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Ada Brownell's Swallowed by Life

Ada Brownell and her husband, Lester, had five children, all who are or served in Christian ministry. They lost their oldest daughter, Carolyn, to cancer in 1990.

Mrs. Brownell is a veteran Sunday school teacher and has written numerous articles for Christian education magazines. She was founder of The Dunamis Academy, a summers and after-school program for elementary school children. An avid Bible student, she has a certificate of ministry from Berean College. She has a bachelor's degree in mass communications.

As a newspaper reporter, she has written hundreds of articles and interviewed experts and interesting folks from all walks of life.

Among her newspaper awards are a first-place in environmental writing from the Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters, and the1998 Colorado Psychiatric Society's Media Awareness Award for her "insight and sensitivity in reporting on mental health issues."

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Swallowed by Life

Do you know physical evidence shows you are more than a physical body? An award-winning medical and religion writer, Ada Brownell, after the death of her daughter, sought to verify if she believed in eternal life. This book shows why she has this hope, not only from a Christian point of view, but because of physical evidence. This book will help you discover if you believe and how to prepare.

Here's an excerpt from Swallowed by Life:

My guts twisted with anger and doubt. Fear choked me as I wondered if what Jesus said about eternal life was really true.

I’d heard and read what the Bible has to say. It says at death we will immediately be with the Lord (Luke 23:43, Ecclesiastes 12:6–8) and at the resurrection, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, our flesh will be changed into an immortal body with all-new parts that never age, get sick, or die—even if that flesh has already turned to dust.

Probably because of my experiences and what I learned on the medical beat at the newspaper, I decided to investigate if there is evidence we are more than a mere body.

I knew a journalist’s assignment sometimes goes beyond the obvious. Facts aren’t material objects that can be felt or seen. Through testimony and evidence, truth can be learned. Interviewing witnesses, experts, and victims and making visits to the scene help a reporter present facts to the public.

Yet, when the story is all told, newspaper readers or television viewers react differently. Some believe what is reported; others do not. Some doubt the reliability of the reporter. Others assume the media conspires to deceive the public. A few believe the persons interviewed are liars.

Those who believe take the plunge into faith.

Doubt is what keeps many people from believing the teachings of Jesus Christ. One comfort when doubt seized me was the realization that faith is a requirement for salvation and the bottom line for believing anything you can’t see, feel, or touch. The same is true for any event in history. If we weren’t there, we can’t be sure it happened without some measure of faith.

But did I believe Carolyn was with the Lord and I would see her again?

You can purchase Swallowed by Life at Amazon.

Ada is giving away a copy of Swallowed by Life. The giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


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