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Roxanne Rustand's Duty To Protect

Roxanne Rustand lives in the country with her family, and a menagerie of pets that frequently find their way into her books. If she isn’t writing, she's either curled up with a book, or is out enjoying the Iowa countryside on her horse. Her blog, at, features authors and readers blogging about their pets...and books, of course!

She has sold thirty novels, and now writes inspirational romantic suspense and romance. It's been a busy year, and she has six books out in 2011.

You can find Roxanne online at (website, and The All Creatures Great and Small blog),,,

Duty To Protect

She needed a safe haven...

After nearly a lifetime in witness protection, Emma White depends on the anonymity of her false identity. But when her mother dies under suspicious circumstances, her father is shot and Emma is framed for murder, all of her security is gone. There's nothing left to do but run.

Montana cop-turned-rancher Jake Kincaid is an unlikely defender. Why would an ex-cop believe an accused killer? Though he is determined to find the truth, he is an honorable man who makes Emma feel safe. With his drive to protect her, she knows staying on his ranch endangers him both and she needs to leave--yet now that he has captured her heart, she's not sure she can walk away.

Here's an excerpt of Duty To Protect:

The soft blanket of new snow glittered under the street lamp and muffled her steps as Emma strode from the city bus stop at the end of the block to the side door of her garage. Anxiety twisted her stomach into a tight knot of fear.

The snow could muffle the sound of someone else's steps, too. And even now, that unknown person could be watching her. Waiting. Just as he had waited for her father last week.

She'd been only a few feet away from her dad, pushing a cart of groceries in
the busy Safeway parking lot. He'd suddenly faltered to a stop. Started to whisper a warning to her. "We've got to leave," he'd said urgently. "I just saw--

Then he'd fallen face first, a widening pool of crimson spreading through the slushy snow beneath him. He died at her feet, and she hadn't even heard the gunshot.

Had he seen his killer's face? Why hadn't the shooter taken her out, too? The melee of screaming, frightened people running for cover would have given the shooter ample opportunity to pull the trigger, and he probably wouldn't have missed. From the perfect placement of the single bullet in her father's skull, the cops figured the killer possessed ample sniper experience.

Which meant it was someone sent by the drug organization that had been trying to kill Emma and her family for over ten years. And now she was the only one left.

Taking a slow breath, she willed away the horrific images of blood and panicking people, and willed her heartbeat to slow. I'm okay. I'm almost home.

She unlocked the door of the garage and slipped inside, then rounded the rear bumper of her old Blazer, thankful that the dark, smoke-tinted windows hid its contents. No one could look inside and guess at what she planned to do tomorrow--not that anyone was likely to drop by. No one ever did. The witness protection program was no place to make friends.

From somewhere inside the house came a thud. She paused, her hand on the door leading from the garage into the tiny entryway off the kitchen. That hadn't been the sound of the furnace kicking in. There was no one else who had a key. A crazy longing flitted through her thoughts. It's just Dad--

But he was dead and so was her mom, and now she totally and forever alone. Surely she was just hearing things. She lowered her gaze to the doorknob. Started to fit her key into the deadbolt.

But then she heard another thud. An anguished moan.

And were those voices inside? Not possible.

She'd locked all the doors and armed the security system when she left. Not even her WITSEC contact knew the code--yet there were intruders inside. So where were the sirens? The squadron of patrol cars that should be closing in? Had the alarm even triggered?

Warning bells sounded in her head.

An inner voice screamed at her to run.

Rising on her tiptoes, she braced her trembling fingertips on the doorframe for a quick glance through the rectangular window set high in the door. A narrow separation of the loose-woven curtains on the inside revealed just a slice of the kitchen, but the bright lights inside illuminated more than enough.

Horror and disbelief swept through her as she stumbled away from the door, caught herself, and swallowed hard, trying to hold back a wave of sudden nausea.

It couldn't be.

A body was lying face down on her kitchen floor, the hilt of her favorite carving knife rammed upright into his back. And the dark, wet crimson pool spreading from beneath him couldn't be anything but blood.

You can purchase Duty To Protect from Amazon.

Roxanne is giving away a copy of Duty To Protect. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


marybelle said...

I would love to read DUTY TO PROTECT thank you. I enjoyed the excerpt.


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Exciting excerpt! I can't wait to read Duty to Protect.
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I would love to read "Duty to Protect". It sounds like a great book.


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Thanks for the chance to win!

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I would like a copy of your book to read! I enjoyed your interviews.
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This book and recipe sounds wonderful!!

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