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Joe the Dreamer by Ada Brownell

Back Cover Blurb:
Enter an area where people are missing, and radicals want to obliterate Christianity from the earth.The radicals have plans for Joe Baker, who finds himself with a vicious man after him when his parents disappear.

Witness what committed teens can do.Joe and an unusual East Side gang team up to find his parents. The gang is dedicated to preventing and solving crimes with harmless things such as water and a pet skunk instead of blades or bullets. The enemy is fully armed—even with a robot programmed to kill.

Welcome to Joe’s dream world.Joe reads the Bible hoping to discover whether God will do miracles today—like bringing his parents home. In his dreams Joe slips into the skin of Bible characters and what happened to them, happens to him. But his worst nightmares don’t come close to his experiences in a mental hospital’s juvenile unit.


Joe Baker looked at the kitchen window again, hoping headlights would turn in to the driveway. Instead, an image moved on the other side of the glass. A tremble ricocheted from Joe’s chest to his fingers and toes. A hotdog chunk he bit off almost lodged in his throat.

“What time is it?” Brown hair framed the scowl on Penny’s slightly freckled face as she sat across from him at the glass-topped table. “I’m worried about Mom and Dad.”

Joe swallowed. Tangy mustard taste lingered on his dry tongue. “They’re probably fine,” he choked out. He dropped what was left of his bun on his plate and ran over to see if a friend peeped at them.

At first, Joe’s tan face, thick mop of black hair, and frightened brown eyes reflected in the window. He leaned closer. A bald head he’d never seen before glistened. Huge eyes glared from the other side of the glass. The man’s drooping jowls jiggled as a hand tried to push the window open.

“Get out of here!” Joe yelled, blood and panic pulsing through him as he flipped the blind shut and pulled his cell from his pocket. He dialed 911. “A man I don’t know is peeking through our windows, and our parents aren’t home,” he told the dispatcher. He couldn’t keep his voice from trembling. “I’m fourteen, and my sister is ten.”

He was telling the dispatcher the address and giving other information when Penny jumped up from the table. “Oh, bother! You’re just playing with the phone and trying to scare me.” Penny lifted a slat in the blinds and looked out. Her scream almost made Joe drop the phone.

Joe stuck his open hand toward Penny’s mouth and shook his head to try to stop her screaming. “Quit freakin’ out while I talk to 911!” He couldn’t hear above her shrieks. “That’s my sister screaming,” he explained to the woman on the phone. “She just looked at him.” Joe grabbed Penny’s hand and hurried to the outside doors. He checked the locks and then the burglar alarm, trying to hear the dispatcher and answer her questions.

Finally, Penny stopped her cries long enough for Joe to hear, “We’ll have an officer there right away.” Joe let out a sigh of relief. “Call Mom and Dad again.”

Penny jerked Joe’s arm. Tears plastered brown hair to her slightly pink cheeks. “I’m going to try to find my dad again,” Joe told the dispatcher.

“Call us back if the man at your window attempts to enter,” she said. Joe punched his father’s number. Voice mail—again. “Pop still doesn’t answer.” His fingers moved over the numbers for Mom’s cell. Her mailbox was full.

The doorbell echoed.

Penny let out another scream, and Hefley’s bark vibrated through the house.

Paralyzing heat flooded Joe. On legs like gelatin, he trotted to the entry and looked out the peep hole.

The man who had glared through the window now stood on the porch, pushing the doorbell over and over.

Shaking from his cap to his socks, Joe dialed 911 again, and after he identified himself, told the dispatcher, “He’s on the porch! I think he’s trying to get in. I’m going to see if my aunt knows where my parents are while the police are coming.”

Joe’s insides squeezed tight as he darted to the lamp table, grabbed a phone book, and searched for Aunt Anna Shaw’s number.

The doorbell kept ringing. Then the house rattled under the banging of a heavy fist.

Joe jumped. He dropped the phone book. The man was now kicking the door. He motioned for Penny to follow him into their parents’ bedroom. Listening for police sirens, he mentally repeated the Shaws’ number. He slammed the door, flipped open his cell phone again, and punched.

As he waited for the answer, Penny’s wet eyes, instead her mouth, screamed for help.

“Faulkner here,” a deep voice answered.

“Mom and Pop aren’t here, and a man is banging on the door. Do you know where our parents are?” Joe’s jaw twitched.

“Pardon?” demanded Uncle Faulkner. “Slow down and run that by me again. Is this Joe? You should identify yourself!”

Joe slowly repeated, “Do you or Aunt Anna know where my parents are?”

“Haven’t heard a thing,” Faulkner said. “Answer the door. And shut your dog up while you’re trying to talk on the phone!”

“But this dude peeked in—.”

The dial tone buzzed.

A loud BAAAAM echoed, and Joe grabbed Penny. “Into Mom and Dad’s closet!”

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A.B. Brownell has been writing for Christian publications since age 15 and spent much of her life as a daily newspaper reporter. She has a BS degree in Mass Communications and worked most of her career at The Pueblo Chieftain in Colo., where she spent the last seven years as a medical writer. After moving to Springfield, MO in her retirement, she continues to free lance for Christian publications and write non-fiction and fiction books.

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Twitter: @adellerella

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