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On a Summer Night by Diane Dean White

A fusion of past thoughts with fragrances and salty air played in the recesses of Kate’s mind. More seagulls flew in formation against the blue sky that now showed gray clouds, with splashes of pink. She took her husband’s strong hand, full of love and warmth. Nestled, she sat next to his broad frame as he drove into the village. Memories flooded her soul. She’d been eighteen, and with youth, wrong decisions often led to grave consequences. There was no erasing the past.

It had been years ago when she and her best friend, Vanessa, made this journey. What a special time their two-week trip after high school graduation had been. She’d never shared with her husband what had happened on that summer night. Kate wasn’t sure she should. Did it really matter? She knew the answer…they shared everything. Maybe it was time to tell him her story.

Book Excerpt

Chapter One
Kate could feel the still Florida heat as she and Vanessa made their way along the last stretch of the Tamiami Trail to Gladesville. The trip was fun, but after leaving their home state of Michigan she noticed the temperature gradually increased. By the time they hit the Florida State line and stopped at the visitor’s center for fresh orange juice and a quick stretch, Kate wished that her brother, Rich, 1965 red Ford Mustang had air conditioning. Considering much of the weather in Michigan she understood why it didn’t. Rich, she prayed would stay safe, fighting for his country in Vietnam. He was constantly in her thoughts.
“I can’t wait to get there. Guess I’d better keep the speed at the numbers designated by the road signs, but this is the home stretch, Van.” She screeched. They would soon start to search for the house her uncle had promised they could to stay at as their graduation gift.
“I wonder what Uncle Robert’s place will look like. I’m sure it won’t be as cool as the hotels the kids go to in Fort Lauderdale. But then again, it’s free and for two whole weeks.”
Both set of parents insisted that the two high school seniors, she knew they meant “girls,” go to a respectable and familiar place. Kate guessed her uncle’s house he used to get away from his high-profile job to enjoy deep-sea fishing, would work. She wasn’t sure what to expect, since he was a bachelor in his forties. Kate’s mother had thought her older brother would make the place “homey,” and it would be relaxing for her and Vanessa.
“Watch for the sign. I thought it said twenty-four miles when we passed Naples. The burger and fries wore off hours ago.” Kate tuned in a popular song on the radio. Both girls began singing the new hit.
“Look, this must be the turnoff, Van. The road ahead has a sign that reads Gladesville, posted on a tree.” A magnificent pelican stood erect in the warm ground; a striking picture against a background of Spanish moss descending from the swooping oak trees.
Van couldn’t look around fast enough. “This is so cool; I’ve never seen moss up close. Just in post-cards. It’s really neat, and all this swamp area with so many pretty birds. Wonder why my parents never made trips to Florida. Everyone goes.”

This was the adventure Kate and Vanessa had thought about since they’d turned sixteen. The girls had tried to talk their parents into a Florida trip during spring break in both their junior and senior years, as many of their friends were going to bask in the sun in Fort Lauderdale, but neither set of parent’s would agree. Kate was ecstatic that they’d approved of the trip after her high school graduation. She and Van had both turned eighteen. Kate secretly thought Uncle Robert may have influenced her parents to let them stay at his place. He was her favorite uncle and Kate adored him.

About Diane:
Diane started her writing at an early age, but it wasn’t until her husband’s work took them to a small southern town she wrote her first column, “Yankee Viewpoint’s” in a local newspaper. Returning to her home-state of Michigan, she did stringer work over the years, ancestral history, and donor appeal letters for non-profit organizations. Diane self-published two books in the early 2000’s, and she became a columnist for a weekly magazine, for four years. She is the author of over three-hundred short stories, and her book On a Summer Night was released in October. She and hubby, Stephen, have been married for forty-one years, and they are the parents of three grown children and three grand-gals.

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Sandra M. Hart


Anonymous said...

Hello ladies. Glad to read about Diane's life and to Sandra for introducing her. I would love to win her book. Thanks for the chance. Maxie

Rick Estep said...

Looks like a great book to put in my church library. Thanks for the chance to win it.

Librarybooks at religious dot com

Mary L. Ball said...

I love the video and the book.

Caroline said...

Great interview yesterday & promotion. Interesting to read a little into an author's life. Your cover is very nice! And I love the title. Hoping for a chance to read this book soon.

Bonnie Traher said...

Would love to win because this book looks like a must read.

cjajsmommy said...

This excerpt takes me back to my days of striving for adventure and independence during my high school years. I never got that road trip to Florida I wanted, so I will enjoy it vicariously through Kate and Vanessa if I win a copy of the book. cjajsmommy {at} gmail {dot} com

josie downey said...

sounds interesting. I wonder what happened that night. I guess I'll just have to read the book. :)

josie downey said...

sounds interesting. I wonder what happened that night. I guess I'll just have to read the book. :)

lgm52 said...

Sounds like a great book..adding it to my TBR list!lgm52(at)hotmail(dot)com

Diana montgomery said...

I loved reading about you. Love to read your book.

Linda Kish said...

I would love to win a copy of this book.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Cindi A said...

The more I think about this book, the more I want to read it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Sandi said...

This was an enjoyable read. I'm already looking forward to Diane's next book!
I always share my books so an extra copy gets passed on to others.

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