Sunday, December 11, 2011

with April Gardener

Welcome back to the Barn Door Book Loft, April!
People talk about life before children—what was your life before writing?

I’ve always created, so before writing, there was knitting, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, photography. All of those were forced to give way when writing hit the scene. I haven’t looked back yet!

What book have you recently enjoyed reading?
The one that impacted me the recently was Francine River’s And the Shofar Blew. I thought I’d read all of hers until a friend mentioned this one. It was a powerful read and hit close to home.

If you were a dessert, what would you be?
I’d be anything with a chocolate-coffee mix. Let’s just be real and admit that I’d be a mocha. Mocha is a dessert isn’t it?? Well, it should be.

If you were to find a purple polka-dotted monster in your kitchen one morning, how would you respond?
I’d run for my husband’s Glock and, knowing me, trip over my own feet before getting there.

Tell us about one of your favorite memories or moments in your life.
The births of my children are my most treasured memories. Both were born in Germany. Far from family, it was just me, Hubby, and the Lord working through that trying yet joyful time. And the reward? Two beautiful children. My son is now ten and my daughter eight. My little jewels.

What's one of your dreaded things to do?
Fold laundry!! Working on kid-training. Problem with the kids folding is that my perfectionism doesn’t have much wiggle room for uneven towel edges. Bad combo.

What is the Lord teaching you, or recently taught you?
Never judge a book OR a person by its/her cover. The woman who might seem least likely person you’d enjoy spending time with just might be that special friend God’s been trying to introduce you to.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
My Lizzie and the Guernsey Gang book is already out in e-book format, but because it’s for children, I’m anxiously awaiting the delayed paperback release sometime early 2012. Lizzie’s story is based on actual events and is one of adventure and faith intended for children 8+. Here’s a bit about it:

Lizzie Browning loves nothing more than her tiny, island-home of Guernsey, but when German bombs drop on her crystal beach, her peaceful world explodes. For months, the big war in Europe has been nothing more than stories in the paper, but as the enemy takes over Guernsey, the war rushes to her doorstep. For Lizzie, younger brother Andre, and cousin James, the time to escape is now, and they know just how to do it.

Phillip Seifert, the odd boy from down the street, has all the markings of a genuine Nazi-lover. Lizzie knows better than to trust him, but he somehow manages to weasel his way into James’ good graces. Phillip joins the gang in their audacious escape plan, and Lizzie can do little more than pray he doesn’t get them all shot. But Lizzie soon learns that God doesn’t always answer prayers in the way she expects. He might actually plan for them to live under Nazi rule…forever.

You can purchase Warring Spirits from Amazon.

April is giving away a copy of Warring Spirits. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


marybelle said...

Both WARRING SPIRITS & "Lizzie and the Guernsey Gang" look like amazing reads.


Joy Hannabass said...

Warring Spirits sounds like an awesome read...would love to read it!

Marianne said...

So, April, is laundry the only place it's hard to do kid-training? Or just the one that came to mind? i would love to win your book. Thanks for the giveaway, Esther and April.


Diana Flowers said...

I loved Wounded Spirits and have been waiting on this one with bated breath. My birthday is Dec. 20th; this would make a great b'day present don't you think? :)
Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

ann said...

Now this is a book I would enjoy reading. Enter me please and thanks for the giveaway.
amhengst at verizon dot net

lgm52 said...

Sounds engaging...would love to read it!
Thanks for the giveaway.

Katie McCurdy said...

Thanks for a second chance to win this book. Deff a MUST for my bookshelf!! :-)


April W Gardner said...

LOL, Marianne. Just the one that came to mind!

Looking forward to giving away a copy of Warring!

Lane Hill House said...

I would like to read April Gardener's Warring Spirits. Please enter me in the giveaway here!

Diana Flowers said...

AAAAAAAH! The comment I entered yesterday isn't on here and I sooo want to win this book! Can you tell? :) I read the first in the series Wounded Spirits and have been waiting quite awhile for this one! April is such a good author!

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