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Prophecy of the Heir by JC Lamont

Where the Dead Breathe and the Immortal Die
In a world steeped in bloodlust, Michael, a vigilante warrior is sent to protect a sacred lineage hunted by the dark lord, Hashatan. Haunted by visions of a bleeding tree growing atop a blackened skull, Michael kills priests and kings in an attempt to ensure the birth of the prophesied Heir. But will he go too far?

A fantasy-inspired Christian mythos, Prophecy of the Heir is the first book in the Chronicles of Time trilogy, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the supernatural war fought to ensure the coming of the Messiah. Plunged into a world of betrayal and sacrifice, Michael the archangel questions his decision to remain loyal, and struggles to trust that love is behind God’s justice and compassion behind his anger.

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The black-cloaked Destroyer has just swept through Jerusalem, transporting the souls of 70,000 people to the land of the dead because David fell prey to Satan’s temptation to take an unauthorized census of his military (1 Chronicles 21):

Michael flew to Shamayim, then ducked through the vines of the hidden garden. To no surprise, the Prince sat beneath the pergola with eyes closed and brows furrowed, while his quill etched across the parchment hovering before him.

“Why is Shaitan granted so much power?” Michael demanded.

The Prince opened his eyes, and his expression reflected Michael’s lack of deference. “It is his kingdom,” he replied, as though stating the obvious. “He owns it. I gave it to the mortals. The mortals gave it to him. Or did you miss that somehow?” “You have the power to stop him.” The Prince rose from the bench and stepped forward, his voice rising in a crescendo of frustration. “If I destroy all who commit treason, I am a dictator. If I prevent them from committing treason, I am a manipulator who withholds from them the right to choose. And if I do nothing, in the hopes that they turn from treason and seek truth, I am accused of allowing suffering and not being of love. So pray tell,” he said, now a fingerbreadth from Michael’s face, “what course of action could I take that would please you?” Michael averted his eyes, and the Prince strode back to the pergola. Though Michael’s rage subsided, one thought remained. Is this all just a game? The Prince snatched up his parchment and threw it at him. “Ay, Michael,” he said. “It’s naught but a game!” Michael caught the scroll in surprise. He hesitated, then unraveled it and read. Elyon, Elyon, my king, my lord Deliver me from this sword Why have you forsaken me In your eyes, forsaken me In your thoughts, in your heart, In your wrath, forsaken me With hatred, dark and fierce, They mock, scorn and abase My hands and feet, they pierce My bones, they wrench from place You lay me in the dust Desert me as death calls Yet in you, will I trust Into your hands, my spirit falls Again a response failed Michael. And it pained him that the Prince felt an anguish so deep he likened it unto torture and death. Though discouraged that he would never understand why Elohim chose when to intervene and when to not, he realized once again, he could only choose to reject or accept, and if accept, to cling to the knowledge that the suffering of mortals in Shaitan’s kingdom pained Elyon, regardless of the justice metered out. “Forgive me,” he muttered, handing back the scroll. He strode back across the garden, but when he reached the vines, the Prince called out to him. “Do not let your love for mortals kill you—that is not your path.”

JC Lamont left home at 17 convinced by her father (a pastor) that God couldn't look at her, let alone hear her prayers. Forsaking the God she believed had forsaken her, she turned Goth and explored Wicca until she accidentally discovered the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament. She then spent the next 8 years researching and writing Prophecy of the Heir -- a fantasy-inspired, apologetic work on the Old Testament, from the fall of Lucifer to the coming of the Messiah, as seen through the eyes of Michael the archangel.

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Teela said...

JC. this book sounds incredible. I am hoping that I can get my hands on a copy (or better yet, win!!) soon. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Joanne Sher said...

Have been waiting for this book for a LONG time! Please enter me :)

Amy R.S. said...

Sounds very good. Would love to win it. Thanks.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

tickmenot said...

It is wonderful to have Christian Science Fiction. So many young people really love this type of book, so it is great to have a good Christian one!

KayM said...

I really enjoy Christian speculative fiction. Thank you for venturing into this genre. I can hardly wait to read the book!

Robert Mullin said...

Robert Mullin here, cofounder of Crimson Moon Press with J.C. Lamont. Curious to know if any of you have had a chance to read PROPHECY OF THE HEIR yet, and if so, what your thoughts were! :)

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