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Mary L. Ball's Escape to Big Fork Lake.

Back Cover Blurb:

Will an inheritance bring new happiness or a trap for murder?

Bad luck seems to follow Sam Blacker. She loses her job and faces daily struggles keeping her drunken neighbor away from her. When an unexpected inheritance gives her a chance for a new beginning, Sam, a city girl at heart, is hesitant. However, after a brutal attack she has no choice.

Making a decision that will forever change her life she flees to the small fishing town of Big Fork Lake, Alabama and soon finds herself in the arms of Noah Frye. A tumultuous relationship with Noah sparks buried desires of the heart, even if he is a Christian, surely, she can get around that little problem.

As Sam and Noah’s passion grows trouble lurks in the shadows, waiting and watching. Inescapable, Sam’s bad luck returns when she stumbles upon a murder and becomes the only suspect. Will she have to run again, this time to stay out of prison? Worse, will she lose the best man she’s ever found? And what about the newfound hunger in heart to know God—can she truly trust in Him?

Book Excerpt:

   Sam’s eyes popped open. She heaved a rapid breath.
   A rough, sweaty hand rubbed her head. Hungry fingers clumsily caressed her hair and brushed against her cheek.
  The air filled with an odd stench and assaulted her nose. Sam’s stomach churned. She swallowed back the nausea that stirred from the pungent reek of liquor.
  With a quick breath, she squelched the panic that bolted through her like lightening and concentrated on the eerie shadow that lurked above her head.
  The light from a moonbeam shined across the room and created a spotlight on the staggering silhouette.
  Immediately, she recognized Rob.
  She jerked her body up in an instant.
  Quickly, her head hit the couch hard as her body slammed down tight with the cushions. Rob lashed out and grabbed the front of her blouse. The gold-colored shiny circles popped off as the cotton material ripped.
  Sam clawed his face, managing to pull away and scramble to her feet. She forged the strength from somewhere deep within and gave him a quick shove. His body fell backward.
  Her heart leapt as she raced toward the simmering glow coming from the nightlight in the hallway. Rob dashed after her like a dog snapping at her heels.
  As Sam approached her front door, her peripheral vision glimpsed the statue made of metal perched on the shelf over her coat rack. She knew the little figurine wouldn’t offer much defense because it was small and hollow, but what other choice did she have?
  Quickly, she snatched up the horse. She whacked Rob, hitting him hard, then another time, until he staggered and fell.
  Sam ran as fast as she could and left Rob lying on the hallway floor. A moan escaped his lips as a trickle of blood oozed from his head.
  She scurried down the steps as remorse hit her. Of all the stupid things she could’ve done! Why had she forgotten to lock her door?
   Sam dashed down the sidewalk. She was aware, vaguely, of the passing city blocks.
  The sting of the air in her eyes, on her cheeks, slowly revealed the brutal chill. The February night embraced her entire body. Her skin tingled as the wintry air swirled inside her torn garment.
  With shivering hands, Sam grabbed the fabric and held tight. She blinked and fought against tears as they trickled down her cheek. This was no time to cry—she needed to stay strong.
  Blurred with emotion, she was grateful for living in the city. The streetlights shined on the sidewalk and gave her a clear path in the night.
  After a few blocks, she slowed down to a jog, finally able to stop running. Sam’s heart beat in rapid succession as she leaned against a building and heaved, barely aware of the frosty concrete pressed against her back.
  Sam concentrated on inhaling slow breaths in and out, until her lungs felt normal again.
  She slid down the rough surface and landed flat on the icy sidewalk. Crouched down, Sam held her ribs as they throbbed.
  Rubbing her cheeks, she swiped away the moisture that flowed over her face.
  No, she wouldn’t give in to despair. Now she could go back to the police and get help. Maybe, with a court order, she could keep Rob away. She could concentrate on getting her life back on the right track.
  Sam sat there in the dismal hour of darkness and focused on calming her shaky nerves.
  Her emotions drained her. Hunkered down on the sidewalk mindlessly, Sam watched the nightlife across the street.
  After what seemed like hours, pins and needles pricked her frigid, stiff body. She clutched at her torn top and shivered once more. How could she have nowhere to go? How did she manage to lose connections to all her friends? They had all married or moved away.
  Totally alone, she knew there was no other choice but to return home.

Book Trailer:

Author Bio:

Mary L. Ball lives in North Carolina between the wondrous mountains and beautiful beaches. She takes every chance she gets to explore these two picturesque places, traveling three hours (in either direction) and bask in the splendor. 

Mary loves the outdoors, there is so much creativity to look at, and she is continually amazed at God’s vast world he gave us. Her most favorite pastime is fishing and of course, reading, not necessarily in that order and often together.

Her writing focuses on fiction and telling stories that reveal the difficulties we all face and the events that sometimes lead the characters to find the path of destiny that grace provides.  

Mary L. Ball is giving away a copy of Escape to Big Fork Lake.The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses.To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment along with your email address. You may enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.

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carol said...

I'd love to win a copy of this very intriguing book. Carol Crawford
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my this got my heart pulsing already with just the first part. I thought she was going to go to the police. That would have been the perfect time with her dress torn and probably bruises. But, I sure wouldn't want to go back to my house. Good to meet Mary and hope I can win this book. Thanks Sharon for this chance.
Please put me in. Need a win for my 78th birthday. It is Sunday, 7th. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this wonderful story

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Mary L. Ball said...

Thanks all, This is such a lovely blog and the readers here so welcoming. Oh, and anonymous she did go to the police, fine help they are at times, though they tried. :-)

cjajsmommy said...

My heart goes out to all the Sams of the world. I am eager to see how the author develops this storyline. djragno (at) hotmail (dot) com

Marianne Barkman said...

This sounds awesome. Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!


squiresj said...

Loved this blog interview. Please enter me in contest.
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I would love to read this book by Mary Ball. Please enter my name in this giveaway. Thank you,

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I'd love to be the winner of this book. Looks like a good one!!


Library Lady said...

I would love to win this book for my church library.
Thanks for the opportunity to do so.
Janet E.

Jo said...

This sounds like a great book and one that I would love to read. Thank you for the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

I would love to read this book. Thanks for having the giveaway.

Rose M.

Linda Kish said...

I would love to win a copy of this book.

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apple blossom said...

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Boos Mum said...

This book looks great. Please enter me. Thanks for the excerpt. Gorgeous cover.

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