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Welcome Back Michelle Sutton

Welcome to the Book Loft, Michelle. It's great to see you again. We are talking about your newest book Surprise Love today. Is there a story behind this novel?

Actually, there is. I thought about creating a plot for the Love Finds You line and in fact the acquisitions editor suggested the setting involve baseball. Well, they didn't end up taking my proposal but I had a first chapter written and I figured I might as well write the rest, so Surprise Love would have been LFY in Surprise, Arizona, had they bought it. Of course, since it wasn't sold to them the story itself became a lot edgier as I went along. I figured, why not?

What’s the last thing you wrote?

Besides this book, the last thing I wrote was Decision to Love, the third book in the Sacred Vows series.

What’s the first thing you ever wrote that you still have?

My first project was Tombstone Treasures, book 1 First Impressions. I revised it about fifty times and made it from a full length novel, then shortened it to a novella length, then ended up making it a full length novel again.

Who is the most fun character you ever created?

Probably Donato Garafalo, Jr. from Out of Time (AKA my sexy racecar driver story) because he is so heroic in the story. He was a real playboy before he found faith in Christ. He struggles with how to live his life with a renewed mind because his life had been full of activities that didn't glorify God before he was saved. Plus, I just like to torture my male characters. I'm just mean that way.

Michelle, we've been friends for a long time. Before you published your first Novel. And now look at your portfolio!

Which of your written plots is your favorite?

That's a tough one. Probably my book, Never Without Hope because of the ministry value of the book and the fact that it has touched so many broken lives and helped readers to heal. I basically took a decent church-going family and gave the husband an impotency issue that he didn't want to deal with. I had the wife beg him to get help and when he refused to listen she ended up in the arms of another man. The theme of the book is the importance of sex in marriage but also how God can restore any marriage no matter how far one spouse strays. But the marriage has to be centered on Christ to truly be restored and healed.

Do you believe in writer’s block? If so how often do you get it? How do you fix it?

I rarely get writer's block, but when I do I just start another project or read for a few days and do no writing at all until my brain sprouts an idea that will work for the story.

What’s one genre you have never written, and probably never will?

Historical romance. I don't have the patience to do the research, but I sure do love to read it. My favorite subject is history so that's mainly what I read.

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

Honestly? Three. I have a number of other books that I started years ago and will get back to, but I'm actively writing three books right now that are all due in the near future.

How do you find the time to write?

I write on my days off and the weekend. I just have goals for myself, but if I'm not motivated to write, I don't force myself to do it. I have gone a few weeks without writing a word. But I always start up again. Some days I can really crank out the word count.

How do people react when they find out you write?

They look at me like I'm famous or they think something lame about me, like I'm rich. Of course, I'm not.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?

Actually, I plan to put out a short self-pubbed book called Somebody Love Me and it's loosely based on my teen years. After that I have the first book in my High Desert Devotion series titled Collette's Crusade. In all, I'll have 29 books out by January 2016.

That sounds great, Michelle. I can't wait to read it.

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