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Collette's Crusade by Michelle Sutton

Back Cover Blurb:

Collette wants to help needy parents . . . just not her own.

After her first day on the job, Collette believes she must be the world’s worst social worker. She’s never seen a cockroach, let alone an infested trailer. She's not sure how to deal with such living conditions, but she's required to fulfill her one-year contract, or repay the university for her full tuition, which costs much more than she'd make at the agency her first year. Enter sexy marriage and family therapist Mark Wilcox, and suddenly things don't look so bleak. That is, until she remembers he's the man who tried to discourage her from getting her Master's Degree in the first place. Proving him wrong gives her a reason to try harder to succeed. Then she finds out Mark has a secret. He's her divorced parents' marriage therapist. While her parents' eventual goal is to remarry, she's against it. Whose side will he take?

Book Excerpt: 

While they waited for dessert, Mark asked Collette about her first week at work. The look of horror in her eyes almost made him regret asking the question.

"So many things went wrong the first day, I lost count."

Mark chuckled and said, "I remember you referring to some mishaps. What happened?"

"Well, when I first arrived I made the mistake of assuming Serena was a secretary."

"Ouch. I bet that went over well." He winced and patted her hand to show his support.

"Yeah, she chewed me out for it. But what came after was worse."

"Worse than thinking she was the secretary?" He couldn't imagine. He knew Serena well enough to know she wouldn't get over it any time soon. They had been friends at one time. Right after the woman he thought he'd marry dumped him three years ago.

"Yeah, unfortunately I'd overdressed, and when we went on the home visit, I sat on the couch. Ruined my Elle Tahari pants and everything."

"Oh, no. You've never heard the unwritten rule about sitting on furniture?"

She shook her head. "Not before I started working with preventive services."

"What else happened?" He tried to suppress a grin. Something told him she wouldn't appreciate being laughed at even if what she shared amused him.

"I saw a mouse and I freaked out. I jumped clean out of my sandals and stood on the couch. I've never seen one up close before and its beady little eyes had me screaming."

Mark shoved his fist against his lips and pretended to cough. Oh. My. Goodness. She'd gotten a real introduction to the seedy side of social work on her first day.

"Are you laughing at me?" Collette studied him with one eyebrow raised.

"I'm trying not to, but it sounds funny."

She giggled. "It does sound silly now, but at the time I was scared to death."

"Look at it this way. It can only go uphill from there, right?" Mark wiped his mouth and turned just as dessert arrived. "More coffee please?"

"I'll be right back." Their server left and disappeared into the kitchen.

Collette smiled at Mark, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "You never told me there could be nasty little rodents in the homes I might have to visit for my job."

Mark winked. "You never asked."

To buy her book, go here:
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About Michelle:

Michelle Sutton has been either a social worker or a supervisor of social workers for over 25 years. She has plenty of fodder for interesting novels that have stacked up over the years in her memory. She has been writing since 2003 and has 20 books in print. Michelle lives with her husband in Arizona and they have two college age sons.

To connect with Michelle, go here:

Facebook page: Michelle Sutton Author and Author Michelle Sutton

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apple blossom said...

sounds like a good book thanks for the chance to win

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Jo said...

This sounds like a great book to read. Thank you for the opportunity!


Cheri Swalwell said...

I was a social worker too, so this book sounds terrific. I can tell I'll love it already. Thanks for this opportunity.


In Him,

Cheri :)

sm said...

COLETTE'S CRUSADE sounds very good with a complex plot, since her male interest is her parents' therapist. How complex is that? I would love to win this book. I am in the medical field and social work is very interesting to me. sharon, CA wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Would love to win the book. Thanks for the opportunity.

Janice H

Teela said...

thanks Michelle for the giveaway, I'd really like to read this! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

Library Lady said...

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win the book, "Collette's Crusade".
Janet E.

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