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Restoring His Heart by Lorraine Beatty

A Love to Build On

After he crashes his sports car into a gazebo, Adam Holbrook is sentenced to thirty days rebuilding – definitely not Adam’s usual glamorous lifestyle. But when Laura Durrant, the contractor scheduled to help him, shows up, everything changes. Suddenly Adam wouldn’t mind an extended sentence. And no one’s more surprised by this change in attitude than Adam. As they work amid the sawdust and sweat, Laura teaches him about more than carpentry. She teaches him everything he’s missed out on – a family, a relationship with God and maybe even love.


Chapter 1- first scene

     Adam Holbrook stood and faced the bench of the Honorable Judge Hankins A. Wallace. The man seated there didn’t look anything like what he’d expected. He’d envisioned the judge in a small rural town like Dover, Mississippi, to be a balding, overweight quirky character with horn-rimmed glasses perched on the end of his nose. One look at this magistrate had given Adam his first moment of concern.
Judge Wallace was stern faced and imposing, and it had nothing to do with his being elevated behind the bench. Broad shoulders, steely brown eyes and a set to his jaw that made it clear he was in charge. Adam’s throat went dry. He glanced over at his court-appointed attorney. He’d considered calling his own attorney yesterday after he’d been arrested for reckless endangerment and destroying public property, a result of his accidently running his car into the tow’s park and damaging a small building. But his attorney was also his most recent girlfriend and the relationship had ended badly, so he’d chosen to go with a court-appoint lawyer. Now he questioned that decision.
“Adam Holbrook?”
“Yes, your Honor.” He put as much respect and sincerity into his tone as possible.  
“Were you driving drunk in my town, Mr. Holbrook?”
“No, sir.”
The Judge’s dark gaze pierced him from across the room. “So, then what were you doing when you decided to destroy our beloved landmark?”
He opened his mouth to protest, then changed his mind. Better to eat crow and be on his way. In twenty-eight days he had to be seated at the board of directors meeting of his father’s company, Holbrook Electronics, or lose the yearly allowance from his trust fund forever. There were no excuses acceptable. Either be in Atlanta on time or face financial ruin. “I was trying to use the GPS on my phone.”
The judge nodded knowingly and glanced at the papers on his desk. “Uh hum. Well then, let’s get straight to it. I’m sure you’re anxious to get this over with.”
Adam allowed a small grin. “As a matter of fact I am. I have interests in Atlanta that require my immediate attention.” He was pleased with his calm, respectful tone. Hope rose. All he had to do now was meet the bail, pay any fines and he could be on his way.
“Do you now?” Judge Wallace took the folder in front of him in his hands and scanned the contents. “It says here you’re some kind of minor celebrity. That you like to indulge in all manner of extreme sporting adventures.” His tone was thick with disapproval.
Hope took a nose dive. He might have grossly underestimated this small town’s justice system. He waited, a heightened sense of  anticipation sparking his nerves, similar to the sensation he experienced right before he jumped out of a plane or dove off a cliff.
The judge leaned back in his chair, frowning. “We do things a bit differently here in Dover, Mr. Holbrook. We believe in the punishment fitting the crime.”
“I’ll be more than happy to have the structure repaired, Your Honor.” That should score a few points.
“That’s good to hear. That’s what I had in mind, as well. You see, that wasn’t any old structure you crashed your flashy silver car into. That was an historic landmark. It’s the symbol of this town. It’s one hundred and thirty years old and we’re rather fond of that gazebo.”
A small bead of sweat trickled down his back. “Yes sir.”
“So, here’s what you’re going to do.” The judge straightened in his chair and banged his gavel on the bench. “You’re hereby sentenced to thirty days under house arrest. And you will spend those days rebuilding the gazebo you damaged. Any spare hours will be spent doing community service.”
Adam struggled to grasp what the judge had said. He couldn’t be serious. “Your honor, I have urgent personal matters in Atlanta that require my presence.”
The judge shook his head. “That’s unfortunate. Thirty days.”
No. Thirty days would mean he’d miss the deadline. There were no contingencies with the rules of his trust fund. No leeway. He either showed up for the meeting or he was cut off. Permanently. Once Arthur Holbrook made a decree is was carved in stone. Especially something like this. “Your Honor, what about bail? I’m able to meet any amount you deem equitable.”
“Yes. I’m sure you’re more than able. That’s the point, Mr. Holbrook. I suspect buying your way out of things is a bad habit with you. No bail.”
“Your Honor…”
The judge held up his hand. “I figure that gazebo damage is well within the felony limits. You’re fortunate that no one was injured in your little stunt or you could be facing manslaughter charges.”
Dryness in his throat made it hard to swallow. He had been greatly relieved that no one had been injured, but he couldn’t afford to be stuck in rural Mississippi for a month. He searched frantically for a way out of this mess. He looked to his attorney, who shrugged and shook his head. He was on his own. A surge of anger rushed through his veins. What else was new? Adam faced the bench again. He flashed his most engaging smile. “With all due respect, sir. I don’t know how to repair that building.”
“I suspect not. That’s why I’m assigning an expert to help you out. And since you’re such an unusual case, you’ll be housed with a local family instead of the jail, and you’ll be wearing  an ankle monitor at all times until you’ve completed your sentence.”
The tone of the judge’s voice and the look in his eyes, told Adam there was no point in trying to press his case. He’d have to find some other way to get home in time. Missing the yearly meeting with his father was out of the question. He had to be in Atlanta on time or lose everything.

About The Author

Lorraine Beatty is a multi-published, bestselling author born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also lived in Erlangen, Germany, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently resides in Brandon, Mississippi. Married to her high school sweetheart, she and husband Joe have two grown sons and five grandchildren.

She has been writing since Junior High School and has contributed feature articles to several books on Television History, and written for magazines, newspapers and company newsletters. She currently writes for Love Inspired books. A longtime member of RWA, and ACFW. She is a charter member and former president of Magnolia State Romance Writers, the local Mississippi Chapter of RWA.

Away from writing she is a long time member of  her church choir, loves to garden, spend time with her grandchildren, and travel. 

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