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Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal by Ada Brownell

A retired medical journalist asks, “Do you know evidence shows we’re more than a physical body?” The above book speaks about this mystery and the evidence; the wonder of life with all its electrical systems; the awesome truth about cell death and regeneration; brain death; mysteries surrounding the change from mortal to immortal; where we go when our body dies; resurrection; and a glimpse at what we will do in heaven. Questions and answers make this non-fiction inspirational book a great text for group study. It’s also written for support groups, religion classes, people with chronic or terminal illness, individuals who fear death or are curious about it, the grieving, and those who give them counsel.



7. Anybody in There?

   One day a neurosurgeon that often makes the determination of brain death sat down in the hospital lobby with me and began talking about the soul. Still clothed in the green scrubs and fabric shoe covers from a recently completed surgery, he shared that he recently lost his father.
   “It was the first time I’ve ever come that close to death personally,” he said. “I believe in an afterlife, and it was a much more peaceful experience than I had supposed. Although my father had cancer and had been sick for a long time, my dad died so quickly. One minute he was there, and the next minute he was gone. The shell where he lived was all that was left.”
   We went on to discuss spiritual things and how they relate to the intricacies of the brain.
   “I believe the brain is the residence of the soul, and when a person is brain dead, the soul has gone on to its reward,” the neurosurgeon explained.
   The soul’s residence can be debated. We often think the soul resides in our chest area near the heart, partly because of how the heart responds to emotion, but also because the Bible mentions so many things about the heart. A few of these are a “pure heart,” “believing heart,” “unrepentant heart,” “imagining heart,” “stubborn heart,” “grieving heart,” “loving heart,” and “joyful heart.”
   Despite even many more examples, I don’t believe scripture speaks of our heart as a flesh-and-blood organ, but the “heart of us.” Like an apple core where the seeds are. Or a watermelon’s sweet heart that has no seeds. More accurately, our heart is the center of who we are.
   Many Bible scholars define the soul as the residence of our mind, will, and emotions. That certainly describes the center of who we are and gives some credence to the idea that the soul’s residence is in the brain.



Ada Brownell spent 17 years as a daily newspaper reporter (mainly at The Pueblo Chieftain in Colorado) and has written for Christian publications since age 15. Her published writing includes two books, Swallowed by LIFE: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal and Confessions of a Pentecostal, out of print but now available for Kindle.

 Ada still writes op-ed pieces for newspapers; sold more than 275 articles and stories to Christian publications; chapters in several books, including “50 Tough Questions” (Gospel Publishing House).


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Ada, I'm just wondering if you quit being unpredictible after you goofed with picking your husband up? LOL I want to enter the contest.
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Jennifer said...

I thought that your soul resided in your whole body and not one particular area. Interesting thoughts by the Dr. I would like to read more of your book. The excerpt was very interesting!

ann said...

This would be interesting to read. We often wonder about after life. I always feel that once we die our soul moves on and the body is just a shell . Really would like to read this one.

nylnestill said...

What bare the scriptures that relate to the soul? I would liketoenter this contest.

Linda Kish said...

This sounds like a very interesting book.

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