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A Warm Welcome to Dorothy Featherling

Is there a story behind It Adds Up to Murder?
There is, but I can’t tell you because it will give away a key piece of the plot. The reader will understand after they enjoy the story. All I can say is the book (first in the “It’s Murder at the Office” series) is unique in that in each story, the murder weapon or the reason for the murder will be an office machine or office procedure. And, oh, yes, it’s also unique in that no one has ever written about a temporary worker as a continuing protagonist.

What’s the first thing you ever wrote that you still have?

It was a story about a little boy angel and was going to be book one in a series. I still may do it one of these days!

What’s your favorite genre of writing?

I can’t honestly say I have only one favorite genre. I write in multiple genres: mystery, romantic comedy, futuristic suspense, romance, and I have future ideas for some fantasy-type books and I want to do a children’s book.

Who is the most fun character you ever created?

By far, the most fun ‘character’ (if you can call him that), is a cat! Salem, a white Persian in “Kissing Frogs” definitely steals the show and the reader’s hearts. I love cats anyway, they are so haughty and independent, but Salem excels at both.

Which of your written plots is your favorite?

I think my favorite plot so far is my futuristic suspense, “Time Out” which I hope to be publishing in the fall or winter of 2013. At times it almost wrote itself.

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it?

Yes, I have, and I will. I get ideas for stories or scenes of stories in all kinds of places and situations, so I have a folder full of jotted notes on scraps of paper and paper napkins, as well as notebook pages. I go back and review them from time to time just in case I’ve forgotten about something I can use in a current work. Of course, it also gives me lots of possibilities for future novels, as well.

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

Actually working on three – I’m editing my next book, writing book 1 of a new mystery series, and getting ready to do book 2 in the It’s Murder at the Office series.

How do people react when they find out you write?

Everyone I meet that doesn’t know me seems really impressed that I’m an author. I think there is a mystique in people’s minds about writers and they assign that to those of us who write. They don’t realize we’re just as ordinary as they are in most ways.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?

My next book will be out this summer, probably late June or in July and will be another romantic comedy (I just published my first in April). The new one will be entitled “Kissing Frogs.” Here’s a blurb about it:

"Before you find the handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.”

Until she decides to look for a husband, Em Snider is so-o-o-o in control of her life. But her trip on the internet matchmaking highway soon shows her that she can’t control the journey. Her first encounter is a warning. There are toads out there! A Christian internet matchmaking service provides Em a chance to discover Prince Charming, if she can survive the shocks. Em is soon ready to quit, but at the last minute, true love comes about in a way she never dreamed.

Buy the book here:
www.Amazon.com (Kindle and Softcover)
www.dafeatherling.com (links to Amazon)

May be ordered through any bookstore.

About Dorothy:
D. A. Featherling has penned seven novels in multiple genres and has written in a variety of non-fiction fields as well. An experienced public speaker, she has also worked in advertising, public relations, and marketing. Awards for journalism and public speaking began this writer’s career, with writing awards following. She co-founded and served for four years as president of the CenTex Chapter of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and coordinated the first national ACFW Conference in St. Louis in 2001. As current owner of a staging business headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, and former administrator for an independent physics research center at the University of Texas at Austin, and for various state agencies and corporations, she is very familiar with the working world and agrees that, at times, it is indeed “Murder at the Office.”

Connect with Dorothy here:
Website: www.dafeatherling.com

Dorothy is giving away a copy of It Adds Up to Murder. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment along with your email address. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.

Happy Reading!
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Linda Kish said...

This sounds like a wonderful story. I look forward to reading it.

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KayM said...

I enjoyed the interview. It was nice to get to learn a little about the writer, who is new to me. Murder at the Office sounds like an interesting and exciting book. Thank you for offering a chance to win a copy.
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