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Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin by Pam Meyers

Will she lose her heart to the man who stole her job?

A young woman wants to work in a man’s world. It’s 1933, the height of the Big-Band era, and beautiful Lake Geneva is already well established as a summertime playground for Chicago’s elite. Local girl Meg Alden works at the town newspaper, but she aspires to be a reporter—a job given only to men. When a position opens up, Meg spies an opportunity to break into the business. That is, until Jack Wallace, the son of a big-city newspaper magnate, is hired instead. Jack is drawn to Meg and suggests they combine forces to uncover a local scandal. But how will Meg be able to work with the man who stole her job…and makes her pulse race?


Chapter One
March 1933
Meg Alden closed the notepad and stuffed it into her handbag. A whole hour spent on what would amount to a single paragraph on the society page. Maybe by the next Garden Club meeting, her beat would be hard news about the new building and not about which flowers should grace its grounds.
She stood from the dining room chair the hostess had provided and picked up the brown envelope that hadn’t left her sight all morning. She grabbed her coat and gave a tiny wave to her mother before she slipped out the front door. She had less than an hour to give what she considered her best work to Mr. Zimmer.
This afternoon might be too late.
With quick strides, she arrived at the town’s main intersection and peered down the street toward the lake. Thanks to the meeting, she’d missed her daily check on the new building’s progress.
Even though the outside work was completed, she still loved her regular walks past the brown brick structure, as she imagined tourists and bathers enjoying its new bathhouses and food counters during the day and energetic dancers kicking up their heels in its beautiful ballroom at night.
Meg shifted her attention to the traffic light suspended over where Main and Broad intersected. In the stiff March wind, the thing bobbed precariously. Pressing the envelope to her chest, she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. A gust smacked her in the face, and she grabbed for her hat as the envelope slipped from her grasp and spiraled upward.
It twisted and tumbled, lifted and dropped to the pavement inches from a muddy puddle.
Meg darted into the intersection.
 A horn blared.
She froze.
 Fred Newman glared at her through the windscreen of his Model A pickup truck, his lips pursed as if he’d just sucked on a lemon.

