Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Back Deanna K. Klingel

Welcome back!

Excerpt from Bread Upon the Water

Chapter 1: DƯƠNG TIếN

Dương Tiến squatted in the market place in front of his home with his younger brothers playing a game with smooth pebbles he made up to entertain them. The little boys flicked the pebbles happily toward the target Tien had drawn in the sandy dirt. But Tien squinted his eye, bit his tongue, took careful aim, and landed the pebbles with precision in the center of the target. “Yesterday I had five bull’s eyes. Today then, I must have six,” he explained. “We should always try to do things better than we know how,” he instructed the little boys. “Because you are twelve, Tien, you can instruct us?” The little boys carelessly tossed the pebbles. “We don’t care,” they said. He was watching after his younger brothers, Trí and Thanh, and hoping for customers to come to his mother’s market stand. He glanced about as neighbors moved among the market stands shopping for their families’ daily needs. He scowled into the sunlight that glanced off the heavy tile roofs of their homes. He was pleased that his mother’s stand was as fine as any in the market place. He had helped place the fruit and vegetables in neat rows for display this morning. The Dương family lived in the district of Thanh Mỹ Tây in the Gia Đinh Province of South Vietnam, south of Saigon. The village known as Hang Xanh, which means “the market,” was made up of adjoined brick houses built in neat rows. The rows of houses faced each other. The space between the houses was the marketplace where women sold things on display tables in front of their doors, and Tiến and his brothers, and other boys, chased their soccer balls. Every morning at 3 A.M. Tiến’s mother, Pham Toá, left the house in darkness, waved down a xelem, a three-wheeled, gas-propelled taxi, and rode to the main market to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables she sold on her market table. When she returned home at day break, Tien got up to help her make the display on her table. Now the boys played quietly on the ground while their mother was in the kitchen preparing còm trùa, the mid-day meal. “I’m hungry,” said Tri. “Me, too, my stomach is grumbling,” Thanh said. “Soon the morning students will come home from school and father from work, and then we’ll eat,” Tiến promised the little ones. “Then you will go to school,” Tri answered. “You’re right, and you’ll take a nap. Here come the others, now.” The morning students came running across the market. Behind them Tiến’s father, Dương Sách, dressed in his army uniform, waved to his family.“So, it must be time to eat,” Tiến said, lifting up his small brothers. He kicked the pebbles and they scattered under the display table.

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Deanna.

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apple blossom said...

please include me in this giveaway thanks

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Marianne said...

Thanks for sharing the excerpt of Bread Upon the Water, Deanna and Martha, and for the opportunity to win.



Teela said...

I hope I win Bread upon the Water! teelayoung@hotmail.com

Amanda Stephan said...

I'd really love to win this book. Vietnam holds a dear place in my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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