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Please Welcome Cheri Swalwell Back to The Bookloft

Is there a story behind A 40 Day Habit Between
Friends: Because They Need You?

This devotional was borne out of the desire to
connect with and encourage other parents who
strive to raise children to develop their own
relationship with God.  In our fast-paced
society, it’s sometimes hard to find the time
to do it all - Work to help with the family
income, be the best wife and mother God has
called you to be, and find time to connect
with friends on a regular basis.  This
devotional is a way to connect with me, a
fellow mom, through short but heart-felt
devotionals that will hopefully inspire you as
well as cause you to reflect on your own
relationship with God. 

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

I am currently working on more devotionals, a nonfiction compilation book offering hope
after the death of a child, a fiction novel, and have three other fiction novels in my head
impatiently waiting to be written as well.

What are your six favorite words? 

“With God, all things are possible.”

Do you ever write based on your dreams?

Absolutely.  A lot of times God will give me my devotionals as thoughts that keep replaying
throughout the night.  When I wake up, I write down the words that God has so graciously
Does music help you write? 

Unfortunately, no.  I love music and love listening to music, but when I’m writing, I
have to have quiet in order to process my thoughts.  I wish I could write and listen to
music at the same time.

How do you find the time to write? 

Usually in short bursts.  I try to set aside Mondays and Friday afternoons for my writing
projects, but flexibility is essential in my other job, so I try to fit in writing whenever
my schedule allows.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue writing?

I have always made up stories in my head since I was a child.  However, approximately six
years ago, I started asking God to show me what He desired for me that would make a
difference for His kingdom.  I knew my current employment was not in the realm of my
strengths and I wanted to pursue a career that involved my talents, but also to give God all
the glory.  A little over two years ago, after praying for four years, God showed me He
wanted me to pursue writing.  I had never considered myself a writer, so I argued a
little with God before just choosing to obey.  I realized that writing was indeed a passion
and that I loved being able to share the ways that I was growing and learning more about God with others who may be struggling or need encouragement.  To have a career where I can naturally share the life I have in Christ with others, when He encompasses every area of my life already, doesn’t feel like a job.  It’s a joy. 

Cheri Swalwell is a wife, mother, and avid reader, but first and foremost she is a Christ follower. She has a degree in Psychology and has been blessed to be a guest on a variety of blogs including, Circle of Friends, and She is a regular contributor to book fun magazine. She enjoys reading and reviewing a variety of fiction books in genres of Amish, women’s fiction, mystery, suspense, medical drama, contemporary, and historical to name a few. She also enjoys many nonfiction titles including devotionals and other inspirational type books. If you want to hear more about the heart she has for marriage, parenting, and relationships from a Christian perspective as well as read reviews from various new and well-known authors, feel free to “like” her on Facebook.
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