurion and is about a young decanus (one rung below a centurion) who yearns (1) to be a centurion and (2) to win the heart of an Egyptian slave girl. The barriers that jump into their paths shouldn’t happen to such nice people. One wonders if they will live through their misadventures.

Centurion Julius has eyes for a young Jewish woman, but a Roman is not what her father intends for her. Miriam is a pious Jewish girl, determined to do the right thing by her God and her parents, and she bows to her father’s wishes to promise her to a Jewish fisherman, James ben Zebedee. Her heart yearns for the Roman, but their love is impossible. Miriam’s mother lies close to death, and her last wish is to see her daughter wed. The marriage has to take place before it’s too late.

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Anne Baxter Campbell is a Christian, wife, a mother, and a grandmother who loves to write.

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Off to read another great book!
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Patricia Bradley said...

So, when you're sitting there all serious and studious, you're actually wiggling your toes? Love it! Would love to win your book, too! pat at ptbradley dot com

Jackie McNutt said...

So nice to meet Anne and learn of her books. I liked her comment about the whole town turning out for a dance and her father teaching her to dance standing on his shoes. Brought back a few memories of my youth.
thank you

Boos Mum said...

I haven't read to many fiction books that take place during this time. Sounds interesting. Count me in. Thanks.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

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