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Michigan Author Linda Glaze Visits the Barn Door Book Loft

Thanks for joining us here at the Barn Door Book Loft, Linda. We have a few questions for you. We’ll start off this one: 

Is there a story behind your book With Eyes of Love?
Absolutely, my mom WAS in a storm as a child and they were taken in by the mayor’s family, but my character is considerably older when it happens to her. However, the wonderful friendship between Barbara (Bunny) and my aunt, (fictitiously my aunt) the mayor’s daughter, is the friendship that I wanted this story to reflect. My mom and my aunt were closer than even sisters could be, and I wanted the chance to show a friendship that deep.

Question: What started you on your writing journey?
A trip to Chicago 22 years ago and my oldest daughter whining because she finished her Mary Higgins Clark book that she had to read that weekend. So I said I could write her one on the way. Well, it was 60 pages of horrible writing, but she liked it, and I was hooked.

Question: What distracts you from writing the easiest?
Checking email to see if there are any offers on any of my clients’ works. That’s such a rush that I keep wanting another one to be waiting.

Question: What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
I LOVE suspense. That’s where my heart truly lies. Love Brandilynn Collins, Tim Downs, and especially Ted Dekker.

Question: Which character in your new release most interested you while you wrote? Why?
I think Barbara—Bunny. She has attitude. I was once told my characters are sometimes too sarcastic, but that’s real life. And sometimes a person is filled with attitude. The Lord might be trying to “fix” that, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there in the meantime.

Question: What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?
Oh, my. The list is so long, how can I pick? Honestly, my life has been one quirky happening after another. Let’s just say, stepping out and saying, “Sure, I can do that.” when I don’t have a clue, but learn as I go. And in some very bizarre situations. Let’s leave it there.

Question: What is your strangest habit?
I find it hard to step on cracks to this day. I avoid them on my walks. Guess that ‘step on a crack’ thing as a kid stuck. Maybe that’s just my OCD side. Hehe.

Question: What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud?
Silly, ridiculous sophomoric humor. Yes, I laugh at quite bizarre things. And smiling can be at any—thing, any—time.

Question: What is your favorite season of the year?
Fall: leaves burning, apple everything, and warm days—cool nights.

Question: What do you like most about the area where you live and/or grew up?
I love where I started life out the best. Surrounded by fruit orchards, family, and small town wonderful!

Question: What is a favorite memory from your childhood?
After we moved away and I would go stay with my grandmother. She had this thick Coke bottle glasses that were scary, but she had a wonderful heart of love.

Question: Are there things you put off doing because you dread them?
Yes! Housework, but as long as the health dept. doesn’t shut us down, I’m good to go.

Question: What's your favorite meal with family and friends?
Probably chipotle chicken tucked into corn tortillas with plenty of avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, corn and onions, salsa, beans, cheddar cheese, and followed with giant wedge of Hershey’s chocolate fudge cake. (I don’t do the cake part very often, but I eat a lot of hot and sweet chicken.

Question: Are there spiritual themes you like to write about? 
Redemption. I’m a Les Mis freak, so redemption is a common thread for me.

Share a verse or Scripture passage with us that is special to you.
With God all things are possible. I used to sign all my artwork, MATL. Me and the Lord, between us, we can do anything.

Question: Where do you escape for some quiet time to reflect, pray, read, etc?
My walks in the morning. I can do all but read; I save all my entertainment reading for the bathtub. Long soaks with plenty to read. Then you have my title, a well-read prune.

Question: When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
Always, Abby releases on May 1st. It is the sequel to With Eyes of Love, and instead of Pearl Harbor, it takes us to Dachau at the opening and sets us up with a small orphan—Hank from the camps to come back with our hero, Will. The question is, will his fiancée be as excited about the small boy as Will is? Or is Abby, visiting her sister, Barbara, the one to slide into the role of ready-made Mom?

That’s it! Thank you bunches, Linda. Please come back and visit with us again!

You can find Linda's book here:
Or have your local library order it in for you!

Linda Glaz is giving away a copy of With Eyes of Love. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment along with your email address. You may enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this good interview. Linda sound like an interesting person. Would love to win your book Linda.
MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

cjajsmommy said...

Wonderful interview. Morning walks are great. I wish I could take them more often. Please enter me for a copy of your book. djragno (at) hotmail (dot) com

Merry said...

What a fun start to your writing career by writing a story for your daughter on the fly. Thanks for a chance to win With Eyes of Love.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Linda Kish said...

This sounds like a really sweet story. I'd love to read it.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Nancee said...

A new to me Michigan author! Wonderful! I love supporting our Michigan authors, and will be watching for other books by Linda! Thank you for introducing her by this wonderful interview!

soccernut said...

Thanks for visiting and checking out the interview! Love to meet new faces! Whoever wins, have a happy read!

soccernut said...

Oops, did it again. That's me! Linda!

Pam K. said...

Thank you for introducing us to Linda and her books. I'd like to find out more, so hope I get to read her books.


Rose Milligan said...

I hate housework, too. I do enjoy reading a Ted Dekker book. They're good at giving you a scare. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Jo said...

Great interview and I just love the cover of the book. Sounds like a story that I will enjoy reading.


Library Lady said...

My Dad was in the Battle of the Bulge. He also helped free prisoners from a POW camp.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Janet E.

Teela said...

Enjoyed the interview & would lo e to win Linda
S book. Teelayoung at hotmail dot com

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