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Nurtured in Purple by Jude Urbanski


Back Page Blurb for NURTURED IN PURPLE

One man. One woman. Bent on avenging personal vendettas.

Another man. Another woman. Wanting to only be God’s salt and light.

The outcome is …. 


Elizabeth had come to this planning meeting simply because her mother harped she never did anything at church. She didn’t want to be here at all. Planning a boxed supper auction wasn’t her idea of fun even if the proceeds did go to an orphanage mission project. Orphanage. No doubt the brainchild of one of the elder Orbins.
There sits Kate with her adorable new son. Her adorable son. Not mine.
Besides Kate, Winnie Orbin, Margie Craig, Myrt Rich, Nan Holden, Ermon Upchurch and a few other ladies Elizabeth didn't know at all clustered around the table in the church basement. Of course, Mama was there. She had insisted Elizabeth come.
These ladies were the doers of Chanute Community Church. Most had attended all their lives, as their parents before them.
Well, maybe not Kate. She hadn't been here all her life. She was a foreigner. A foreigner melded to the most aristocratic of families. How had that happened? How? It shouldn't have happened.
Elizabeth took in the women, all well dressed, but she couldn’t help notice how her own Mama’s dress surpassed them all and how her rings glittered on her fingers. Mama still looked pretty good for her age.
Elizabeth absently twisted the large diamond on her own ring finger. The date was creeping closer and soon she’d be Mrs. Willard Wittenberg. Not what she had wanted, but she guessed it would do. Willard wasn’t all bad.
"Oh, Elizabeth, we’re glad Adeline brought you. We can sure use your help," Winnie Orbin said. "We’ll need several cakes and pies to auction and I wonder if you and your mother would bring your famous lemon pound cake for the auction?" She looked toward Adeline.
Adeline answered, "Winnie, we’d be glad to bring a lemon pound cake, won’t we, Elizabeth?" Her hand strayed to her silver hair, tucking in what didn’t need tucking. "It’ll be practice for us. We’re having lemon pound cake at Elizabeth’s wedding shower next week." She smiled.
Elizabeth did not feel the need to say anything.
Mama, why do you always tell everything you know?
"That’s exciting. When is the wedding, Elizabeth?" Ermon Upchurch sat beside her.
"It’s in five weeks, during Fall Break at school. I have nearly everything done, just last minute things left, you know."
"Good for you, Elizabeth," Margie said, "I’ll soon be the only unmarried one in Chanute Crossing!" She laughed.
"Margie Craig, you’re single by choice, so let’s not hear any more about it, okay? Remember Bob was single a long time before I came from St. Louis to marry him."
"Nan, we all remember your arrival and how happy it made Bob," Winnie said, "but, ladies, right now, we’d best get back to planning. Our event is less than two weeks away."
Elizabeth watched Winnie quietly, yet efficiently organize and delegate until every detail was completed. Though she hadn’t wanted to, Elizabeth said yes to working behind the boxed supper booth at the social.
Willard wouldn’t be too happy. He was hanging in there with the Men’s Bible Study, but she felt his frustration and sometimes anger with the group. Especially toward Seth, whose kindness Willard found hard to understand or accept. It made him suspicious. He wasn’t used to kindness. Never had been.
"Well, ladies, thanks for coming tonight. We got a lot accomplished, didn’t we? Call if you’ve any questions. Otherwise, I’ll see you in just over a week." Winnie folded her papers.
As Elizabeth and her mother left the church and walked toward their car, they noticed Kate struggling to get her car door opened and keep hold on her purse and her baby. She had dropped her keys.
"Hey, Kate, I’ll get those keys. Let me." Elizabeth moved toward Kate and picked up the keys that had slid almost under the car.
"Why thank you, Elizabeth. I was having trouble juggling everything. Don’t quite have all my energy back yet it seems." Kate flashed a smile. "Appreciate it."
"Oh, it’s nothing. Your little baby is nice." Elizabeth gingerly touched the baby blanket and turned to walk away.
"Yes, he is sweet, Kate. Well, good night," Adeline said, following Elizabeth.
"Well, thank you both. Tommy is a special baby."
Elizabeth set her mouth in a firm line, attempting to forget the beautiful, dark-haired little baby snuggled in the blue blanket.
So, Kate is not as well as it appears? Umm.

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Jude Urbanski writes women's fiction featuring strong inspirational romance elements. She invites you to stories of heroes and heroines who spin tragedy into triumph with help from God.

First published in nonfiction, Jude now has two electronic novels, The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing Series, offered by Desert Breeze Publishing. She is a columnist for Maximum Living, a magazine focusing on spirituality and wellness for women.

Jude has a Master’s Degree in Nursing and worked as a nurse practitioner. She is a member of national and area chapters of American Christian Fiction Writers and National League of American Pen Women.

Jude and her husband live in Indiana.
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Teela said...

Please enter me in this book drawing. Thank you.

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thanks for the chance to read this novel

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jude urbanski said...

Teela and Karenk, thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed writing Nurtured in Purple because the characters are so like all of us today. In need of grace! It was fun to have Willard and Elizabeth morph into God's great love.

Lane Hill House said...

Purple caught my eye! Good title. I would like to be entered to win this book to open the cover and read further! Thanks. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

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At first I wasn't going to enter for this book, but when you wake up the next day and want to read the excerpt again, well, that just means something, now doesn't it? (I wasn't going to enter because I've other books on my Kindle waiting to be read.) Please enter my name for a copy of this book. cjajsmommy (at) gmail (dot) com

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"Nurtured in Purple" sounds like an intriguing story.

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I would love to win a copy of this book.

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