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The Well by Stephanie Landsem

Back Cover Blurb
Could he be the one we’ve been waiting for?

For the women of the Samaritan village of Sychar, the well is a place of blessing—the place where they gather to draw their water and share their lives—but not for Mara. Shunned for the many sins of her mother, Nava, Mara struggles against the constant threats of starvation or exile.

Mara and Nava’s lives are forever changed with the arrival of two men: Shem, a mysterious young man from Caesarea, and Jesus, a Jewish teacher. Nava is transformed by Jesus, but his teachings come to late and she is stoned by the unforgiving villagers. Desperate to save her dying mother, Mara and Shem embark on a journey to seek Jesus’ help—a journey that brings unexpected love and unimaginable heartbreak.

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Chapter 1

Dread coiled like an asp in Mara’s belly as the watery light of dawn seeped through the chinks in the roof of the clay house.

Only a short span of dirt floor stretched between her mother’s corner of their one-room house to where Mara and her little brother lay pressed against its farthest wall. Mara’s worn cloak, pulled over their heads like a shield, had failed to block out the carnal whispers that had drifted through the confines of the dark room during the long night. Shame and fear had twined with tormented dreams until she prayed for dawn.

Now, as the murky beams of weak light puddled on the floor, Mara raised her head and strained to see through the gloom. Is Alexandros still here?

Relief trickled through her stiff limbs. Her mother slept alone in the corner. When had Alexandros left? And where did he go? How could Mama be so foolish?

Please, Lord, let no one find out about him.

Mara’s bare arms, prickly with cold, were wrapped around Asher’s small warm body. She slipped from under her cloak and eased herself away from her little brother.

As she kissed his smooth cheek and tucked the tattered wool around his shoulders, he opened his sleep- clouded eyes. “Shh, my sweet, go back to your dreams,” she whispered, rubbing his back.

Asher garbled a few words, wedged his thumb in his mouth, and closed his eyes again. Mara stroked his back until his mouth went slack and his breath buzzed in a steady rhythm.

Silently, she crept past her sleeping mother. Nava lay crumpled in the corner like a pile of dirty rags. She would not stir until midmorning. Then she would act as if nothing had happened, as if she’d done nothing wrong. Alexandros, a pagan from Sebaste, had visited her mother before. He didn’t seem concerned about Nava’s reputation. He ate their food, little as there was, complimenting Nava more boldly and laughing more loudly after each cup of wine.

Each time, they had been lucky. No one in Sychar seemed to know of his visits. Not yet. But the Sychar Samaritans did not abide sinners in their midst. When they found out—and they would find out—the strict townspeople would turn on them. They would surely stop providing the barley and oil that Mara’s family needed so desperately. They could, according to the law, march down the hill and drive them out of Sychar. No one in Samaria would take in a disgraced woman, a crippled boy, and a daughter old enough to be married.

Starvation or exile.

Which was worse?

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About Stephanie:
Stephanie Landsem writes historical fiction because she loves adventure in far-off times and places. In real life, she’s explored ancient ruins, medieval castles, and majestic cathedrals around the world. Stephanie is equally happy at home in Minnesota with her husband, four children, and three fat cats. When she’s not writing, she’s feeding the ravenous horde, avoiding housework, and dreaming about her next adventure—whether it be in person or on the page.

To connect with Stephanie, go here:!/stephlandsem

Stephanie is giving away a copy of The Well. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses.  To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment along with your email address. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.

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Judy said...

Wow, the excerpt from The Well sounds so good. I need to put this book on my list of books to read.

Judy B

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thanks for the chance to read this novel :)

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I would love for a chance to read and win this novel.
Janet E.

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This really sounds like a great book!
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Patsy said...

I have not read a book by Stephanie so I'm looking forward to reading this one.


Cindi A said...

Please enter me in the contest to win a copy of The Well. It looks like a book that I would truly enjoy.

Patricia Bradley said...

The Well sounds like a great book!
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sm said...

The Well sounds very good. I've never read historical fiction on the Samaritan Woman at the Well. Should be very interesting. Thanks for the contest. sharon wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

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This sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for having the giveaway.


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I'm looking forward to reading The Well, as I do enjoy Biblical fiction.
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I would love to read The sounds awesome!
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