Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet Jean Gordon

Welcome to the Book Loft, Jean!
People talk about life before children—what was your life before writing?
Tough one. I’ve been writing in one way or another since I was in high school: high school newspaper, college newspaper, local hometown newspaper (The Batavia Daily News), and my current job as an editorial manager for a financial publisher in Albany, NY. I’ve been writing fiction, too, since 1995. I guess the short answer would be “a lot less hectic.” I try to work on my books every evening after I get home from my day job.

What book have you recently enjoyed reading?
The last book I couldn’t put down was Winnie Griggs’ Love Inspired Historical Second Chance Family. Another recent read I thoroughly enjoyed is Kathy Carmichael’s Hot Flash.

If you were a dessert, what would you be?
I would be the wonderful cake I bought from our local grocery store bakery for Christmas dinner. It was a 12-layer red velvet cake with one layer of cheesecake and cream cheese frosting and filling. It was beautiful and luscious and everyone loved it.

If you were to find a purple polka-dotted monster in your kitchen one morning, how would you respond?
Tell him/her that my grandchildren live on the other side of the house. (We share a 19th century farmhouse with our daughter and her family.) And the kids have some very interesting friends.

Tell us about one of your favorite memories or moments in your life.
Maybe because we’re still in the holiday season, the moment that comes to mind first is the evening my Dad answered that big childhood question, “Is Santa real?”, for my older brother and me. We were, maybe, third and fifth graders. He told us that Santa is real but he isn’t a person who brings presents. Rather, he’s part of the spirit of Christmas, bringing joy to the celebration. I can’t remember exactly how he did it, but I came away not feeling the least bit disappointed.

Of course, knowing, I drove my parents crazy getting up every ten minutes to “go to the bathroom” because I wanted to see if they had gotten me the Little Red Spinning Wheel I so wanted. They finally gave in and showed me they had.

What's one of your dreaded things to do?
I really don’t like making phone calls. I’m perfectly happy that so much business is now conducted by email.

What is the Lord teaching you, or recently taught you?
He’s trying very hard to teach me that I can rely on him, that I don’t have to take care of everything by myself.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
Small-Town Sweetheart, my first Love Inspired romance, is out right now. I got the idea for the story when a family member told me she liked her new church because the members were more standoffish and private. From that germ, the story evolved:

With the help of God and the love of Drew Stacey, a down-sized Wall Street analyst turned church camp manager, NYC assistant art director and former town misfit Emily, ne Jinx, Hazard finds the thing she wants most in the place she least wants to be — Paradox Lake. Through having to be responsible for her niece, interaction with the towns’ people, and falling in love with Drew, she learns the meaning of Christian fellowship. 

Like all of my books, Small-Town Sweethearts is set in my native Update New York.

You can purchase Small Town Sweethearts from Amazon.

Jean is giving away a copy of Small Town Sweethearts. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


Jo said...

It looks like i am the first to sign here. This sounds like a cute story and would love to read it. Please enter me in the giveaway.


cjajsmommy said...

Our daughter and her children live next door to us also (although we have separate houses). I love the constant availability of hugs and kisses. Please enter me in the giveaway. djragno [at] hotmail [dot] com

Teela said...

Jean, LOVE your answers (sounds so much like mine would be). Our adult daughter (single, never married, nurse) shares a home w/us, too. And it's great. She also is the pianist where my husband is the pastor...how cool is that!! Blessings to you, teelayoung at hotmail dot com

Teela said...

Oh...yes, I would LOVE to win this book. Thanks, Patty, for introducing us to Jean!

Marianne said...

i enjoy your interviews, Patty, and love how you find great authors and novels to introduce us to. Would love to win Jean's Small-Town Sweethearts. Thanks to you and Jean for the opportunity.



apple blossom said...

would love to win the love inspired book thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Linda Kish said...

I would love to read this book.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

wfnren said...

This sounds like a great book, would love to win it.


Teresa Mathews said...

Thanks for the interview, it's always great getting to know the person behind the books we love to read.
Would love to win...thanks for the chance.


ann said...

small town love story - sounds like a good book to read
amhengst at verizon dot net

Rebecca said...

Oh this looks like an amazing book. I would love to read this. Thanks for the chance to win.


Laura J said...

We all need Christian fellowship. This looks like a cute read.

laurelpriness12 at gmail dot com

Merry said...

I'm not a phone person either, give me e-mail any day. Enjoyed the interviews.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Amy R.S. said...

Please count me in. Thanks.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

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