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Surprise Love by Michelle Sutton

Back Cover Blurb:

Bryan Miller's dream is to become a professional baseball player. At least that’s what he's always believed. Then this stunning woman enters his world and he's instantly smitten. But she dares to shake his foundation by asking if playing pro ball is his dream, or his parents’ dream for his life. Who does she think she is to question his future plans? Sure, he has always enjoyed solving math equations and teaching people more than playing sports. Of course he wants to play pro ball, doesn't he? Suddenly he’s not so sure anymore.

Kami Garrett traveled the country with a women’s professional rodeo circuit before a serious injury two years ago took her out of the arena. Now if she stays in Arizona for the rest of her life that will be fine by her. She’s content to teach riding lessons. She adores baseball, but refuses to hook up with a pro ball player. Then this amazing man comes to Surprise for Spring Training and she's torn. Are they meant to be together, or are their different goals in life destined to keep them apart? 

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 Book Excerpt:

(Cheers erupted from the stadium in Surprise, Arizona. The familiar sound met Kami Garrett in the parking lot like an old friend. As she stared at the stadium off in the distance, her mind slipped into the past to a time when she'd lived to hear the very same clamor and the rush she'd felt when the fans applauded her performance. Smiling at the frenzied noise, she closed her eyes and reflected on a time when she feared nothing.
  The rodeo crowd went wild as she waved from her perch on the saddle. Fans stomped and cheered in appreciation of her well-executed stunts. Her spotlight was due to end in less than ten minutes. Scanning the place where her father would normally sit, she found it empty. Again. He promised to come to her last performance of the season. So where was he?
  Shifting her attention back to her next stunt, she needed to focus on her performance before she lost her edge and made a costly mistake. Smokey, her quarter horse, switched from a canter to a steady gallop at her urging. She waved and couldn't resist scanning the crowd once more. No sign of her dad. He hadn't made it in time to see her perform. She swallowed hard, disappointed, but not surprised by his no show. Today he'd promised he would be there no matter what, and he'd let her down again.
  She swallowed the ache of disappointment in her throat and tried to focus on her performance. Her mare circled the arena over and over like they had done a hundred times before. She pin-wheeled on and off Smokey's saddle, her pace increasing with every rotation, her body spinning. What a rush she felt every time she spun in sync with the music. She had choreographed each stunt with precision and they had to be perfectly executed or disaster could happen.
   As she circled the arena she spied a man with a white cowboy hat and red vinyl jacket in the bleachers. Had her father made it? While elation made her heart race, her slight hesitation threw her timing off by half a second and her left leg missed the stirrup.
  She scrambled to hang on, but her right leg had hung up on the rear cinch at the same moment she grabbed the stirrup with her left hand. Everything happened as fast as a flash of lightning. She responded on instinct and she fought to hold on.
  The pain radiating from her thigh nearly caused her to let go of the reins. The crowd cheered like they thought her strange position was intentional. The pickup men raced toward her, and the crowd fell silent.
  Smokey continued galloping despite the pickup men's attempts to intervene. Adrenaline shot through her when she realized her leg was still twisting. She screamed and fought the momentum, unable to get control of her horse. Her femur snapped before they intercepted Smokey. She started to black out from the pain and prayed for release.
   Groaning, she tried not to lose consciousness as the pickup men finally interrupted her horse and released her leg. She heard the sickening thud as her body hit the stadium floor. She'd never forget the gritty sensation as her mouth filled with dirt. Her horse neighed, clearly upset that something had gone wrong. Smokey snorted her objection when forced to trot out of the arena with one of the men.
   A deadly hush from the crowd hung in the air until the announcer told them help was on its way. The announcer discussed upcoming events in an effort to distract them from her predicament. For Kami, everything sounded muffled like the voices had been sucked into a wind tunnel. She struggled to stay conscious, but the unbearable pain won and turned her world pitch black.
  She stirred again. Sirens peeled in the distance. Or were they blaring while she rode in an ambulance to the hospital? People knelt beside her and crowded her face. "Kami, can you hear me? Hang in there. We're taking you to the hospital. You're going to be just fine, okay?"
  A sharp jab in the arm and the sensation of cold fluid entering a vein made her shiver.
   Dryness filled her mouth and she tried to speak, but couldn't. Her leg throbbed where her spiral fracture had healed and her arm hurt as if she'd been freshly pricked.
  Or was someone grabbing her arm?
   The cacophony from fans carried on the wind and extended several blocks. She blinked and took a few seconds to reorient herself. She wasn't on her way to the hospital but stood outside the Surprise stadium in the parking lot. Now she remembered her plans for the evening. She and her cousin were standing outside the stadium waiting to see a baseball game, not to attend a rodeo.
   More shouts and whistles. Someone must've hit a homer.
   "Kami?" Her second cousin Mindy jiggled her shoulder. "Where were you, girl?"
   Kami glanced at Mindy and tried to relax her breathing. "Sorry. My mind drifted."
   "Your mind's always slipping off to somewhere else.")

About the Author:

Michelle Sutton has been reading since she was in kindergarten but never enjoyed writing, and she certainly never expected to be an author herself. However, in 2003, she felt God calling her to write. Once she got started she discovered she has no desire to stop. Now she is a multi-published, award-winning author of numerous romantic fiction titles. She still reads a lot of books and in her spare time writes reviews for a variety of blogs and websites as a media reviewer. Michelle lives with her husband and two sons on four acres in sunny Arizona.

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