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Linore Rose Burkard's Coach and Four

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Linore Rose Burkard's Inspirational Regency Series, beginning with Before the Season Ends takes readers back in time to early 19th century England with eye-popping detail and heart-warming adventure. Fans of romance in the tradition of Austen and Heyer, such as Pride & Prejudice, Cotillion, and even My Fair Lady, will enjoy meeting Linore's feisty heroines and dashing heros.
Linore blends Christian faith and romance with well-researched details to bring the regency dazzlingly to life. Sign up for Linore's free monthly ezine which will arrive in your inbox chock full of historical tidbits to captivate and inspire. And remember, happy endings are always possible!

Ms. Burkard began writing when she couldn't find a Regency romance with an inspirational twist. "There were Christian books that approached the genre," she says, "But they fell short of being a genuine Regency. I knew that many women like me want stories that are historically authentic and offer glimpses of God's involvement in our lives. So, I finally gave up looking and decided to write such books myself."

Ms. Burkard was raised in New York, where she graduated magna cum laude from the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. She lives with her husband, five children and two cats (Calvin and Hobbes) in a town full of antique stores and gift shops in southwestern Ohio. Besides writing, her hobbies include family movie nights, swimming, and decorating.


Coach and Four:
Allisandra's Tale
A Kindle noveletta.

Nineteen year-old Lady Allisandra is a ward of King Charles II. When he orders her from court to stay with her old friend Elizabeth Hastings, the Duchess of Langley, Allisandra finds herself trapped inside a coach-and-four with the notorious rake Lord Dorchester. Has the duchess betrayed her? Perhaps, but things are not as they appear, and whether it is Her Grace, the infamous earl of Dorchester or the king himself bent on evil,only time will tell. In the meantime, how does a strong-minded young woman handle first a highwayman, then a debauched earl? Find out in this tale of the late 1600s in England, when conspiracy and betrayal can lead to unexpected love.

Here's a short excerpt of Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale:

A well-appointed black coach rumbled to a stop in front of the stately family seat of the Duchess of Langley. The night was cheerless with no moon to speak of, stars hidden in a gloomy pall, and the air bitingly cold. Her Grace, a woman of a matronly age but without children, hurried to emerge from the vehicle the moment the steps were down. She stopped and turned at the door, however, and said to the young Allisandra FitzJames behind her, “No, not you, my dear.” She seemed apologetic as she shut the door on Allisandra, leaving her inside the coach.

The duchess’s eyes were regretful but Allisandra, mistaking their meaning, inferred that a game was afoot. She felt a small thrill at the thought. No wonder her friend had dragged her out on such an ungodly night. And why else would Elizabeth proceed to shut the carriage door behind her, leaving Allisandra alone inside the equipage on a cold, dark night? She was preparing some sort of surprise!

Through the window, the duchess added, “Stay put, sweet, I have need to call upon your trust in me as your friend.” Her face wrinkled in concern, and she looked out into the darkness as though searching for something.

Or someone.

Allisandra smiled. “Elizabeth, I prithee, what game is this?” But the duchess held up a gloved hand.

“All will be made plain, I avow, sweet child.” She resumed her preoccupied expression, looking about anxiously. To Allisandra's puzzled face, the duchess added, “'Tis for the best. For your safety! You are like my own daughter!”

“My dear Elizabeth!” Allisandra was no longer amused. Her friend was not playing a game, she could see that by the gravity of her expression, and the seriousness of her tone. Filled with alarm, Allisandra threw off her warm wrap, ignored the biting cold, and flung herself at the door. Whatever Elizabeth was up to, she did not care for it. She wouldn’t abide it for a moment longer.

She tried to open the door and discovered a footman holding it shut from the outside. With dismay, she turned and saw that the other door was guarded as well. Her thoughts began running together, trying to make sense of what was happening.

“Elizabeth!” She would demand an explanation, but the duchess was not in sight, and Allisandra’s fear took a sharp turn for the worse.

You can purchase Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale from Amazon 99 cents. A Kindle short. Don't miss this one! =)

Linore is giving away a copy of Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


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This sounds very interesting! Thanks for the post and opportunity to win!


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All of your books are great and this one sounds really good too...thanks for the chance to win!

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