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Claiming Peace by Jo Huddleston

Facing her lowest moments, Callie’s life begins to crumble.
As he’s done with others of his extended family, can Jim help her find peace?

Visit again the Callaway family and friends in 1951 who live in the Southern Appalachians of East Tennessee. Why did Callie have an appointment with a neurologist? Will she work her way through whatever lies ahead for her and her family? Does Emmajean’s attraction for the young lawyer, Terry, blossom further or die on the vine when he wants her to meet his parents? Can Caroline and Jim find happiness in their long-delayed marriage? You’ll meet some new characters as the Callaway saga continues. Follow the Callaway family throughout the Caney Creek Series—live their triumphs, sorrows, achievements, and losses.


Chapter 1

August 1951
East Tennessee

Callie had not wanted to see her son. Not in that place. The Gateway House. Residency rehabilitation, the judge called it. Family weekend visits.

Returning home and leaving Art behind tore away jagged chunks of Callie's heart. Miles sped by in silence. Callie could hardly breathe past the lump of grief in her throat. How long must Art stay there? The judge said that would be up to Art. He could turn his life around anytime he chose.

Callie's husband, Arthur, and their teenage daughter, Jennifer, tried to carry on a conversation that would coax Callie out of her remorse. That didn't work. Her son remained in that place and the car took them farther from him with each turn of the tires. Despair crouched in a corner of Callie's heart over the recent life-threatening health diagnosis from her neurologist. A diagnosis she and Arthur had not revealed to their children.

Jennifer regarded her mother with caution. "Mother, are you hungry? We could stop for a bite to eat and not have to fix a meal when we get home."

Callie shook her head. She had no energy for more.

About The Author:

Jo Huddleston's debut novel, That Summer, released in December 2012 as the first book in The Caney Creek Series. Book 2, Beyond the Past, released April 2013. Huddleston holds a B.A. degree with honors from Lincoln Memorial University (TN), and is a member of their Literary Hall of Fame. She earned a M.Ed. degree from Mississippi State University. Professional membership: American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

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Anonymous said...

I know this will be great. I still don't have book two but would love to win this one. I need a gift for one of my girls for her birthday. Please put my name in and thanks for having Jo as a guest. Maxie

squiresj said...

I would love to win and review. To think this is about when I was 1 year old.
jrs362 at Hotmail dot com

Jo Huddleston said...

Thanks for having me on your blogs this weekend.

Maxie, good to see you come by the barn loft. Thanks for leaving your comment.

Jane, good to see you come by also. Thanks for leaving your comment. Uh, you just told your age!

Linda Kish said...

I haven't been to that area since the late 50s but I remember it being such a pretty area. This story sounds wonderful. Count me in, please.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

bonton said...

Hi, Jo!

Claiming Peace sounds like such an interesting book, I enjoy books with dysfunctional family issues - & would love to read it. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!


I am a follower.

sm said...

Would enjoy reading your books about the depression era. Our parents all went through this, so it is a good thing to know about. Hope to win your book. sharon, CA wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jo Huddleston said...

Linda, Bonnie, and wileygreen1, thanks for reading and leaving your comments. You're entered in the book drawing.

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