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Gina Bovyn's White Lady

Gina Bovyn wanted to pursue a writing career since she was a little girl. After moving to Wisconsin from Chicago and finding a personal relationship with Jesus, her mission became sharing the love of Christ with all through her work. At the age of nineteen, she is working on her fourth book and is taking courses in a Bible Correspondence school, hoping to grasp all the understanding she can of the Word of God and of His character so she can be used by Him in an even greater way. Lady White is her first novel.

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White Lady

The Realm’s sole purpose was to glorify the God who created them. Yet as selfishness and greed grew in the hearts of men, the Realm’s purpose was forgotten. Only the Kingdom of Linolae withstood the power of the evil one and made a stand against his lusting allies, remembering the God who always caused them to triumph. But the times grow darker and an army must arise. Only a lass worthy can lead this kingdom to victory and save the Realms from their own destruction. From the loins of a very unsuspecting maiden will she come.

Alina aer Anya, otherwise known as the White Lady, carries a sordid past as she rides with her band of men killing for the nobles’ coin. She searches for her own path in life, one without trust, without love, and without the God of her mother. But as she rides to fulfill a task for a power-hungry ruler, she finds a crossroad in her path, and her hardened heart begins to soften. Will she allow evil forebodings and her sordid past to keep her from a trusting friend and the arms of the man she loves? Or will she turn at life’s crossroad and begin her days anew? As she pens her tale in the dungeon of King Richard, only her writings and the hope of escape keep her alive.

This is the tale of how the notorious White Lady became the beloved Lady White.

Here's an excerpt from White Lady:

In the Realms of Higher Law, the kingdoms lived by just that. From the beginning of time, God’s law ruled the lands, and they were prosperous, rich in all things. But then men’s minds were filled with doubt; unbelief spread and evil entered the Realms. The people began to worship pagan gods, and those who knew Truth were killed by blood-hungry kings. It seemed the days of I AM were being forgotten. Only a few priests scattered throughout the Realms still believed in the Almighty King and taught without fear of death any who would listen.

For years the Realms were in darkness, but slowly Light began to return. More and more gave ear to the men of God and turned from their pagan rulers. But despite the evil that flourished, one kingdom remained faithful to their Creator. This kingdom, ruled by a queen ordained by God, prospered more than all the others, being blessed with riches and might more than any had ever known. It was from this kingdom that the knowledge of God entered the minds of foreign rulers and began to bring the Realms back to the days of old. The lands were at peace for many a year.

But evil will not be spurned without a fight; the adversary will not back down so easily. Slowly, quietly, the darkness moved throughout the Realms, taking hold of those men weak, gathering its army to overthrow the High King’s reign over the Realms. Many who were not strong in faith fell to these men. But a few stayed strong, and that kingdom of might stood unwavering. In this second tribulation, they fought this evil with all they knew.

These are the diaries of the daughters of Linolae.


My name is Alina aer Anya, and I am writing this so my seed may know of some of the history of the blood that flows through their veins. As a small youth, my days were ones filled with peace. I was free and unhindered by social status. But, as I grew older, bloodshed and war ruled our lands. It was at the beginning of these times that my life began to change. I became an orphan and, not many years after, some would say, a murderer.

I write this from solitary confinement, in the dungeon of his majesty, King Richard III, ruler and lord of the lands called Rumanae. Imprisoned not for my past sins but for my most recent crime, one where any noble aristocrat would be given the highest honor. But, because of the way I live my life, I was put into this rodent infested hellhole, a dank cell smelling of must and filth with green fungus growing on the stone walls around me. I slumber on a mat filled with rotten straw, eating nothing but hunks of bread that had spoilt days afore with tepid brown water, and living with rats that now scurry about my feet. Daily the beatings grow worse, and I fear what’s next to come. The whip I have become accustomed to, but next, I’m told, branding will ensue. I hope I have found favor with fate and my plans go smoothly.

The guards make sport of me, when there is nothing better to be done. One even went so far as to reach through the bars to try to fondle my womanly curves, to put it in a modest way. They wouldn’t dare go any farther, fearing the wrath of the king. For reasons that have yet to be revealed to me, it appears important to him that my innocence remain intact. At least for now. I let them have their fun, laughing from the inside. They would remember if they stopped thinking from their lower extremities, that I do not fear blood. They would know they were sealing a doomed fate.

But I say, “Do not fear for me, my daughters!” Read this and know of the strength and courage you’ve inherited. Be not ashamed of me, your ancestor, because of the acts I committed. Everything I did was for the better, ridding these lands of certain kinds of evil, men who should never have left their mothers’ wombs, so you would not have to know of the pains I’ve felt. So again I say, do not fear for me. I have lived in worse conditions than these, and very soon I will make my escape. They should have known they could never hold the White Lady.

You can purchase White Lady at Amazon.

Gina is giving away a copy of White Lady. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


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Sounds great, thanks for the interview.

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This isn't in my usual genre of books to read but it sounds intriguing.


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Sounds like a great book. Love finding out about new authors. Thanks for the giveaway.

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Gina's Lady White looks great. I'd love to read and review it! Teelayoung at hotmail dot com

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Sounds intriguing and that castle in the background on the cover is beautiful and mysterious looking.

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