Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Week's Winners

The time has come to announce our book winners for the week. And I know you are eagerly awaiting to learn... WHO WON?

Honestly, I 'd love to win them all myself!!!

Well, before we announce our three winners we’d like to offer a special thanks to:
Janet K. Brown who offered her  Devotional  Devine Dining. Do I ever need this one. Put it on my wish list. Four years after weight loss surgery the pounds are creeping back. Thanks to Kelly Irvine who offered her Amish Fiction  Love Still Stands. If you haven't read her awesome posts from two weeks ago I suggest you go back and find them. Also thanks to Rita Schulte for offering her Grief and Loss book  Shattered. It's a given that into every life some sorrow will come. And we need God to help us through those tough times.
And now: We're pleased to announce this week’s winners:
Diana Flowers  has won Janet K. Brown’s Devotional  Devine Dining.
Katie Johnson  has won Kelly Irvine’s Amish Fiction  Love Still Stands.
And Bonton has won Rita Schulte’s Grief and Loss book  Shattered.
Congratulations Winners! Remember, it's your responsibility to contact me  sharonalavy {at} gmail {dot} com) with your address so the author can send you a book. 

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