Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The winner of: 

Delia Lathham’s book, Gypsy’s Game is Maxie

Christy Barritt’s book Race Against Time is Jo Hannabass

Winners, it's your responsibility to contact me (Sharon {at} BarnDoorBookLoft {dot} net with your address so the author can send you a book. 

Subscribing by email will ensure you don't miss the winners list. ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Until Next Time . . . Sharon A Lavy


Teela said...

congrats to the winners. Isn't it great that some people will give you something for nothing! And both receive a blessing!

Teela said...

patty, if your winners don't come forward, I'd gladly take one of the books, as I'm trying to build our church library. I've got my fingers crossed that I win Dani's new book! Regards,

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