Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Missing Winners!

*Edited so there's no repeats. (Moral of the story: Don't try to post when you're wrestling with the flu. *wink*)

As some of you noticed, there were missing winners...
Sorry about that. This catches us up and gets us on track.

To help me, three wonderful ladies have joined the Book Loft team and I'm so very thankful for them!! They've already stepped in and things are beginning to smooth out around here. Join me welcoming Sharon Lavy, Diana Brandmeyer, and Carole Brown.

Now, for the missing winners...

The winner of:

  •  Roxanne Rustand's Duty to Protect is Lane Hill House.
  •  Margaret Daley's His Holiday Family is Susan H.
  • April Gardner's Warring Spirits is Diana Flowers.
  • Roseanna White's Love Finds You in Annapolis is Margaret Metz.
  •  Diane and David Munson's The Joshua Covenant is cjajsmommy.
  •  Darlene Franklin's Maple Notch Brides is Teela.
  •  Jean Gordon's Small Town Secrets is wfnren.
  •  Pam Meyers' Thyme for Love is Marianne.
  • Ada Brownell's Swallowed by Life is Jackie S.
  • Martha Rogers' Amelia's Journey is Amy.

Winners, it's your responsibility to contact me (Patty {at}BarnDoorBookLoft {dot}net) with your address so the author can send you a book. Subscribing by email will ensure you don't miss the winners list. ;-)


wfnren said...

Oh, thank you!!!! Congratulations to all the other winners too. I've sent my snail mail address to you.


Teela said...

Praise be, I'm a missing winner! Thank you so much and congrats to the other winners. Thanks Patty for hosting these!

Lane Hill House said...

Thank you for my first suspense book!! Congratulations to winners of these books.

Teela said...

Thanks! Looking forward to receiving Darlene Franklin's Maple Notch Brides! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

Diana Flowers said...

My previous comment isn't showing up, so just in case...Patty, I already got the book, Warring Spirits in the mail. You know I would have let you know if I hadn't! lol! THANKS!

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