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Linda Glaz's Historical Romance With Eyes of Love

Back Cover Blurb:
Barbara Richardson is living a charmed life. Perfect family, beautiful voice, wealthy fiancé. But when she realizes her soon-to-be husband only values her for her pretty face, her life is suddenly in turmoil. Then a handsome young man comes to her rescue when she’s stranded in a storm on Christmas Eve. And the world suddenly seem full of possibilities…

Unlike her former fiancé, Jackson Judge loves Barbara for everything she is, inside and out. But how could so lovely and talented a woman ever love a scarred monster like him? All he can see, shut away in his room, are his wounds from Pearl Harbor. Jackson finds himself questioning God’s plan, but Barbara knows real love looks deeper than beauty or scars. Eyes of love see straight to the heart.

Book Excerpt:

          She looked up at him, grinning—breathless with the same self-assured grace he'd fallen in love with that first day when she had glared at him through the car window almost daring him to be fresh. That was a long time ago when he had something to offer a woman.
“Well, don't you have anything to say?”
Words filled his throat, but a lump stuck halfway, wouldn't budge. His family stared. Finally a croak pressed through dry lips, “Welcome, Barbara.” He shifted his face away as he had learned to do to keep people from seeing the worst of his scars, but her gentle hands reached up, too his face in her palms and turned him to look at her.
“Thank you. I had hoped to be welcomed by you. She giggled. “Now, I'm afraid all this hospitality has left me famished. I don't mean to be rude, Mrs. Judge—” she glanced her direction “—but I lollygagged so long this morning, I missed breakfast. I can't wait to taste that heavenly roast I've been smelling in the kitchen since we came home.” Her hands stayed on Jackson’s cheeks.
His mother tidied the edge of her apron and blushed, tears in her eyes. “Soup’s on. Let’s go, Will. Hurry along, all, we've got a starving waif in our midst.” Her plump hands pulled Barbara to her, away from Jackson.
Barbara glanced over her shoulder and winked in his direction.  His mouth opened and closed. Wordless.

Author Bio: 
Linda, married with three grown children and three grandchildren, is a complete triple-A personality. How else would she find time to write as well as be an agent for Hartline Literary Agency?

She loves any and every thing about the written word and loves when families pass stories along through the generations. She was blessed to have served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era at a time when it wasn't the politically correct thing for a woman to do. 

After that, she taught self-defense and karate as well as soccer. Okay, so make it a quadruple-A personality. 

Now, her greatest thrill, other than a contract of her own, is matching clients with publishing houses and hearing their voices when they get “THE CALL”. In other words, she wears so many hats, she should have been invited to “the” royal wedding.

You can find her on the web at her personal blog. And on the agency blog: From the Heart

She also has a facebook presence. Just type in Linda Glaz and you've got her whether you want her or not.

You can find Linda's book here:
Or have your local library order it in for you!

Linda Glaz is giving away a copy of With Eyes of Love. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment along with your email address. You may enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


Lisa Lickel said...

History...romance...Linda...what's not to love! Glad to see you here, miss you at Barn Door.

KatieC said...

I have definitely been wanting to read this! Sign me up :). katieclarkbooks @ charter . net

soccernut said...

Thanks for having me visit, Sharon! I appreciate it.

Sharon A. Lavy said...

The problem with all these books we feature. I want them all!!!

cjajsmommy said...

My favorite Disney princess is Belle -- because she looked beyond the outside to see the true person within. And this sounds like the same kind of story so I would love to read it. djragno (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Bethany said...

I'd love to be entered!!

cbus.blogger at gmail dot com

soccernut said...

One of my fave movies which I'm sure influenced my love of books with a scarred hero, was The Enchanted Cottage. A homely girl and handsome man who returns from the war, all scarred and maimed, but when they moved into the cottage, they couldn't see each others faults. And they were blissfully happy. I might love grit in a story, but I do love happy endings. Whoever wins? Hope you enjoy!

Emma said...

book excerpt sounds wonderful. Thank you for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon and Linda for this good interview. Linda, you are one busy lady. don't know how some people can keep up with so many activities. First off, I want to thank you for serving our country. I'm proud to call you friend! So you not only write. but help the others get their books published. But, you have been active in so many other things too. This part of the book makes me want to find out more. Please enter me for a chance to win your book. Hope this will be a lucky draw for me. Thanks! MAXIE

squiresj said...

Would love to be entered into this contest. jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Patricia Bradley said...

I love Happily Ever After endings! I'd love to win this book. pat at ptbradley dot com

Lois Hudson said...

I was a young girl during the WWII years. Would love to read this book. Thanks for the opportunity;

Pam K. said...

I enjoy books like this where the couple looks beyond the surface (outer beauty/handsomeness) to find the really lovely person within. I liked the excerpt and would be pleased to win a copy of this book and find out the rest of the story.


Teela said...

YES, YES, YES, I would LOVE to win Linda's new book!!! Please enter my name in this great giveaway! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

Jo said...

I would love to read this book.

Jo from Southern Arizona

nylnestill said...

I look forward to reading With Eyes of Love.

Nancee said...

This is a new author to me, but her book sounds wonderful. I'd love to win a copy. Thank you for featuring Linda, and introducing us to an author I hadn't known.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the lovely thoughts, ladies. And how do I so much???
Well, sleep is way overrated. :):)
I'm blessed to have been able to meet all of you!
Sharon, if you like, I'd be happy to give away With Eyes of Love
AND the sequel, Always, Abby!
Okay with you?

soccernut said...

Hey, sorry, I came up anonymous, it was ME! Who's me? Linda

Rose Milligan said...

My first impression is Beauty and Beast meets Jane Eyre. Thanks for having the giveaway.


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