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Rockapocalypse: Disharmony of Justice by Byron Suggs

Primarily a writer of southern fiction, Byron's first novel, "Rockapocalypse: Disharmony of Justice", is a tale of youthful dreams, adult peril, and Divine intervention by a few deceased rock icons. His second novel, Cold Currents, a southern literary mystery/thriller, is in the hands of his agent. He is currently working on his third novel, Bone Whispers,(a follow-up to Cold Currents), and a collection of short stories for future publication.

His short works of fiction have appeared in publications such as Aries: A Journal of Arts and Literature and Black Heart Magazine (e-zine).

A child of the sixties, his first viewing of The Wizard of Oz shaped his outlook of the world and erased any boundaries that could have stunted his imagination. He believes that a good tale should take you on an exhilarating adventure and leave you a bit more enchanted after you turn the last page.

Back Cover:

It started out as a typical summer in a small southern town for 15-yr old Pete Travers and his friends, until the real rock stars showed up.

Real dead that is.

When bizarre occurrences, unexplained disappearances, and outpourings of prejudice become frequent in Harper’s Mill, the four friends discover they’ve been destined for a gig far more challenging than anything they ever imagined. The rockers join forces with the four teens to rid the town of a hatred so intense, it has bred its own evil in the most unlikely of places. But will they succeed?


Thirty-seven years later, record industry mogul Peter Travers lies in a coma as the result of a horrific auto accident.  As he teeters between life and death, he relives the life-changing events from the past in his mind. When his friends reunite to stand watch and offer their support, they realize Peter's auto crash was no accident. They also discover that the powers that saved them all those years ago have returned. But the question that burns in their hearts is: Why?

The power of music’s timeless message, the bonds of friendship, and a gift from God culminate in a cataclysmic battle that reaches to the gates of heaven. Is their faith strong enough to protect Peter and his family from the evil force that struggles to claim what he deems rightfully his - Peter's very soul?



   Bloody tears ran from the corners of Buddy Holly’s ruptured eyes, traveled down smooth temples, brushed the bottoms of his sideburns, downward, downward until they found the hollows of each ear, where they glided smoothly into the ear canals and came to rest against his eardrums. The silence of heaven. 
    God was calling. 
    “Buddy,” God said. 
    A string of synapses fired through wet brain matter, seeking refuge in His voice, obeying the instinct that drives all life, the instinct of survival. Nerves and tissue sought out and energized the remaining life force that was Buddy Holly, former rock and roll star. 
    “Yes, God?” “I’m sorry about this, Buddy.” The voice carried, deep and resounding, like the roar of a tornado. “I know it was all so abrupt, but some things cannot be avoided. Do you have a minute?” 
    Buddy’s hand involuntarily squeezed shut against a jagged guitar pick embedded in his bloody palm. This is a joke, right? 
    “No, no, Buddy. This is serious, in case you haven’t noticed.” His irritation apparent, it disappeared as quickly as it had come. “I have a quandary, Buddy. It seems our Dark Angel has upped the ante while I was busy. The rules, you see, were quite simple.” 
   I’m dying here, God. What— 
   “I know you’re dying, Buddy. After all, I am God. But you must pay attention.” His voice grew quiet, hovering in Buddy’s damaged head before it suddenly roared forth again. “The fight for souls was the goal of the Endgame. A personal endeavor with singular purpose. Now, it seems he may have expanded his reach into another realm. The Dark Angel is playing in my backyard and I don’t like it.” 
   Synapses weakening, memories trapped in gray matter seeped from the energy, crowding out God’s voice. Girls screamed, drums pounded in rhythm, amplifiers sent walls of sound into the air that was once Buddy’s world. 
   The Dark Angel would never rest. Every second a human soul was up for grabs, and Buddy still had a few seconds for the taking. 
   But God was persistent. 
   “Buddy, are you listening?” 
   “Yes.” His cracked, bloody lips mouthed the word in the darkness. 
   “You have a new purpose, Buddy. If you make it here, I’ll tell you about it. I know it’s cliché, but just follow my light.” 
   The noise of the crowd, the music, grew in his head again, refusing to let him give up on this life he was now leaving, the one that had created a void in his soul and laid promise at his feet. With the last of his strength, resisting the Dark Angel’s pull on his tethered soul, he raised his arm, his bloody hand stretched toward a single point of light in the darkness above, index finger striving upward, the word wait forming on his lips. 
   Oh God, no, he thought. I’m not going to make it! 
   And the finger of God, like a lightning bolt, reached down from all eternity and touched his, retrieving his soul, leaving his empty shell among the plane wreckage as snowflakes began to blanket the earth. 
   As his arm fell, still smoking, the pick broke free, tumbled toward the ground, and vanished.

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Anonymous said...

Byron's book sounds like it would be a good one to buy for my Church Library.
Thanks for entering me in the contest.
Janet Estridge

Teela said...

The excerpt was like a Lay's potato chip, I WANT MORE!! Wow...I really am looking forward to reading/reviewing this book. Please enter me in this great giveaway!

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