She snatched up the envelope.
 He leaned out the window, his leathery face looking as though it would crack if he smiled. “You’d better watch where you’re going.”
Meg tossed him a wave and puddle-hopped to the curb. The old busybody would have it all over town by lunchtime that Meg Alden had nearly caused him to run her over in the middle of the street. Well, let him. She had other things on her mind.
Meg lifted the flap of Dad’s thick legal envelope, and her spine relaxed. No water had seeped through.
 She raced down Main Street, her two-inch heels clacking on the sidewalk. Mr. Zimmer would have the front page laid out already, but he always left room on the second and third pages for last-minute items.
Meg turned on Center and stepped through the News-Tribune’s entrance. The rat-tat-tatting of typewriter keys, a ringing phone, and cigarette smoke as thick as ground fog assaulted her: deadline day, and she loved every minute of it.
 Next to her, the switchboard lights flashed. Meg dropped her things to the floor and pressed the headset to her ear. She grabbed a back cord from a column of cords on the desktop and plugged its end into a flashing socket. “Lake Geneva News-Tribune.”
“This is Jim Olson. Is Oscar there?”
“One moment.” She pulled the front end of the cord from its position on the desk and plugged its other end in the socket assigned to Mr. Zimmer. Then she pulled a small lever in front of the cords to cause her boss’s phone to ring.
Why was the new building’s construction manager calling? A last-minute update for tomorrow’s edition? If things went as she hoped, she’d be the one to take such calls and Mr. Zimmer wouldn’t need to be bothered.
The outside door opened. “That’s some wind. Morning, Meg.” Emily Johnson glanced at the board. “I only ran to the post office. Where’s Dotty?”
Meg glanced into the newsroom and looked for the part-time typist who helped on deadline day. “Over there typing. She probably got called away to do a rush job.”
Emily scurried to the closet and removed her coat. “Thanks for stepping in.” She plucked out her hatpin and removed her hat. Her topknot had already begun losing its battle against her naturally curly hair. “Have there been many calls?”
A pair of tiny lights flashed, and Meg released the cords. “Only one. But now that you’re here, I need to talk to Mr. Zimmer.”
She stepped to the closet and reached for her hat. Her heart sank. The stylish new cloche was probably lying in front of Cobb Hardware. If not already trampled on, it soon would be. Such a pretty color too.
Meg peeked into the mottled mirror hanging on the back of the closet door and rearranged what was left of her finger waves. At least taking want ads over the phone had its benefits. No one could see her. The lost hat forgotten, she picked up the envelope and hurried toward her desk on the far side of the newsroom.
Thelma Brown, Mr. Zimmer’s middle-aged secretary, looked up from her typing as Meg passed and nodded at her. Always the picture of perfection with her iron-gray bun and crisply starched blouses, the woman gave Meg a critical look and returned to her work.
Meg dropped her purse into her bottom desk drawer and then slipped the single sheet of paper from the envelope. She skimmed her words for the umpteenth time. Not a single mistake. She peered into the corner office, thankful for the unobstructed view of her boss as he sat at his desk.
Oscar Zimmer, his sleeves rolled to his elbows and his unruly thatch of white hair looking as though it hadn’t seen a comb in days, pressed the telephone to his ear. Another call must have come in. She needed to talk to him right away. Meg tiptoed across the newsroom, hoping to catch him before he received another call or took the layout to Composing.
Mr. Zimmer hung up the phone, and she rapped on the door frame.
He looked up, his eyes wide behind his thick wire-framed lenses. A smile erupted on his wizened face. “Miss Alden, come in.”
Meg gulped against the dryness in her throat and stepped closer. “Mr. Zimmer, would you please read this article I wrote on the lakefront building? My friend Gloria’s husband is one of the bricklayers, and he gave me wonderful insights from a worker’s perspective. With Mr. Bowman’s departure, you’ll need additional articles this week.” Castigating herself for talking too fast, she held out the paper.
He stared at the article as his mouth made a slight downturn at the corners. Wasn’t he going to take it?
Finally Mr. Zimmer drew in a breath. “The article sounds interesting, but we won’t need filler pieces this week.”
Pressure built behind her eyes. Not now. She had to remain composed. “Perhaps. . .if you read it—”
“I’ve got a man taking over Bowman’s position.” Mr. Zimmer’s gaze shifted to a spot behind her right shoulder as his lips lifted into a smile. “Ah, here he is now. Miss Alden, meet Jack Wallace, our new reporter.”
Meg’s heart squeezed. Mr. Bowman had left so suddenly, she thought she’d at least have a chance—the only chance she’d had in three years.
She turned slowly. The tall, broad-shouldered man was about as good looking as Clark Gable. Actually, better. She always did dislike mustaches. His blond, short-trimmed hair glistened. Never had she seen eyes such a deep blue. His impeccable suit and polished wingtip shoes were of far better quality than—
“Miss Alden?”
At Mr. Zimmer’s voice, Meg dragged her gaze away from the man’s footwear and up to his chin. “Pleased to meet you.”
Mr. Wallace flashed a smile that could have lit up a dark alley on a moon- less night. “Nice to meet you, Miss Alden. And you are a reporter as well?”
She met his eyes, and their warmth drew her in.
At Mr. Zimmer’s strong tone, she snapped her head his direction.
“Miss Alden is our want-ad taker and occasionally does society news— who’s visiting whom or garden-club doings. She also fetches me coffee when I ask.” He held up a dirty coffee mug.
Dregs from yesterday’s brew adhered to its insides like glue. Meg frowned as she took the cup. Unlike most people, Mr. Zimmer didn’t drink coffee until afternoon. She recognized a brush-off when she saw it. “Welcome to the News-Trib, Mr. Wallace.” Without waiting for a response, she spun and dashed toward the door.
What a dolt she’d been, acting as if she’d never seen a good-looking man before. A man who came out of nowhere, taking something that wasn’t his. She plopped onto her desk chair, crumpled the article, and tossed it into her wastebasket. She heaved a breath and removed the type- writer cover.
Where had he come from? Judging by the cut of his suit and the shine of his shoes, not from any food line. Maybe he’d had a good job and lost it. News from the city was filled with hard-luck stories. If that were the case, could she blame him for taking the position? But she’d spent hours last night at Dad’s typewriter. She at least deserved a chance. She rolled paper into her typewriter and then pushed a stack of forms aside to make room for her notes.
Her phone rang, and she yanked the receiver to her ear.
 “Isn’t he a looker?”
Meg turned. Emily wore her headset cocked at an angle, and her playful grin filled her round face. “I didn’t notice.”
“Come on, Meg. You may be older than me, but you’re not dead. Any woman would give her silk stockings to go out with the likes of him. I say he’s a needed distraction around here, with only Mr. Zimmer and Lester to cast a shadow.”
“You’re forgetting Hank and the guys in Composing.”
A loud sigh came through the connection. “All Hank cares about is sports or selling an ad, and Leo and Gus in Composing are as old as Moses. I hear Mr. Wallace is single. Oops. Got a call.” Emily waggled her fingers and yanked the cord connecting them.
Meg slammed the receiver onto its cradle. Mr. Jack Wallace might have the good looks of a leading man, but until she became a reporter, romance would have to wait.
She faced Mr. Zimmer’s open door. Mr. Wallace nodded his head as the older man held open last week’s edition. The interloper had taken the first opportunity she’d had to move up in three years, but she wasn’t quitting yet.

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About the Author

Pamela Meyers lives in Arlington Heights, Ill., and served on the Operating Board of ACFW as secretary 2005-2009. She recently finished her term as president of her local ACFW. Pamela writes historical romance and contemporary cozy mystery. She has published articles in Today's Christian Woman, Christian Computing, Victory in Grace, and Ancestry magazines. She is also a contributor in the compilation book, His Forever (Adams Media). Her debut novel, a romance with a twist of mystery, Thyme for Love, released from Oak/Tara in November 2011, and the sequel, Love Will Find a Way released in March 2013. Her historical romance, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (her hometown) released from Summerside Press on April 1, 2013. She has served her church in many capacities over the years and currently leads a Women's Life Group there.

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