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Sherri Wilson Johnson Stops in to Visit

Sherri Wilson Johnson is the author of To Dance Once More and Song of the Meadowlark. She is from Georgia, has been married since 1988, and is a former homeschooling mom. She loves to write, read, eat ice cream, ride roller coasters and make people laugh. She loves Jesus, her family, Bengal tigers, her little shadow, Posey the Chihuahua, and her 13-year-old Labrador, Sheba.

Hello, Sherri! Can you tell us if there is there a story behind your novel, Song Of The Meadowlark? 
There isn’t really a personal story behind Song of the Meadowlark other than the experience of loss and grief that comes after it. I’ve lost both my parents so it’s always in every book I write. And learning to forgive when others have hurt you. That’s been a big thing in my life and I suppose it did help spur the story along.

What started you on your writing journey? 
I have always dreamed of being a published author. I’ve been writing my entire life. But in high school, I fell in love with classic literature and then for about five years after high school, I read steamy romance novels. Mainly because that’s all that was available to me. Then I discovered the local Christian bookstore and found the fiction section. I knew then what I was supposed to be doing. Writing clean romances.
What distracts you from writing the easiest? I get distracted from writing by social media and emails! I’m always flipping to the next webpage to see if there are any new happenings.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading? 
I love to read historical romances like Short-straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer and No Place for a Lady by Maggie Brendan. I’m currently enjoying For Such a Time as This by Ginny Aiken.

What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done? 
There are a lot of quirky things that I’ve done but the one that seems to top them all is when I tried on my Labrador’s bark collar and barked because I was convinced it was broken. It wasn’t!

That must have been quite a surprise! Now I'm curious, what is your strangest habit? 
I whistle or sing Jingle Bells year-round. I don’t know why.

What makes you smile and/or laugh out loud? 
TV shows like Wipeout, America’s Funniest Videos, or America’s Dumbest. Anything with obstacle courses where people get hurt or outtakes of videos where there is a funny commentator. I laugh so hard sometimes I almost fall off the couch.

What's your favorite meal with family and friends? 
My favorite meal to cook for family, special company, or for a sick friend is my fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sugar cookies or cobbler for dessert. 

My fried chicken is simple. I take boneless skinless chicken breasts and cut them into tenderloin size. I roll them in self-rising flour and plop them into a big skillet with about a half an inch of vegetable or canola oil. After a few minutes (when then bottom starts to brown) I flip them over and sprinkle them with California style Garlic Salt, pepper, and a bit of paprika. I flip them over again a few minutes later and sprinkle with the goodies again. I turn them a time or two more until they are done and crispy. Yum!! 

Mashed potatoes are no biggie. I boil them, mash them with my electric mixer, add 2% milk, lots of salt and pepper.

Where do you escape for some quiet time to reflect, pray, read, etc? 
Don’t laugh…I escape to the shower to pray and reflect. That’s my prayer closet. I can get spiritually clean and physically clean at the same time!

Is there a question you'd like to ask your readers of Song of the Meadowlark to reflect on? 
Cora has to learn to trust and love again even though her greatest fear is rejection. What would your advice be to someone in her shoes?

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it? 
Song of the Meadowlark is due out this month. Here's a little teaser:

In Song of the Meadowlark, Cora Buchanan’s husband disappears one night after being arrested and bailed out for drug trafficking. In a flash, Cora’s life is turned upside down. The man she loves with all her heart is now a fugitive on the run. She waits a year and then decides to leave the town she lived in with him to return home to her parents to mend their broken relationship. Although she hopes Clark will return and be found not guilty, she can’t wait on him and must attempt to repair the broken bridges with her parents. She braces herself for the harsh words that will undoubtedly come over the fact that they were right in their opinion of Clark prior to her marriage to him. While traveling through Georgia on her way home to Florida, Cora’s car breaks down and leaves her stranded. At first she curses her old car but later realizes if it had not been for it she would not have found a new beginning. 

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karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this wonderful story

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ann said...

Sounds like my kind of reading . Thanks for the giveaway

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having the giveaway.
I loved the interview.


Diana Flowers said...

I would consider it a blessing to read this! Thank you for the opportunity and the lovely interview!


cjajsmommy said...

I always say that I hear from the Lord best when I'm in the shower. :-)

Please enter my name in the giveaway. djragno (at) hotmail (dot) com

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh at your weird habit of singing or whistling Jingle Bells all year long because I do the same thing. I'll catch myself in the middle of summer humming Jingle Bells and scold myself but it doesn't work! :)
As far as advice goes, I'd only give it if asked, otherwise I'd hope to be there as a friend and listen.

Linda Kish said...

I would love to read this book.

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Amy said...

I also enjoy Wipeout and AFV. This book sounds great. Please enter me. Thanks.

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Merry said...

For someone learning to trust and love again, I would say start loving, giving and trusting in small ways. Love is worth the risk, it makes life richer. Thanks for a chance to win Song of the Meadowlark.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Jo said...

This book sounds great and I would love to read it.


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